At Home Cardio Workouts You Can Do Anytime

Cardio Workouts You can Do At Home

Cardiovascular training contrary to the traditional belief does not focus entirely on running aimlessly like a hamster on a wheel. Neither does it require performing numerous reps of stair master exercises for hours on end. To debunk these myths we will show you some at home cardio workouts that are fun, effective and engaging. Top […]

How Much Cardio Exercise Should You Do?

How Much Cardio Exercise Should You Do?

Many people value cardio exercise for its huge influence on heart and lung health. There is, no doubt, the big question of how much cardio is necessary. I often hear people ask, “How much cardio should I do per week?” “How long should I do cardio to burn fat?” “How much cardio should I do […]

Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss Program

Best Cardio Exercises to Maximize Weight Loss and Improve Heart Health

Cardio exercises can help in a myriad of ways in getting you closer to your dream body. Some of the best forms of cardio exercises not only do they  test your stamina, they are strangely satisfying. An intense cardio session can leave you feeling refreshed and with a sense of euphoria a feeling often slated […]

The Best Cardio Machines for Maximum Calorie Burn


Ask anybody, if they’re happy with their body and how they look, and most will reply with an emphatic “NO”. All over the world, there are people struggling to lose weight with a cardio exercise Machines and feel great about themselves as a result. Recently there have been surveys conducted in which the participants were […]

Slide Board Cardio Exercises Fat Burning Workout

Fat Burning Slide Board Workout

A lot of guys have probably seen the fat burning slide board workout on the floor of their gym and passed it up for something more traditional like free weights. A lot of people actually don’t know how to utilize this device but no worries, here are some solid exercises anyone can perform. Fat Burning Slide […]

Best Cardio Workouts Plan to Melt Away Fat

Cardio Workouts to Melt Away Fat

One of the most essential factors to maintaining a healthy body and physique is some forms of cardo exercise maintaining a good cardio workouts to increase the body’s energy output, enhance the rate of metabolism, improve recovery and burn those excess calories to improve weight loss. Cardio workouts can melt away fat loss Top Cardio […]

How to Mix Cardio and Weight Training

How to Balance Cardio and Weight Training

Having a fitness lifestyle is a great way to learn balance. You have to balance your real life with the Gym, eat healthy 80% (hopefully) of the time. Avoid foods that impact your fitness goals and the list goes on. Considering your goals you also have to balance cardio and weight training. Lets discuss what […]

Rope Exercise Workout Cardio Benefit

Rope Exercise Workout

The basic training routine like every other aspect of lifestyle requires some degree of change to breath new life and interest to stimulate the workout for the individual, advanced and even professional fitness enthusiast. As such it is often suggested to incorporate various and unconventional techniques into the training routine like rope exercise to restoring […]

Fun Fat Burning Cardio Workout Tips

Fun Fat Burning Cardio Ideas

There is a common problem amongst fitness fanatics; with the majority of us men tending to focus on resistance training and shying away from fun fat burning cardio workout but then wonder why our fat loss goals have halted or become non-existent. Many people see cardio as a chore and boring, with little stimulation but […]

Cardio Acceleration Workout To Burn Fat

The Basics of the Cardio Acceleration Workout

If you like the idea of changing your body in only six weeks then there are two basic things that need to be changed to get that affect. The new program has to include cardio acceleration combined with weights that creates an intensive HIIT (high intensity interval training) program. Cardio acceleration that can change your […]

Cardiovascular Health and Sex – It’s Good for Your Heart

Cardiovascular Health and Sex – It’s Good for Your Heart

We don’t mean those little red and pink Valentine’s Day hearts… we mean your actual heart – the hardest working, most important muscle in your body. The American Journal of Cardiology reported the findings of a 16-year study of men and the correlation between cardiovascular health and sex. Why sex its good for your heart […]

The Biggest Loser Workout Plan Cardio To Burn Fat

The Biggest Loser Workout

If you’re a fan of the inspiring television show “The Biggest Loser” you may have watched the shocking Season 15 finale which showed champ Rachel Frederickson after losing 155 pounds becoming the first contestant in the history of the show to finish underweight, and yet healthy and sustainable. To help get you fit we will […]

Best Cardio Workouts For Beginners

Cardio – How Much is Too Much

There’s no disputing that cardio is an essential component of any total-body fitness regime. It boosts metabolism, strengthens the heart and lungs, improves endurance, promotes lean muscle,and burns excess fat like few other activities can. Guid to determine the right amount of cardio for your workout But (and yes, there’s always a but)… over-dedication to […]

Heart Rate Training Exercise for Intense Cardio Burn

Heart Rate Training for a Better Cardio Burn

The heart plays a vital role in our overall health as it serves in the transportation of blood and the necessary nutrients throughout our bodies additionally fulfilling a secondary role as a key ingredient to performing a successful training workout so in this article we are going to talk about heart rate training exercises. Heart […]

Cardio Workouts Without Running 3 Simple Step by Step

The Great Cardio Workout... Without Running

If you want to get in a good cardio workouts with out running on the treadmill or if you have injuries that will not allow you to there are other options out there. Cardiovascular exercise is continuous exercise for at least 20 minutes where your heart rate will raise and you should perspire. If you […]

Fasted Cardio and Weight Loss Does it Burn More Fat

Does Fasted Cardio Burn More Fat

One of the highly debated topics among fitness professionals and enthusiasts surrounds the topic of cardio training on an empty stomach. There are those who theorize that fasted cardio is a more effective means of burning calories while others are of the firm belief that cardio fasting limits the body’s ability to effectively burn calories […]

Cardio Acceleration Workout to add to your training

The Cardio Acceleration Workout

The Cardio Acceleration Workout today is a vital factor to shred unwanted fat and effectively stimulate muscle growth by utilizing a technique known for combining resistance training along with high frequency cardiovascular workout to form a single high intensity and fat burning routine. How to reap the benefits of a Cardio Acceleration Workout During a […]

Does Cardio Training Cause You to Lose Muscle Mass?

Can Cardio Training Make you Lose Muscle Mass

Fitness professionals who have intensely focused on cardiovascular cardio exercise training have often found themselves lacking in muscular growth from their strength training workouts. Can Cardio Training take away your muscle gains? During the training workout the human body requires several resources which are considered vital for the development of muscle and strength. Such resources […]

How to Get Rid of Side Stitches During Your Cardio

How to Prevent Side Stitches During Your Cardio Workout

Most people after and even during a hard run or cardiovascular workout are often plagued with an unbearable side stitches or stomach cramp. Working out with a stomach cramp or side stitches is one of the most unpleasant experiences a person could ever experience so how do you get rid of side stitches. However there […]

Signs You Are Overdoing Your Cardio Workout

Are you Overdoing Your Cardio Workout

When it comes to getting results from your cardio workout it is all about intensity and consistency. This is something that has now been scientifically proven by studies which have shown that if you follow up an intense cardio exercise with another workout like lifting weights, the second workout suffers and the intended muscle gains […]

The Best Cardio Workouts To Burn Fat & Build Endurance

Cardio workouts like the treadmill, kickboxing and spinning class are the best workouts for heavy weightlifters. We all know those guys who slave in the gym pumping iron day in and day out but you never catch them on a treadmill. What most of these men don’t realize is that all of the work that […]

The Importance Of Cardio And The Fitness Benefit Tips

MFC_ Lessons Learned In the Off Season

A lot of bodybuilder think the word cardio is a bad word. In my previous blog, I talked about a hard lesson I learned about keeping my body fat in check during the “off-season” (i.e. the time between contest seasons/shows, or, simply between breaks in training). and the importance of cardio. How I learned the […]

5 Tips For Starting A Home Gym for a Small Space

5 Tips For Starting A Home Gym

Everyone needs to exercise at least three to four times a week to keep themselves healthy and in shape all the time. You need to practice the same methods within yourself if you want to live longer and healthier. However, not everyone has a gym membership or doesn’t have enough time to travel to their […]

Reasons Why Muscle Flexibility is Important

Muscle Flexibility

Have you always been secretly envious of people who can bend here and there like it’s a walk in the park every time? Or is muscle flexibility simply something that you think you’ve been (like many of us are guilty of) overlooking in your workout routine?  Well, the fact that you’re taking an interest in your […]

How to Grow Muscle Without Gaining Fat

grow muscle without gaining fat

How to grow muscle without gaining fat. Ask any avid gym goer or bodybuilder and they will tell you that wintertime is the time to bulk up and grow muscle. After all, how are you supposed to bulk during the summer when the temperatures are unbearable, and you’re supposed to look your leanest for the […]

Finding a Job That Values Healthy Employees

Finding a Job That Values Healthy Employees

Finding a job can be hard work from the very start. Now in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has impacted the unemployment rate, it is more important than ever to find a workplace that values healthy employees. From the initial search to sending your resume to dozens of companies to getting […]

Best Home Exercise Equipment for Beginners

Overall Best Home Exercise Equipment

Training at home is fantastic especially when you are starting a new workout plan. You don’t have to commute, worry about what you’ll wear or wait around for people to finish so you can do your exercises. There are plenty of other benefits you’re probably well-aware of. The only problem with home training is the […]

How to Deal with Stress The Healthy Way

how to deal with stress stretching

In these unprecedented times, potential stressors are all around us. As if everyday stressors weren’t enough, COVID-19 continues to spread, and civil unrest has begun to follow suit, especially in America’s biggest cities. It’s a lot to deal with, leaving many people searching for effective methods to deal with stress and help them with the […]

Best ways to lose weight this summer

Ways to Lose Weight Health Plan

Looking for a jumpstart to lose weight this summer? Shedding off that fat is not an instant procedure, but we have come up with the best ways to speed up the process. Summer is that time of the year when great bodies and fad diets rule the internet. Losing weight is just as important to […]

Best At Home Workout To Achieve Lasting Results

Creative Ways to Enhance Your At Home Workout

Creative ways to enhance home workout. We have always been firm believers that the best place to build muscle is in the gym; but there are many people who choose an at home workout and still achieve fantastic results. The joys of working out at home mean you can take full charge with no waiting, […]

Afterburn Effect: Post Workout Calorie Burn

Post Workout Calorie Burn Using the Afterburn Effect

The body’s natural ability to burn calories after successfully completing a workout is generally referred to as Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) or simply within the fitness industry as the popular afterburn effect. In basic terms, what EPOC means is that the metabolism rate of the human body will remain in an elevated state after […]

Popular Weight Loss Diets in 2020

Popular Weight Loss Diets in 2020

Every year several new weight loss diets emerge by nutrition experts across the globe. These diets are evaluated on the basis of various factors. Some of the factors are safety and nutrition, protection against diseases, and most importantly promoting weight loss. Although some diets require a lot of intricacies while following them, there are others […]

How To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Simple Ways to Boost Your immune system

The immune system is one of the most sensitive and important systems in one’s body, and one that is often neglected. Many people don’t pay much attention to keeping their immunity up, but there’s no denying the fact that having a healthy immune system is a must for anyone who puts a premium on their […]

Best Workout For Fat Guys Shed The Weight

Best Workout For Fat Guys Shed The Weight

Still looking up the best workout for fat guys on the internet? The uber fitness-centric world, along with the competitive social media ecosystem, makes it extremely hard for a fat guy to feel good about himself. Often times, someone on the heavier side feels uncomfortable with their body to even try and make a change. […]

Awesome Aerobic Exercises for Losing Weight

Awesome Aerobic Exercises for Losing Weight

Aerobic exercises are a fun way to lose weight and reduce that stubborn belly fat. Even regular gym-goers often get bored with the same old cardio workout routine. But by changing things up with some fun aerobic exercises that follow rhythmic beats and music that can pump your blood flow you are going to benefit […]

Best Fitness Tips For Men To Get Results

The 11 Best Fitness Tips For Men To Get Results

11 Kick ass fitness tips for men for to take your exercise game to a new level. While you are dedicated to your routine exercise is that enough? Motivation is an important factor, but finding and using the right advice will get you started and keep you going for the long term. From beginners to […]

5 Blood Tests for Men Everyone Should Get

5 Blood Tests for Men

Health care becomes more and more specialized the older you get. By using blood tests for men it can enhance awareness of the conditions and diseases that you are more prone to as an adult male. While going to the doctor can be tedious and even intimidating, staying on top of your regular exams and […]

Healthy Eating Habits That Will Stick For a Lifetime

Healthy Eating Habits

Having a healthy lifestyle is something we all dream of but following the advice for healthy eating habits are somewhat tougher than we can imagine. In order to move from bad habits that were holding you back to good habits that turn into a lifestyle we need to have a plan with checkpoints to keep […]

Best Strength training Programs for men

The Best Strength training Programs for men

Strength training programs for men is a vital component to any fitness regimen. If you are just getting started or returning to exercise again after a long break it’s easy to get comfortable with your daily exercise routine. If you find your efforts are not leading to weight loss or muscle gain, it’s time to […]

Top Fat Loss Workouts For Men Routine

Top Fat Loss Workouts For Men Routine

If you are searching for the best fat loss workouts for men, welcome aboard We have some exercises for fat loss solutions for you which are not as intimidating and are comparatively achievable compared to some of the crazy hard-core exercises out there. We believe that it is best when you start slow and build […]

Full Body Dumbbell Workouts At Home

Dumbbell Workouts: The Full Body Workouts At Home

Full body dumbbell workouts at home are quick and easy ways to get your heart pumping and to move all your muscles. When thinking about these workouts, many people believe they must use a lot of equipment or that there’s no way to do it at home. Let me tell you a secret: you can […]

The Best Workouts For Men Over 50

Fit at 60 volume 2 Workouts for Men Over 50

If you have been searching for workouts for men over 50 year old you don’t have to look much further than Grant Donovan, founder of mensfitclub He reminds us that remaining fit is a choice no matter your age. At age 60 he is living proof that you can stay fit and have your best […]

Top 10 Herbs and Spices for Men’s Health

Top 10 Herbs and Spices for Men’s Health

The use of herbs and spices for men’s health and medicinal purposes has been around since our hunter/gatherer days. It’s no secret that they contain health benefits for both men and women. Modern science is just beginning to scratch the surface of the healing powers that lie waiting in some our favorite herbs and spices. […]

The Best Home workout equipment For Strength Muscle

The Best Home workouts equipment For Strength Muscle

If you are on board with the world of home workouts or are curious about where to start, we are here to provide you with some precious information. So listen up and take notes! Most of us might be under the impression that home workouts need no equipment, however, that is simply not true! There […]

Bodybuilding And Testosterone Boost

strong man bodybuilding

Testosterone is not only one of the most critical factors in bodybuilding, but it is also an important factor in the human body’s functioning. It is, in fact, one of the most important tools in the body to help it grow, and repair back from setbacks. Thus it is the favorite among men who are […]

6 Best Muay Thai Training Moves For Beginner’s

Muay Thai Cardio Workout

Did you know Muay Thai fighting comes wrapped with multiple benefits for your heart? The Muay Thai training can beat all your cardio workouts, CrossFit workouts, or HIIT personal workouts. The Muay Thai history dates back centuries ago, and it is also the national sport of Thailand. People of Thailand have been practicing this super […]

Natural weight loss tips for a Healthier Life

Natural weight loss tips for a Healthier Life

If you thought losing weight was a crazy desire, you were wrong, you simply need natural weight loss tips to help you on your journey. These tips are best for men seeking to lose weight and are facing trouble in the process. The everyday lifestyle and the hectic schedule can act as hurdles slowing down […]

How To Do The Perfect Burpee For A Full Body workout

perfect burpee

If you are into fitness, you must surely know the importance of a perfect burpee! Fitness enthusiasts generally do various kinds of exercise to maintain their level of fitness. And a perfect Burpee exercise is a must on everyone’s list for good reason. The Burpee is challenging but not too difficult and also one of […]

Tabata Workouts: The 9 Best Workout You Have To Try

Tabata Workouts for men

There are many high-intensity workout plans and styles and one of the most popular is the Tabata workout plan. Tabata workouts will leave you gasping and panting for oxygen, but, the benefits that come along with this intense method are endless. A great Tabata workout plan to start out has eight rounds with twenty seconds […]

Celery Juice: Healthy Recipe Benefits

Celery Juice is the fad is worth your time

Celery juice has become a new hot Instagram fad with celebrities swearing by the health benefits. There are many claims wild from celebs like Kim Kardashian and Pharell Williams who rave about the weight loss, cancer-fighting, and digestive cleansing properties. You can’t resist the urge to believe that there is some legitimacy to it. So […]

How To Do Mountain Climbers and Get Healthy Benefits

man doing mountain climbers

Mountain climbers exercise are a type of bodyweight floor exercise which starts in the plank position. It is a hybrid type of workout which is a mix of cardio and strength training and works on the core, glutes, triceps & biceps, deltoids, quads, and hamstrings. The secret to an amazing body is good posture and […]

Snoring Tips Treatment To Stop It Natural

Couple tackling with snoring

One of the most common sleeping issues is snoring, which affects both men and women. However, a snoring sound is normal every now and then, but, for some people, it is a chronic condition that needs a cure. But, it can also be a body’s way of telling about an underlying health condition. When the […]

Healthy Fats To Stuff In Your Gym Bag

seeds with healthy fats

You might be surprised to know that the seeds you threw away as kids are jam-packed with healthy fats? The best thing about these nutrition-rich seeds is that they make an excellent snack for your post-workout meal. They may not appeal as mouthwatering to your eyes, but these tiny seeds indeed offer many health benefits. […]

7 Simple and Smart Healthy Habits for Men Over 40

Simple, But Smart Health Habits for 40 Year Old Men

Is 40 really the new 25? There are thousands of articles about women over 40, but what about men over 40? Men just get better, right? After all, there is scientific proof that intellectual production peaks in your 40s. If you are going to win a Nobel Prize, your major research work is done in your 40s. If […]

Muscular Strength: How Pomegranate Can Help

muscular strenght

It might be news to you that pomegranate is great for muscular strength. However, you might not know about the health benefits and what a wonderful super fruit the pomegranate is. Pomegranate is rich in nutrients and comes with various health benefits. Every part of the fruit, from the seed to the peel is beneficial […]

How aerobic rhythmic exercises work for you

aerobic exercises playing badminton

Aerobic rhythmic exercises are an excellent option to start your workout. At times the complexity and monotony of everyday workouts can lead us to the path of discouragement. The aerobic exercises come across as dynamic and exciting options to experiment with on those days that you’re dragging and need a little boost. After all, working […]

Kettlebell Flow Workout All You Need To know

Kettlebell- tool for powerful exercise

A kettlebell is an essential tool for working out. In fact, be it a regular for strength training, or extensive yoga; kettlebell can be a popular tool used in most workouts. Even though kettlebells tend to look a little intimidating, it is a powerhouse of incredible potential and can give your exercise that extra pump. […]

Fitness Myths Debunked That You Probably Believe

myths and facts

The advice you take on your fitness journey matters the most. You can either benefit from accurate advice or with misguided information end up following the wrong path. Being wrongly aware can lead you to harm during workouts and intrude on the goals you set. Follow along to find out what are the popular fitness […]

Best Exercise Video to Suit your Goals

youtube exercise videos for fitness

With a single click on Instagram and Youtube, you certainly have access to each and every exercise video these days. All of these fitness channels and fitness influencers have a hold to the best tips for the perfect body. So, if you don’t feel like renewing your gym-membership and want to take your home workout […]

Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work Great

effective weight loss tips

Some people are always in search of weight loss tips from any resource they can find, a fitness app, television programs or websites. With obesity at record rates, it’s no wonder that people are desperately seeking weight loss advice. The current obesity crisis is largely due to lifestyle changes and the impact of junk food, […]

Best Superhero Workout You Absolutely Must Try

superhero workout

We all grew up on a healthy dose of superhero inspiration, which is probably why the best workouts programs for men usually include some superhero style moves. In fact, it is not surprising that most men struggle hard to get the body which is like that of a superhero. Besides, who doesn’t want to have […]

Gym Equipment to Workout with at Home

High tech gym equipment to look out for

In this modern world, the advancement of technologies has led to the emergence of some of the smartest gym equipment. Nowadays, people are also more conscious of their health and fitness and realize the long term benefits for their body. So they are doing various kinds of workouts with the help of this equipment in […]

Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Compliment Your Workout

Healthy breakfast to compliment your workout

Everyone should have a healthy breakfast whether you are hitting the gym early or later in the day. Breakfast foods provide your body with nutrients like iron, calcium and essential vitamins that when missed in the morning are unlikely to be consumed later in the day. Even if you are not doing your workout in […]

Fitness Gifts for Men who like to Workout

Fitness Gifts for Men who like to Workout

The best gift ideas for the man who loves to exercise fitness gifts for men make them feel special. Generally, people used to present gifts to men with products like a tie, a wallet, or a watch. Besides these usual gifts, you can buy the ideal gifts for men based on their passion. If he […]

Healthiest Seafood Recipes for Weight Loss

Healthy Seafood You Should be Eating More of!

Love seafood but not sure about the healthiest seafood options that will compliment your weight loss efforts and won’t sabotage your diet? Healthy seafood is all around us, you can find it in stew, chowder, pasta recipes, appetizers and countless dinner ideas. It is rich in essential nutrients and provides important health benefits. This is […]

Best Leg Workouts Exercise To Pump Up Legs Day

Leg Workouts to Pump Up Legs Day

How many leg workouts do you have every week? If you answered one, then you’re like most people. And like most people, you’re selling yourself short. The truth is, no matter how good your program is, if you’re only training a muscle group once per week, you’re not getting the most out of your workouts. […]

Health And Еxеrсiѕе Tiрѕ Tо Enhance Your Fitness

10 Sесrеt Health and Еxеrсiѕе Tiрѕ Tо Еnhаnсе Уоur Fitnеѕѕ

Health and Еxеrсiѕе Tiрѕ may seem a dime a dozen these days. However, Sееn аgаinѕt thе bасkgrоund оf mоdеrniѕаtiоn аnd tесhnоlоgiсаl advancements which add to our sedentary lives and keep us indoors for longer amounts of time. Thе ѕignifiсаnсе of maintaining уоur bоdу аnd mind has gаinеd аn unрrесеdеntеd аmоunt of importance and attention today […]

Best Battle Ropes Exercises For Beginners

5 Battle Ropes Exercises for Beginners

Here are 5 Battle ropes exercises for beginners that anyone can incorporate into their workout routine. You must have seen those giant tough ropes at the gym. Also known as battle ropes, this workout tool is excellent for building lean muscle, increase cardio capacity and muscle growth. Now, don’t get intimidated by how difficult they […]

Burpees Workout the Ultimate Training Exercise

Burpees The Ultimate Exercise

The good old burpees is an amazing exercise that incorporates full body movement and it comes as no surprise that it is widely used in several different athletic disciplines throughout the sports world. You will hardly find any professional or elite training that doesn’t use this simple aerobic exercise to increase both strength and cardiovascular […]

Dr. Life a Guide for Men’s Health and Fitness Longevity

The Plan By Dr. Life

Dr. Life is a true life inspiration and his book the “The Plan” has got many people thinking about aging in a whole new way. Now, what’s your favorite excuse when it comes to neglecting your workout plan? One of the all-time most popular is “not enough time.” Let’s pretend for a second that’s really […]

Pneumatic Resistance Training Machines: Are they Better?

Pneumatic Resistance Training Machines: Are they Better

Everybody has their own preferences and likes and dislikes, it’s what makes us unique as humans, and what allows us to break free of that hive mentality, associated with animals and insects. Rather than collectively thinking in conjunction with one another, we think individually, and because of that, we’re unique. One person may like Chocolate, […]

The Benefits Of a Jump Squats Workout Exercise

he Benefits of a Jump Squats Workout

Jump squats exercise are a great way to develop leg muscles, agility, balance and improve cardio. Usually, when it comes to getting bigger, stronger, and more agile, many people believe that the only way to achieve these feats, is to lift heavy weights all day long.  They think that the absolute last thing they should […]

High Calorie Fat Burning Workouts interval training

High Calorie Fat Burning Workouts

Looking for new fat burning workouts to shed pounds while still building muscle? Some of the most effective means of fast calorie burning is with high impact cardiovascular workout. This method is similar to traditional cross-training routines which often burning an excess of five hundred calories in as short a time as thirty minutes. Many of […]

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the primary male hormone responsible for all things manly. From muscle growth to sex drive this little hormone does it all. Unfortunately, as you age your hormone levels drop. So are there natural ways to boost testosterone levels and maintain your physique and libido? This is obviously a common question among both the […]

Gym Mistakes You should Avoid When Working out

Worst Things a Beginner Can Do at The Gym

The first day of a new year is when most beginners hit the gym. All those ‘New Year, New Me’ vibes finally get you there, and you are overwhelmed to start a healthy life. Now before you start walking on the tough path you have chosen to earn a healthy life. It’s important to be […]

At Home CrоѕѕFit Wоrkоutѕ That Get You Out of the Gym

At Home CrоѕѕFit Wоrkоutѕ That Get You Out of the Gym

Home CrоѕѕFit wоrkоutѕ аrе wоrkоutѕ thаt put tоgеthеr strength, stamina, agility, flexibility, роwеr, ѕрееd, and bаlаnсе just like the ones at your local CrossFit box. If you’re new to the idea of CrossFit it iѕ a kind of training whеrе уоu соmbinе standard weights, with bodyweight and cardio exercises. It’s similar to training used for decades by […]

Beginner Workout Routine Plan To Follow

Worst Things a Beginner Can Do at The Gym

The first day of a new year is when most people hit the gym to start their beginners workout. All those ‘New Year, New Me’ vibes finally get you there, and you are overwhelmed to start a healthy life. Now before you start walking on the tough path you have chosen to earn a healthy […]

Fighter Workout For Fat Loss and Muscle Mass

MMA Ultimate - Fighter Workout For Men

If you have ever watched a MMA fight you know without a doubt that these guys are lean mean fighting machines. The fighters achieve those chiseled bodies and intense strength and power through discipline, mental toughness and grueling workouts. Most importantly, we have their secrets here to share with you. This MMA Ultimate Fighter Workout […]

Heart Health And Bad Snow Hazards

Mother Nature - Snow Hazards & Your Heart Health

When old Man Winter in upon us and for many a blistering snowy one the toll it takes on your heart health often goes unseen. Yes, no warm days and palm trees if you’re luck enough to move south. Days like today I get nostalgic for a place I called home for 8yrs, South Florida. Then I […]

Make Your Flight Connection Through Fitness

Make Your Connection Through Fitness

One thing none of us can afford to do is to miss our flight connection. No wonder it’s so aggravating to show up an hour to two hours early at the airport, wait around for a flight that’s probably going to be delayed, only to miss our connecting flight and have to be rebooked or leave […]

Is CrossFit Good for You or is it Overkill?

CrossFit Training Effective or Overkill

You may have heard of Crossfit the latest fitness trend taking the nation by storm. Crossfit is a workout club that offers workout sessions based on strength and conditioning principles used by police academies, tactical operations teams, military, martial artists, Olympic weight lifting, and hundreds of other elite training exercises. Sounds intense huh? Well, they have designed […]

Breathing Techniques to overcome Fatigue

Better Breathing Techniques to Fight Fatigue

You might not think about breathing techniques much since it’s something we do automatically. Amazing machines, the lungs. Without them, we obviously couldn’t breathe… but we also wouldn’t be able to turn calories into energy. And although we often take our lungs for granted, there’s a lot that goes into every breath we take. In […]

Weight Training Workouts Principles Best Super Speed

Super Speed Weight Training Principles

Super speed weight training is high impact training routine designed to effectively utilize the technique of improving the cardiovascular body function through the weight training workout. The workout can be easily used by both beginners and advanced weight trainers to enable them to lose those excess pounds by increasing the rate of calorie burn, improve […]

Is Marathon Running bad for Your Heart?

Is Marathon Running bad for Your Heart

Whenever we hear someone mention optimal cardiovascular health, we immediately start thinking of some type of physical activity such as running or jogging. However research studies have shown that marathon running can actually promote undesirable changes within the heart muscles causing the heart to become enlarged. A situation which has been commonly observed in low […]

4 Quick and Easy Treadmill Workouts for Weight Loss

Treadmill workouts for weight loss

The treadmill for some may feel monotonous and boring. However the treadmill offers a routine filled with countless and sometimes seemingly endless hours of just staring at the wall. As we begin to be overcome with this ultimate boredom we begin to wonder to ourselves, there must be something more to this. The good news […]

Marathon Training Plan For Beginners

Training for a Marathon

Running a marathon is a physical accomplishment of epic proportions, and one that will earn you eternal bragging rights. But having a marathon training plan involves more than just getting out there and running. Proper training can make the difference between failure and success. To train properly, you’ll need the following: Set a Reasonable Goal.  This is paramount. […]

Ways To Prevent Workout Soreness of The Muscle

Tips to Prevent Workout Soreness

We have all heard somebody say NO PAIN, NO GAIN. The question is how relevant is this quote? It goes without saying that working muscles to full exertion is going to lead to some pain; but there are things we can do to prevent workout soreness and speed up recovery. Top Tips to Prevent Workout […]

Losing Weight for The Over 40 Men

Losing Weight for The Over 40’

Although you’ve probably heard the saying that 40 is the new 30, one thing’s for sure, and that is the fact that once you do reach the big 4 – 0, you begin to notice subtle changes in your body and to your physique. You probably experience certain aches and pains that don’t seem to […]

Is My Workout Too Easy? 3 Tell All Signs

Is your Workout Too Easy

As far as overall health and fitness is concerned, you simply cannot overlook regular physical exercise in conjunction with a healthy and balanced diet in order to yield optimal results. Working out should be a fun and enjoyable activity and pastime that you actually look forward to, rather than dread. The great thing about exercising […]

Best Bodyweight Exercises To Build Muscle for Men

Top 10 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Men

For years bodyweight exercises have been used as simple yet effective method of training perfumed just about anywhere for men to improve their balance, flexibility muscle build and strength without the use of any exercise machines. these are the top 10 best bodyweight exercises for men to use to build strong muscle The top 10 […]

Bicep Blaster Workout Routine Benefits

10 Minute Bicep Blaster Workout

Toning bicep muscles and increasing muscle mass often requires the individual to perform a number of exercises based on resistance and training. This form of training however does not necessarily have to include the use of dumbbells or other weight- training machines. By utilizing your body weight you too can benefit from the effective results […]

Week 21:

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Week 20:

Workout Schedule – Dig deep to get in your workouts this week. No distractions and no excuses, let’s pump and burn! You are on your 4 day schedule of body part lifts with cardio and an ab burning circuit.

Week 19:

Workout Schedule – Let’s Kick off Week 19 with some supersets! You are on your schedule with the supersets broken down into Push and Pull Days with cardio and an ab circuit to firm and maintain your core.

Week 18:

Workout Schedule – After easing your way back in last week let’s get ready to turn up the volume! You are on your schedule of full body lifts with cardio and an ab burning circuit to help keep your midsection trim.

Week 17:

Workout Schedule – Feeling revived after a light week? Well let’s get ready to get back at it! This week you will be back on the day schedule of full body lifts with cardio. Take this week to ease your way back in after your deload and lift at 85% of your normal weight.

Week 16:

Workout Schedule – Now that you have completed 7 weeks of 4 day workout weeks we’re going to take a deload week to let your body recover and get ready to hit it hard again. This week you will be on a 3 day schedule of full body lifts with cross training cardio options. You […]

Week 12:

Workout Schedule –Dig deep and find the motivation to keep going in your workout plan. Your training schedule will remain at four days and specialize in muscle groups while still including abs and cardio.

Week 11:

Workout Schedule –Keep moving full steam ahead with your goals in week 11. Your training schedule will remain at four days and specialize in muscle groups while still including abs and cardio.

Week 10:

Workout Schedule – How was the first week of 4 day training? Feeling strong and ready for some more? Your training schedule will remain at four days and specialize in muscle groups while still including abs and cardio.

Week 3:

Workout Schedule – Feel great after your first two weeks? Keep the momentum going in week 3. Your training schedule will continue with 3 workouts per week and this week we will increase your cardio and abdominal work.

Week 2:

Workout Schedule – Great job on completing your first week, now continue to hit the weights and cardio for week 2. Your training schedule will continue with 3 workouts per week. This week we will do supersets (S/S). This is a combination of two exercises. Alternate these two exercises within the same set.

Week 1:

Workout Schedule – To get started on your Journey let’s hit the weights and cardio and just as importantly tune up your nutrition. Feel free to substitute any meals to suit your taste buds, or dietary limitations

Pre Party Pump Workout to Look Ripped

The Pre Party Workout to Look Ripped Before you Go Out

Some guys swear by doing 20 pushups as their pre party pump workout to look ripped before heading out for the evening. Others won’t leave the house without hanging from their inversion bar and doing some full body reverse crunches. The reason being they believe it helps them to look “more ripped” than if they’d […]

Giant Sets To Build Muscle Mass Gains

Giant Sets Workout Hybrid Circuit Training for Max Gains and Fat Shred

The giant sets workout is perfect for both beginners and professionals looking to achieve an effective long-lasting weight loss and muscle gain results.  Many are increasingly aware that methods involving maintaining a strict diet coupled with the aerobic workout are highly ineffective without implementing the proper weight training program. Giant Sets to Help you Gain […]

5 Signs you Should Change your Workout Routine

Signs you Should Change your Workout

Most beginners when starting an exercise program to improve their overall physical health, and or weight loss will often do so with a high level of enthusiasm and great expectation occasionally seen getting out of bed early, arriving to the gym on time on a daily basis pumped with motivation and vigor. However over time […]

Stronger Wrists and Forearms Exercise Routine

Three Exercises for Stronger Wrists and Forearms

If you’re like most guys that exercise and workout, then the chances are that you’re probably aiming for a leaner more muscular physique, with relatively low body fat levels, and pretty high muscle mass levels. If so, then not surprisingly, you’re most definitely not alone which is why so many guys actually work out almost […]

Off season Workouts Crosstraining Routine

Off Season Workouts – the Origins of Cross Training

Mention the words off season workouts crosstraining and non-athletic types will either think you’re talking about footwear or that you’re simply not dedicated to a single fitness endeavor. Mention the same words to a serious athlete and you’ll have started an exciting conversation about sharing workouts, techniques and  your exercise goals. The origins of off […]

Weight Lifting Mistakes You should avoid

Common Weight Lifting Mistakes

Weight Training seemingly at times is a world by itself. With the vast amount of circulating information it is difficult at times to learn what exactly should be done, the do’s and the don’ts respective to weight training and the available techniques. Many people who have taken the decision to embark on a journey with […]

Simple Ways to Boost Brain Power

Simple Ways to Boost Brain Power

We all know that exercise and diet leads to a healthy body but so often we forget about the most powerful and arguably most important part of your body… the brain. If you find yourself feeling scatterbrained and worn down chances are you could use a boost to help amp up your memory, sharpness and […]

Power Lifters vs. Bodybuilders – what’s the difference?

Power Lifters vs. Bodybuilders

Many people don’t understand the vast differences of power lifters vs. bodybuilders. For starters, bodybuilding is generally observed as a round the clock workout routine used by professional bodybuilders and trainers to effectively utilize strength and cardiovascular fitness training to achieve muscular mass and tone. Maintaining a strict diet is a critical component observed more […]

Strength Training Workout Benefit why its important

Balancing your Fitness Training with Strength Training

When you are starting any total body training program it is important to balance your general fitness with strength training workout to ensure you are getting the most out of your exercise. Before we discuss some of the specific methods recommended to help you balance your weights and cardio there are a few main components […]

Interval Training Workouts Most Benefits

Effective Interval Training Workout

The interval training workout is seen as a cardiovascular physical training routine which involves an occasional alterations in the intensity usually beginning with a low frequency workout and ending with a high intensity exercise with specific rest periods in-between. Most fitness enthusiasts have found it to be quite effective by including a high intensity exercise […]

How to Improve Strength Training Exercises

Tips to Improve your Strength Training this Year

If you are looking to improve your training Here are some tips to improve strength training it’s important to understand that it is a continuous process that takes time and dedication. Fitness enthusiasts and professional bodybuilders worldwide are constantly setting goals to improve the toned muscles and physique by finding adding new routines to improve […]

Best Quick Workout Program For Beginners

10 Ways to Save Time During Your Workout

In the world of Hollywood movies and make believe the average person has an entire hour and more to devote to their workout. In reality this is far from the truth as for the average employee having 24 hours within a typical day is almost never enough they only have time for a quick workout […]

Lose your Gut With These Basic Guide

A Basic Guide to Help Lose your Gut

Sick and tired of having to constantly buy bigger sized clothing as your current items appear to be getting tighter and tighter on your body then lose your gut. Unfortunately, no matter how much you try to convince yourself, they aren’t shrinking in the wash and it is instead you that are getting bigger and […]

Treadmill Workouts to Change up Your Routine

Treadmill Workouts to Change up Your Routine

Sometimes seen as one of the most boring forms of exercise ever experienced. The treadmill offers a routine filled with countless and sometimes seemingly endless hours of just staring at the wall. As we begin to be overcome with this ultimate boredom we begin to wonder to ourselves, there must be something more to this. […]

Muay Thai Workout The Ultimate Training

The Muay Thai Workout

The word “Muay-Thai” when translated to the English language effectively means the art of Eight Limbs, or Thai Boxing. The sport has often been referred to as one of the most brutal combative stand-up martial arts sports using a combination of powerful kicks, and punches using the feet, elbows, knees and even the forehead the […]

Best Hybrid Training Exercises for Muscle Growth

The Best Hybrid Training Exercises for Muscle Growth

The key to hybrid training is based on the workout to actively combine several movements into one single repetition during the workout. One fitting example of hybrid training exercises for muscle growth is known as the Olympic clean and jerk exercise which combines, the deadlift, the upright row, the reverse curl, the front squat, and […]

How to Improve Your Skiing From the Gym

From The Gym To The Slopes- Workouts To Improve Your Skiing

It’s that time of year again improve your gym slopes workouts. The bathing suits are packed away for the year and beach trips have come and gone. Now it’s time to get ready for ski season! Sure, you can buy all the finest equipment out there and stay at the finest resorts, but you can’t […]

Best Quadricep Workout With Weights

Killer Quadricep Workout

Whether leg day may be the most-dreaded, most-loved or most-skipped part of your workout regimen, it is crucial. Our quadricep workout, specifically, are the main players in the extension of the knee and a vital part of a strong frame, not to mention in walking, standing, and running. Leg workouts can either be split into […]

Are Hunger Genes Causing you to be Fat

Are "Hunger Genes" Causing you to be Fat

It was recently suggested in a health magazine, that hunger genes commonly referred to as DNA mutations were solely responsible for almost if not every instance of low metabolism rates, daily cravings, and overeating disorders resulting in a person’s severe overweight. What are hunger genes and do you have them? Are your hunger genes causing […]

Fitness Time Management to Achieve Your Goals

Effective Time Management to Achieve Your Goals

When you set out to accomplish any fitness goal the key is a effective fitness time management goals. Life is all about making tough choices every day and you need to have a serious conversation with yourself about how much you are willing to make the choices required to be healthy. so how important is […]

Exercise Training Tips You Should Add to Your Routine

Training Tips of Champions

There is a vast amount of information one can find with respect to specific exercise training tips of champion to successfully build stamina, muscle mass, flexibility and even weight loss and workout motivation. However the truth is, there is no magic formula available to attain the set goals to improve a person health and strength. […]

How To Prevent Prostate Cancer With Exercise

Can Exercise Help Prevent Prostate Cancer

Everyone wants to live a long healthy life right? Well in order to achieve this you’ve got to work hard for it and even then sometimes the powers that be decide otherwise. How to prevent prostate cancer is a very serious life threatening disease however many are finding that are preventative actions that you can […]

Muscle Endurance Workout Benefit

Muscle Endurance Workout

It is easy for the average fitness enthusiast to become lost between the exiting weekly pool sessions, tough workouts, and extensive bike rides resulting in the typical neglect of the gym dedicating most of their time to the more enjoyable activities of their choice. This often leads to the occasional workout performing a few sets […]

Full Body Workout Without Weights

Ways to Workout Without Weights

In today’s world there are many individuals who do not have access to a local gym, for financial, work schedule or other reasons. Regardless of the situation, training at home without the assistance of gym equipment or workout without weights is very much a reality used by many individuals in the fitness industry. Bodybuilding and […]

Weight Loss Plateau: Ways to Overcome It

Ways to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight before in your life, and we suspect that you may very well have, then you’ll know what a frustrating and testing experience it can be, both physically, and psychologically when you hit that weight loss plateau. There will be highs, and there will be lows, that’s just the […]

Health Supplements You Should Take Daily

Why You Should Be Taking These 10 Health Supplements

When it comes to your health, everyone is telling you about the latest health supplements fad. But there are some nutrients that it’s just too hard to obtain naturally without eating vast amounts of food. So here are 10 simple health supplements your body needs regularly. Taking 10 health supplements a day 1. Vitamin C […]

Best Kettlebell Workout For Beginners

Kettlebell: The Original Cast Iron

Imagine a workout that incorporates flexibility, strength and cardio, all in one. Now, imagine doing that workout using just one piece of equipment. Well say hello to the kettlebell workout. Top 5 Kettlebell Workout Benefits Although kettlebells have been around for many years, they are coming back lately with a vengeance. Kettlebells are a fresher […]

Circuit Training: The Perfect Workout Routine

The Benefits of Circuit Training

Circuit training is popularly seen as the average workout program combining fitness training with a cardiovascular workout. The circuit training exercises utilizes a method involving weight or resistance training to effectively achieve the maximum workout within the shortest time possible. How Circuit Training can take you to the next level Highly recommended for people who […]

Tabata Training High Intensity What is it?

What is Tabata Training

It is a known fact that cardiovascular exercise are specifically designed and implemented into workout routines to stimulate loss of fatty tissue, improve a person’s endurance and burn calories. Such exercises have included skipping, distance running, power walking or even cycling. These set of exercise workouts are categorically referred to as moderate intense training as […]

Best Workout for your Body Type Tips

Planning your Workout for your Body Type

There are many factors that influence what workout for your body type you should do to reach your fitness goals. Gender, age, ability, etc. are all factors; however, one of the most important and perhaps most overlooked is body type. Yes, just because you and your buddy weigh the same and are the same height […]

Best Warm Up Exercises Before Your Workout

Breaking Down Your Warm Up

Anyone who’s ever felt the stabbing pain that comes with having insufficient warm up exercises for a workout can appreciate there is a real benefit associated with pre-workout preparedness. For that purpose, dynamic stretching is incredibly effective at minimizing muscle soreness as well as rushing blood (and oxygen) to the muscles you’re about to work. […]

Plyometrics Exercises to Increase Explosive Power

Personal Plyometrics

The extra “oomph” that comes from the explosive movements in plyometrics exercises can ramp up weight loss, build lean muscle, and increase strength and endurance. We’ll show you a few do-anywhere moves to incorporate plyo into your everyday routine.If you’ve read our previous articles on plyometrics and metabolic training, then you’re already aware of the […]

Exercises for Back Pain Relieve That works

Best Exercises for Back Pain

One of the most common and nagging complaints among adults is the dreaded back pains. Often seen as the result from muscle injury, or strain and overuse. Available treatment remedies can allow the average person suffering with this condition to remain active for only a specific period of time as repeated instances and recurring back […]

Exercise Breathing Techniques to Improve your Workout

Breathing Techniques - Inhale… Exhale… Repeat

Regardless of your fitness level and your choice of health and fitness activities, one of the easiest and most effective ways to enhance your results is to really concentrate on your exercise breathing techniques. Besides keeping your blood oxygenated as you also increase your heart rate and respiration levels, proper breathing can also improve your […]

Burpee Workout Routine The Ultimate Program

The Ultimate Burpee Workout Routine

The ultimate burpee workout routine is an exercise that gets the whole body moving and only requires your own bodyweight as the catalyst for working up a sweat. Doing a burpee workout routine is really about cardio but also building your shoulders, chest, glutes, thighs, and core as well as increases your respiratory endurance. Performing […]

Pyramid Workout For Weight Loss Challenge

Keys to A Successful Pyramid Workout Challenge

The key to a successful pyramid workout challenge. Pyramid workout routine designed to allow the exerciser to perform an exercise for a specific number of repetitions then working their way in the number of reps to one. The key to a successful pyramid workout challenge A basic and effective workout used to challenge the user […]

Periodization Training to Avoid Training Plateaus

Periodization Training to Avoid Training Plateaus

After a period of weeks or months of dedicated grinding in the gym you find all of a sudden that the law of diminishing returns has taken a stranglehold of your progress and you have all but completely plateaued that’s when you should take a look at periodization training to avoid plateaus. What is periodization […]

How to Get Ripped Physique With Your Workout Plan

Seeing the Changes In Your Physique

When most people see a bodybuilder with a ripped physique the one of the first questions that comes to mind is“So, what’s your body fat percentage?” Quite frankly most don’t know and really don’t care. Should you ask a bodybuilder about his physique. The same way the judges at a bodybuilding show don’t ask you, […]

How to Burn Calories Fast Without Exercise

Surprising Ways to Burn Calories

For the professional athlete or bodybuilder burn calories comes easily as taking an afternoon stroll. To the traditional gym goer burning calories means spending time at the local gym performing a series of workouts to maintain a healthy and fit physique. So what if you could burn calories fast without exercise would you try it. […]

Spinning Class Tips Beginners To Get in Shape

Spinning Class - A New Spin on Working Out

You have probably seen the room full of stationary bikes at the gym with spinning class in full swing and been tempted to join. Even if you don’t have much experience with stationary bikes you should definitely consider mixing up your cardio workout with spinning. Spinning Class tips for beginners Spinning class is an intense […]

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Hercules Workout

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Hercules Workout

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a household name all over the world, he has witnessed great success as a football player, professional wrestler and an A list movie star. One thing that is most notable about the Rock (apart from his athleticism, charisma and acting ability) is his impressive muscular frame. The Rock started with […]

Best Nutritional All-Stars Foods to Add to your Diet

Five Nutritional All-Stars

When it comes to food, there are tons of nutritious choices out there. However, there are some common foods that truly stand out as nutrient-packed powerhouses. We’ve highlighted five nutritional all-stars foods that are even better for you than you may have thought. These all star food is very nutritional for your body 1. Avocados […]

Can A Sedentary Lifestyle Hurt Your Workout?

Can A Sedentary Lifestyle Hurt Your Workout

Can a sedentary lifestyle hurt your workout, We put in the work almost every day, about an hour each time. We raise our heart rates in cardiovascular exercise, and then make the rounds for strengthening and muscle building. However, is it possible that our sedentary lifestyle is negating all this hard work? Is sitting for […]

Powerlifting Routines For Over 40s

Can you Still Powerlift in your 40s

As athletes get older, it is wise to appreciate the fact that your body is not as efficient as it was in your twenties or thirties but this does not mean one has to simply give up and stop powerlifting in your 40s. There are many power lifters, bodybuilders and strongmen who still compete in […]

Waist Measurement How to Measure Your Waist

Waist Measurement - Waist Not, Want Not

Pop quiz – what was your waist measurement at age 18? And now? An increase of more than two inches could indicate accelerated aging is headed your way. We all put on a few pounds here and there as we age, but when it starts to settle around your waistline your body will start acting […]

Functional Strength Training Workout Benefits

The Benefits of Functional Training

The benefits Functional strength training has been popular amongst athletes for quite awhile now. It has helped athletes all over the world to improve how they train. The main theory behind this concept is to build a solid foundation on movements we have evolved to be physically capable of. It is designed to help us […]

How To Last Longer in Bed And Please Your Partner

Last Longer in Bed

Premature ejaculation is a problem that plagues many men. To last longer in bed enhances sexual pleasure and is desired by all. Most men think that by staying longer they can bring greater enjoyment to their partners and are looking for ways to enhance their sexual performance. Before you pop any pills. Here are some […]

Late Night Exercise Good or Bad – What to Know

Late Night Exercise vs. Early Morning

Most people considering to take up a training routine will often wonder when is the best time to exercise. Is it early morning or late night exercise that works best for you? If that sounds like your predicament and you need a bit of insight as to when you should perform your workout to gain […]

WarmUp Exercises For Muscular Strength

Lower Body Warm-Up Exercises

Performing a thorough warmup routine before your workout is crucial to improving overall strength, maximum performance and enhancing recovery. The warm-up contrary to some beliefs is not just a series of randomly performed exercises or movements, instead it should characterize a set of unilaterally performed movements effortlessly performed in a continuously flowing rhythmic pattern. The […]

Best Beginner Tips for Six Pack Abs

Want Six pack abs? Who doesn’t, right? First, let’s start with a little bit of bad news. If you’re over 25, you don’t want to spend every waking minute in the gym doing Six pack abs exercise, you’re not genetically blessed among men, and you don’t relish the idea of a diet consisting almost entirely […]

Hill Training Workout Tips You Will Benefit From

Hill Training - Head for the Hills to Win it

Exercise scientist and national competitor, Heikki Rusko—one of the world’s leading researchers in running performance—needed a fast an effective method to prepare for the National Master’s Championships. His fix: Hill training. Knowing that hill training produces an increase in performance and a boost in aerobic capacity, Rusko heads for the hills. At 64-years-old, you’ll be […]

Muscle Confusion Fact or Myth What’s The Truth

Muscle Confusion – Fact, Myth, or Somewhere In Between

Muscle confusion is a hot buzzword in the exercise industry. But is it an effective technique based on science, or a realistic-sounding gimmick that only serves to effectively promote exercise DVD sales? What is Muscle confusion It’s a fitness theory based on the idea that when you do a single exercise repeatedly, your muscles get […]

How to Get an Inguinal Crease

How to Get an Inguinal Crease

Commonly referred to as “the must-have muscle” or “the ramp” and often seen in celebrity movies such as Aquaman with Jason Momoa or Calvin Klein ads with Trevante Rhodes. The inguinal crease often called the moneymaker muscle has been a continual topic for discussion amongst fitness enthusiasts on the best forms of training to get […]

Eggs Benefits that Improve Your Heart Health

Eat Eggs to Improve Heart Health

Did you know Eating eggs can improve heart health. Over the last few decades, eggs have received a great deal of undeserved negative press, and for that reason it’s about time things were cleared up once and for all. Many years ago, there were reports that eggs raised cholesterol levels, which people thought was a […]

Elliptical Exercise Body Workout You Will Enjoy

Maximizing Your Elliptical Performance

Cardio enthusiasts literally leapt at the chance to try the elliptical machine when it first debuted in the early 1990s. Here it was – a completely zero-impact way to get in a run, walk or jog – the elliptical exercise body workout. Thereby extending the distance and time most people were able to put in […]

Can Your Socks Really Improve Performance?

Can Your Socks Really Improve Performance

Footwear is an essential piece of equipment for nearly all fitness activities. Yet, most people stop after they’ve purchased shoes, skates, skis, etc. We can’t say we blame them – after dropping a few hundred bucks it’s only natural to assume you’re done. In actuality, the socks you wear also play an incredibly important role […]

Look More Youthful With These Simple Natural Tips

7 Simple, Natural and Inexpensive Ways to Look More Youthful

Everyone’s chasing that most elusive of dreams long-lasting youth and look more youthful. Yes, there are creams, and gels, and procedures, and supplements that can keep you one step ahead of Father Time. But there are also some simple, natural, low-cost ways (and by low-cost we mean dirt cheap or free) to look more youthful. […]

Strength Training vs. Body Building the Eternal Debate

Strength Training vs. Body Building – the Eternal Debate

The argument – and confusion — over what strength training vs. bodybuilding actually encompass, and which is better or how they’re different is complicated. This discussion dates back to the beginning of the sports themselves. Fact is, though they may have some superficial similarities, bodybuilding is completely different than weight training, with completely different techniques […]

Boxing Workout Routine Best Guide

The Boxing Workout

There’s no doubt that the boxing workout routine is a rough and tough exercise that requires physical strength, endurance and extreme stamina. It’s no wonder why so many men including celebrities have taken interest into learning the moves of a prize fighter. They have bulging biceps, washboard abs and legs of steel and when it […]

Belly Fat Problem Trick on How to Lose the Weight

Best Way to Beat Belly Fat

Best way to burn belly fat. Ask any woman what the sexiest feature on a man’s body is, and we guarantee you, she won’t say his belly fat. Belly fat isn’t exactly alluring. But it can hurt more than your pride—it can also be dangerous for your health. And that’s an unfortunate double-whammy for guys, […]

Stretching After Exercise Workout Benefits

To Stretch or Not to Stretch

Stretching after exercise workout, If you’re like most guys, your grade school P.E. teachers, your high school coach, and your college coaches drilled the following mantra into your head: never exercise cold muscles—always stretch before a workout. Is there a benefit of stretching before exercising? Well, it may take some meditation, mental conditioning, or therapy […]

Plank Exercise Benefits to Enhance Your Workout

Strength in Stillness

So you’ve tried cardio, weight training, plyometrics, martial arts, sports, and more – but you’re still looking for a new challenge or untapped method for enhancing your physique. The answer is actually simpler than you think. It’s not about doing more reps or heavier weight or pushing harder… it is about doing less and finding […]

Sex Benefits for A Much Healthier You

Frequent Sex for a Healthier You

Sex is much more than a means of procreation or recreation. Sex is also a powerful indicator of our overall health and fitness. The ability to have sex at all is a reflection of a certain level of wellness within the body. For instance, a man who is routinely unable to achieve an erection may […]

How To Achieve Perfect Physical Balance

Achieving the Perfect Balance for Your Physique

Although achieving the perfect physical balance in life is more often than not totally impossible it is certainly an admirable goal in which one should aim for. Albert Einstein once said that “perfect moderation is more difficult than abstention” and he knew this better than most as he was addicted to many drugs. Guide to […]

Personalize Your Workout by Somatotyping

Personalize Your Workout by Somatotyping

Any good personal trainer when they meet a potential client for the first time needs to first explain what genetic predisposition the person has. This is called somatotyping which puts your body into a category that explains the lean muscle to fat distribution that you have genetically. Build your workout around Somatotyping The Endomorph Endomorphs […]

Best Health and Fitness Smartphone

Smart Phones - Clicking Towards Performance

Since the advent of smart phones it’s a rare occurrence to see anyone bring a notepad to the gym. Don’t let it convince you that people have stopped tracking their reps, weight, distance and other markers of performance. Smart Phones and the Future of Fitness They’ve just gotten technology involved… in more ways than one. […]

Does Metabolic Training Build Muscle

Metabolic Training

Metabolic training is made up of structural and compound exercises to crank up your metabolic rate metabolic resistance training can also turn your body in to fat burning mode. How it works is your metabolism is the way your body handles the food-energy balance within your body. A high metabolic rate means your body burns […]

Men’s Guide to Prevent Premature Aging at Every Age

Aging by Numbers

For something to be considered an antique, it must be at least 25 years old. Sound unfair? It’s only unfair if you’re not taking care of yourself accordingly. Just like our favorite possessions, maintenance is a vital component of staying in mint condition. The trick is that the tasks involved in maintenance change with aging. […]

4 Best Pool Workouts Exercises for Men

Intense Pool Workouts for Men

Think pool workouts are just for swimmers or old ladies doing jazzercise think again. Professional athletes like NFL and NBA players have been known to hit the pool for cross training, low impact speed and strength training and injury rehab to name a few. So pool workouts for weight loss or to help relieve some […]

The Best wrist mobility Exercises For working out

It’s All in the Wrist

Little things matter when it comes to squeaking extra performance out of your workout. Tiny adjustments can be the difference between two extra reps and five. Small changes to stance can dramatically decrease your chance of injury. And paying close attention to the position of your wrist mobility can yield huge dividends in a variety […]

Rest Day Workout Routine For Your Day Off

Making Your Day Off Count

For every stress you put your body through for strength or cardio training, a recovery period is equally as important. While it can be tempting to dismiss an active rest day workout routine, light exercise can accelerate results, even world class athletes understand the importance of keeping active on their rest day. The Right Amount […]

5×5 kettlebell workout Tips to Build Strength and Muscle

5 x 5 x 5 Kettlebell Workout

The Kettlebell is a great tool that will give you a full body workout. One of the best 5×5 Kettlebell workout benefits is the cardio-vascular and anabolic systems that work together during exercises. Their popularity has risen over the last few years due to the exposure from professional athletes ranging from the NFL to MMA […]

Best Speed Training Program Exercises and Endurance

Speed Training to Trim Your Run Time

Start talking about speed training exercise and most minds typically jump to track and field, marathons, or in some cases, swimming or biking. Understandably, race-style sporting events dominate our perceptions of activities requiring speed. Top Tips for Speed Training exercise In truth, however, speed is an asset that works its way into nearly every competitive […]

Family Health History And why it’s Importance Know

Importance of learning Your Family Health History

They say those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it – and nowhere is this more true than with your family health history. The illnesses and maladies that plagued your ancestors are likely to pop up again in your life, or the life of a close sibling or relative. Do you know […]

Upper Body Weight Plate Workout

Total Bodyweight Plate Workout

Interval Training today has become one of the most adopted forms of training as several trainers are slowly changing their routines from the occasionally boring cardio workout to a more intense and high impact training routine like Body weight Plate. Body weight Plate High Impact Training Most men who have preferred interval training as a […]

Overcoming Workout Burnout From Exercising

Tips to Avoid Workout Burnout

It’s not uncommon to find men caught up in the ritual of packing the local gyms in huge numbers trying to achieve the maximum muscle build and physique in the shortest time possible. Sadly one of the common mistakes experienced by many of these fitness nuts is overtraining their muscles with far too much exercise […]

Better Breathing Techniques to Fight Fatigue

Better Breathing Techniques to Fight Fatigue

Amazing machines, the lungs. Without them, we obviously couldn’t breathe… but we also wouldn’t be able to turn calories into energy. And although we often take our lungs for granted, there’s a lot that goes into every breath we take. Although we rarely put much thought into it, using the right breathing exercise is very […]

Fiber in your Diet Is Great For Your Heart

The Importance of Fiber in your Diet

As far as our general health, fitness, and overall well-being is concerned, it can’t be denied that our diets play a crucial role in determining just how healthy, or unhealthy, we actually are. Most of us simply aren’t eating enough healthy and beneficial ingredients, and unfortunately our health is paying the price. One food source […]

Metabolism Boosting Workouts Plan

Metabolism Boosting Workouts

Most effective way to increase your current rate of metabolism boosting  is through metabolism workout and maintaining a proper diet. While cardio training provides a considerable increase in the metabolism of the exerciser this method of exercise is rarely considered as a solitary method of training as many individuals tend to lose a significant amount […]

Exercises To Get a Six Pack And Shred Belly Fat

Six Pack Training

It has often been said that to get the perfect six-pack abs requires a vast amount of mental strength and dedication not just during training sessions at the local gym or at home, but also by maintaining a healthy and proper diet. Before you consider reading any further you should be fully aware that successful […]

Chest And Triceps Workout For Beginners

The No Barbell Chest and Triceps Workout

Most fitness experts will tell you that the barbell bench press is the best exercise for developing the pectoral muscles to achieve a well-defined chest. This however is not 100% accurate. Bodybuilders when building the chest and triceps muscles strongly recommend against training aimed at focusing solely on the bench press exercise as a primary […]

Best Speed and Stamina Workout Exercises

Tips to Increase Your Running Speed and Endurance

Professional runners and athletes continue to conquer their goals and set new barriers and records for true speed and stamina workout. Feats that once believed to be absolutely impossible are now achievable. Many trainers outside these events who were privileged to witness these breathtaking events have often wondered what contributing factors were made possible to […]

Back And biceps Workout Bodybuilding

Muscle Building Back and Biceps Workout

Having a strong back and biceps is undoubtedly one of the best health features of  muscle building that all men want to achieve. A large majority of the existing back workouts today are basically divided into two specific segments aimed at targeting the lower back and upper back muscles accordingly by primarily focusing on the […]

Does Lifting Weights Increase Life Expectancy

Does Lifting Weights Increase Life Expectancy

You won’t need us to tell you just how beneficial and healthy it is for you to exercise, as the various health benefits and advantages are extremely well documented and extremely well known, considered common knowledge amongst most people. Now, as far as which forms of exercise are concerned, most people consider forms of cardio […]

Bodybuilding bulking Myths Debunked

Bodybuilding Bulking Myths

Many of you have in your quest for perfect health and physique have undoubtedly had to struggle with the numerous contradicting advice of your friends, so called fitness experts, and the dreaded self-proclaimed bodybuilding television ads offering you the total body physique of a lifetime. Never before has one industry been riddled with countless recommendations […]

Fitness Retreat Travel Destinations

Fitness Retreat Travel Destinations

Fitness retreat travel destinations are designed to get you in shape and healthy in mind, body and spirit in a variety of ways. Many of them are not for the faint of heart and require a unique mindset to make them beneficial as a fitness retreat. For most a fitness vacation wouldn’t be an ideal […]

Rowing Machine Workout Benefits Full Body Workout

Full Body Rowing Workout

The ergometer commonly referred to as the rowing machine is widely known for providing the body with a full body rowing workout exercise. But don’t be fooled by its’ common appearance or boring name. One session on this machine will have you sweating, burning and crying for your momma. Health Benefits of a rowing machine […]

Is Aveed the Answer for Low Testosterone?

Is Aveed the Answer for Low Testosterone

When it comes to overall manliness, it’s widely considered that those with higher levels of testosterone, are generally considered to be the most manly and alpha-type males, if you will have you heard about aveed. Is Aveed a New Hope for testosterone lacking males? Is aveed the answer low testosterone Testosterone is the dominant male […]

5 lifting routine Program For Beginners

5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Lifting Routine

Many of the lifting routine exercise programs used in the fitness industry today often need to be modified on a regular basis to benefit from a continuous result allowing the person training to achieve a better look and feel about themselves when embarking on their lifting workouts routine for men. How to set up the […]

How To Lose Weight If You Hate Running

Weight Loss Workouts Without Cardio

Beginners when deciding of selecting a suitable workout to satisfy their weight loss goals are often confronted with two main training options, cardio and weight training. While there are those who will live and die by the cardio training method as the key to weight loss there are others who have in their experience and […]

5 Muscle Building Mistakes To Avoid to Build Muscle

Muscle Building Miscues to Avoid

Bodybuilders and powerlifters are often taught to focus their training workout on performing a number of exercises aimed at isolating various muscle groups. These muscle groups include leg extensions, and pectoral flyes to avoid muscle building mistakes. How to steer clear of these muscle building mistakes However exercises such as the squat and bench press […]

Road Race Training Plan How to Train for a Road Race

How to Train for a Road Race

Most individuals out of the sheer love for road racing will often find themselves attending and participating in a number of events every year. Beginners who have over time developed a keen interest in this sport, enjoy riding and are able to spent three to four hours in the saddle are generally great candidates for […]

Pick Up Rules While Working Out At The Gym

Pick Up Rules While Working Out

Who could resist the tight yoga pants, short running shorts, smoothly toned muscles, and the flushed cheeks of girls in the middle of a workout? Not us – and we’re betting not you either. Make the wrong move, however, and you might not just get shot down; you might get labeled as the gym perv, […]

Jump Power Lifts Workout Routine To Build Muscle

Jump Power Lifts to Build Muscle and Explosive Power

When it comes to physical exercise and training, it’s probably pretty safe to assume that many of you tend to head to the gym several nights a week, and engage in a number of different activities and exercises like jump power lifts. Obviously, some of the most common exercises are going to be those involving […]

How To Do V Sit Ups For Beginners Perfect Abs Exercise

The V Sit-up Workout

Men who are hard gainers will often find that although they exercise regularly they are still unable to reduce their excess stomach fat even though they practice the v sit up exercise workout. This difficulty in fat loss around these areas are primarily due to the fact that fat existing around the stomach areas is […]

spring workout plan The Ultimate Exercise Guide

Spring Workout Guide

The season of Spring has traditionally been observed to produce its very own and unique effect urging people into a fitness frenzy to get in shape. Maintaining a Spring Workout exercise is a fun and easy way to get outdoors and Spring Workout plan in the wonderfully warm weather to build muscle, improve performance and […]

What is The Most Common Fitness Goals

Bucket List Fitness Goals

Men when beginning a fitness program often do so with a list of possibilities they would like to accomplish in their lifetime generally referred to as the fitness bucket list. Creating a bucket list in many circumstances serves as a motivational guideline to the individual to maintain healthy lifestyle allowing them to follow through on […]

How to Get Ripped at Home With Gym Equipment

Best at Home Gym Equipment for the Price

Most men when considering purchasing a home gym equipment will often think about a private convenient at home fitness equipment workout space they would never be able to experience at a traditional public and local gym. Top Gym Equipment at Home to Get a Professional Workout The average fitness male spends countless dollars in membership […]

How to Get 8 Pack Abs Fast And Shred Belly Fat

How to Get 8 Pack Abs

Training to achieving the perfect 8 pack abs requires the individual to possess two main ingredients. An exceptionally low level of body-fat and an outstandingly developed abdominal muscle tissue. then they can embark on a 8 pack abs workout plan How to Get 8 Pack Abs Most professional trainers when training individuals towards this goal […]

How to Increase Strength and Stamina Naturally Exercise

Increase Your Mobility to Increase Strength

Men who are often characterized as hard-gainers occasionally suffer from reduced range of motion often referred to as ROM and muscle stiffness after completing their training exercise because they don’t have increase strength and stamina. Top tips to increase strength and stamina Professional trainers when selecting a proper workout for their respective clients will often […]

Prowler Push Workout: Training Tips All You Nee To Know

The Prowler Push Workout

In the fitness world today, The Prowler push has been increasingly becoming a dominant attribute used in the training routine of a large majority of professional bodybuilders and athletes. How to perfect the prowler push The prowler often referred to as difficult, efficient and highly effective is one of the best known conditioning devices used […]

Resistance Training Exercises For Beginners

Ways to Combine Metabolic Training with Resistance Training

One of the great mysteries in the fitness industry is whether the person training should focus on cardiovascular training, resistance workout exercises, or weight training in their quest for weight loss and muscle build. Top tips on how to use Resistance Training in combination with other methods. Ways combine metabolic training and resistance training While […]

Weight Loss Plateau: Sure Signs you need help

Tips to Break A Weight Loss Plateau or Pitfall

Dealing with weight loss plateau As I’m sure many of you can relate to, at times, losing weight can be a real struggle and extremely frustrating in some instances. The reason for this is because naturally, at some point, we’ll have to deal with plateaus times when no matter how hard we try, and how […]

lower split training Workout Exercise

split training

Upper and Lower body split training has often been referred to by many within the fitness industry as one of the most credible forms of training performed within a single workout session. What is Split Training? The typical upper and lower split training session generally requires the person training to focus on a series of […]

Cross Training Workouts Fitness Plan For Beginners

Cross Training Tips from The Pros

Most men in their quest for the perfect physique, enhanced strength and performance have routinely been found stockpiling massive exercise arsenal utilizing every known cross training method at their disposal to gain their goal to perfection. Importance of cross training in your Fitness Routine Some men however have unwillingly dug themselves into a type of […]

How To Incorporate Fitness Exercise Into Daily Life

Easy Ways to Incorporate more Fitness in Your Daily Routine

One of the easiest and most effective means of improving the mental and physical health of an individual is through exercise. Just a few minutes of daily exercise on a consistent basis has been proven to not only alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression experienced in men but also offer a substantial increase in energy, […]

Best Flat Abs Workout Exercise Sit-Ups

Get Flat Abs Without Sit-Ups

Most men when feeling a little flabby around the tummy areas immediately go into a flat abs workout frenzy focusing mainly on exercises such as the conventional sit-up, or stomach crunch. Experienced fitness trainers however through their continued exposure have found a number of available methods to get flat abs without the use of the […]

Tips on Measuring your Heart Rate

Tips for Measuring your Heart Rate

When the fitness industry started its boom in the early 1980’s the measuring of your pulse rate just after your aerobics workout was something that was explained to most new gym members. Measuring your heart rate is a fool proof way of monitoring the status on your fitness. How to measure your heart rate to […]

How To Transform Your Body Step By Step

Best Exercises to Transform Your Body

Getting in shape is never an easy task. While it is impossible to change the genetic structure of an individual it is probable to make the most of the person’s current physique by consistently training to transform your body and achieve the desired shape and muscular tone. Best exercises to transform your body The Bear […]

Best Obliques Workout Exercise Routine

Exercises to Blast Your Obliques

Often referred to as the cuddly muffin top, fatty mall hangovers or those outstanding love handles, these belly fat areas often seen bulging over the waistband are never a pleasant sight to the aspiring bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast. So what is the best obliques workout exercise to get rid of those love handles. take a […]

Descending Ladder Workout Exercise For Total Body

The Descending Ladder Workout

The descending ladder workout has been often used by professional marathon runners to train their bodies for the rigors of the traditional 5k and 10k marathon racing events. How to do the descending ladder workout Unlike half and regular marathons which will observe the contestants resting fatigue during the latter mile portion of the run, […]

Hardgainers Workout Routine Plans Lifting Tips

Hardgainers are often recognized as individuals who by training on their own find it extremely difficult to increase their body mass and muscle growth using traditional methods of weight training. This is primarily due to their failure to implement the proper training techniques, in addition to their lack of consistency of the workout and motivation. […]

Firm up Loose Skin Post Weight Loss with Exercises

Exercises to Firm Up Loose Skin Post Weight Loss

Loose skin resulting from weight loss is a common phenomenon generally occurring when the individual training drops a large amount of their weight at one time rather than over a prolonged period leaving the person with a bulky feeling as a result from the loose and sagging skin. As such the individual is now tasked […]

Fitness Tests Exercise to Measure your Fitness Level

Self Fitness Tests to Measure your Level of Fitness

One of the most typical questions any fitness buff will as is, “Am I doing enough physical activity?.” Self-measuring the level of fitness of a person on a regular basis is by far the only way to determine how effective or ineffective their training workout is based on the progress achieved. Many of the professional […]

Best Strength Training for Beginners Exercise Tips

Weight Training for Beginners

Today an increasing number of individuals are recognizing more and more the important role weight loss and fitness plays in their overall health and success. However a large number of people who would like to take up a strength training for beginners program, lack the knowledge on where and how they should start their strength […]

How To Create a Workout Plan For Your Exercise Routine

Why You Should have a Workout Plan

Having a regular workout exercise routing is an important attribute to the natural health and welfare of every individual. The key in maintaining a proper workout plan is finding a training routine that is suited to the lifestyle of the individual. Some people often find the traditional home workout to be most convenient for their […]

Pre-Workout Warm Up Routine Before Workout

Pre-Workout Warm Up Routine

Notably one of the most neglected and highly important aspect of any training or workout, is the warm up routine. Generally there are two varying forms of the traditional warm up exercises used in pre lifting known as the General Pre-Workout Warm Up and the Specific Pre-Exercise Warmup. How to do the General Pre-Workout Warm […]

How Many Workout Per Week Should I Do to Build Muscle

How Many Days should You Workout Per Week

Beginners and even seasoned professional bodybuilders when structuring a training routine need to determine the frequency and days to workout per week that they will dedicate to their training. How many days should you workout per week? Additionally the professional bodybuilder and professional trainer will give careful consideration to the frequency of their weight training […]

How to Enhance the Quality of your Erection

How to Enhance the Quality of your Erection

Every man wants to last and to have the strongest erection possible during sex but many guys suffer from less than desirable erections. Most guys put their confidence and their self-worth into the same equation and expect their bodies to be at peak performance levels at all times. But is that realistic? Probably not. However, […]

How to do Dumbbell Lunge And Why you Should

Dumbbell Lunge Exercises for Ripped Legs

The lunge in any training workout is simply defined as taking one giant step. This exercise is often performed with or without the use of weights. Occasionally the lunge has been used in strength training and cardiovascular workouts with dumbbells positioned at the sides, shoulder level, or with the use of a barbell placed behind […]

4 Full Body Exercise Workouts that Torch Fat

Workouts that Torch Fat

The typical health physician will often recommend that their patients involve themselves in some form of activity consisting of at least 30 to 45 minutes of moderate to intense exercise to torch fat and improve their cardiovascular function and health. Individuals who have been known to perform an exercise workout two to three times on […]

Maintain Muscle Gain With Minimal Workout

Rules to Sustain your Muscle Gain

Having achieved the desired muscle gain and obtaining the physique you’ve always wanted now leaves you with the added responsibility of maintaining this new body. Below are some of the successful techniques used by many fitness trainers and professional bodybuilders to maintain their physique. with a diet plan for gaining muscle eating the right foods […]

High Intensity Interval Training HIIT The Science Behind It

HIIT Workout for Bigger and Faster Gains

High Intensity Interval Training often referred to as HIIT is defined by its training routine incorporating short bursts of demanding exercise activity observing in-between rest periods. This form of training has been widely used by athletes and professional bodybuilders within the fitness industry. Tips for starting your HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training The High […]

Butter is Good For You in Surprising Ways

Surprising Ways Butter is Good For You

It may seem dramatic, but many people in society avoid butter as though it is going to do them in! This thought became very popular around the same time the low-fat craze really picked up steam. We all know what happened when this fad took effect… clearly we became a society of concise, healthy individuals. […]

6 Ways Exercise Make you Smarter Than You Think

Can Exercise Make you Smarter

For years scientific researchers have tried to determine a link between cardiovascular diseases and factors associated with physical and emotional values in human beings. Many health professionals however have been able to identify a distinctive relationship between the mental ability of a person and exercising so does exercise make you smarter. Here is a little […]

How to Make Yourself Happy With These Tips

5 Secrets to Make Yourself Happy

Secrets to make yourself happy. Happiness means different things to different people but everyone wants to know how to get there. It turns out that there are some simple and effective ways to make yourself happy now without any pills or seminars. Just a few adjustments can do wonders for you. 5 Secrets to make […]

Best Cross Training Exercises To Improve Your Fitness

Best Cross Training Exercises

Most fitness experts will testify to the fact that during their strength training workouts by including the use of cross training exercises have been a vital aspect of their workout routine which has helped prevent events of muscle damage, imbalances and has delivered them from the usual boredom which can often be experience with the […]

Broncos Head Coach John Fox Needs Heart Surgery

Broncos Head Coach John Fox Needs Heart Surgery

Denver Broncos head coach John Fox was enjoying a round of golf on a Charlotte, NC, golf course when he suddenly became dizzy. He was taken to a local hospital where it was revealed that the third-year coach will need to have aortic valve replacement surgery as soon as possible. Fox had known of his […]

Best Weight Training for Men’s Fitness

Importance of Weight Training for Men's Fitness

The topic of weight lifting exercises  and it’s many benefits to men has been a controversial topic within the fitness industry, social discourse and medical field. Scientific research over the years has discovered many indisputable facts concerning the health benefits associated with when you start weight training and lifting. Amazing Health Benefits of Weight Training […]

The Truth about Losing Belly Fat in Men

The Truth about Losing Belly Fat in Men

The University of Alabama at Birmingham decided to look specifically at the relationship between cardiovascular disease, diabetes and belly fat in men. They took 137 men from all ages as well as different sizes and used seven key different measurements in order to determine their risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes or pre-diabetes. Also what […]

Date is Set I Make My Return on August 18th

A date is set for the bodybuilding competition

Well, my friends, a date is set for my return to bodybuilding competitions. As you may have been reading, up to now my blog has been primarily about different ideas and techniques to make your workouts more effective. I can already hear what some are saying…”so, do YOU incorporate these things in your workouts? If […]

Best 30 Minute Workout Circuit Routine for a Healthy Body

Effective 30 Minute Workout for a Healthy Body and Mind

Most people though aware of the health benefits of a daily exercise routine, come up with excuses for not being able to exercise in spite of their good intentions there are a few exercise you can including this 30 minute workout. Benefits of a 30 Minute workout Exercise helps you develop a strong metabolism along […]

How To Stay Fit on Vacation And Still Enjoy Life

Great Getaway Trips To Stay Fit on Vacation

Great getaway trips to stay fit on vacation, Weekends are your time to relax and treat yourself after a long work week. While splurging on food and wine can be the hallmark of a great trip, it’s good to mix it up with a healthy edge once and a while. This time around, follow these […]

BMI Calculator

How to Calculate Your Body Mass Index Your body fat percentage is simply the percentage of fat your body contains. If you weigh 140 pounds and are 10% fat, it means that your body consists of 14 pounds of fat and 126 pounds lean body mass (bone, muscle, organ tissue, blood). A certain amount of […]

V02 Max: And All You Need To Know About It

If you haven’t heard about V02 max yet it’s the scientific measurement that determines an athlete’s capacity to perform continuous exercise and the limit of an individual’s aerobic endurance. V02 max is expressed as milliliters of oxygen used per minute per kilo of body mass. Increased intensity leads to increased oxygen intake. What is V02 […]

The Best Fitness Classes Every Man Should try

If you go to a gym you have probably seen the fitness classes in the big glass room and chalked them up to just for women activities. True some of the aerobics and dance based fitness classes might not be for the average guy however more gyms are introducing classes that appeal to both sexes. […]

Health Specialist you should see once a year

In a healthcare world still dominated by HMOs, we’ve all become more dependent on general practicioners to provide targeted recommendations and insights about our health problems. This is perfectly acceptable when you’ve got a persistent cold, or run of the mill allergies, or a mild infection. However, when it comes to chronic pain, complicated or […]

Fermented Foods Staying Young by Eating Old

Here in the United States, we have an obsession with freshness. We’ve been convinced that the sooner a food leaves the farm, the better it is. Sure, it’s a good policy, but it leaves out an incredibly healthful category of the healthiest fermented foods that can help keep you younger that are fermented foods. What […]

The Grind! (They call me the Pepper Mill)

Dieting, cardio, training, posing…all of that for 16 weeks can be a real grind. But they don’t call me the Pepper Mill for nothing! (Ok, I gave myself that nickname, but I’m still using it!) One of the things that you don’t necessarily think of when preparing for a bodybuilding contest is your mental toughness! […]

Seattle Washington For a Summer Fit Vacation

If your new year’s resolution was to travel more this year we recommend starting right here in the USA. Summer fit vacation Seattle Washington To put you in the best locations for each season we have our Four Corners for Four Seasons tour that we continue on Seattle, Washington. Summer fit vacation Seattle Washington Vacations […]

Heart Disease Why It’s Still a Concern

Still the number one cause of death in the United States, still responsible for the death of nearly 620,000 Americans every year, and still the cause of over 16.7 million doctors’ offices and hospitals annually, heart disease is not going away simply because we wish it would. Heart disease why its still a concern Obesity […]

Incorporating “LIFE” into Bodybuilding Contest Prep – Men’s Fit Club

Incorporating LIFE into contest prep

Unless you are one of “those” folks where either bodybuilding is already your full time job. Or you somehow don’t have to work and you are somehow able to do bodybuilding contest prep as a single person (no significant other, no kids, no nothing!). If you don’t fit that mold than you know one of […]

Swimming Workouts Tips Beginners Must Add to Training

Taking your workout to the pool is one of the best ways to get involved with a swimming workout plan that you can continue for many years to come. The cardiovascular benefits of swimming workouts compare pretty evenly with running or jogging, but without the pounding to your joints. As well, because swimming workouts forces […]

Washington DC Vacation – A Capitol Idea

Love travel but hate feeling like your forcing your cardio workout into the schedule? Pay a visit to our nation’s capitol, Washington DC Vacation. You’ll find that simply visiting the sights will get you plenty of mileage. Simply walking the city should get your between 10 and 15 miles a day depending on which attractions […]

Just Keep Moving How to adopt an active lifestyle

For a healthier and better life just keep moving. Ever heard the saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it?” It’s a valid point when it comes to maintaining the youthfulness of your body and mind. As we age it’s more important than ever to keep moving. For instance, flexibility is increasingly important as […]

Strokes New Facts You Should be Aware of

Here’s one of the scary strokes new facts – the stroke occurrences are on the rise among young and mid aged Americans and at the same time going down for older adults. The sharpest increase was an alarming 51% in men between the ages of 15 and 34, followed closely by a 47% jump in […]

The Best Spring Boot Camp Circuit Workout Conditioning

The US armed forces know a thing or two about transforming everyday citizens in to lean, mean fighting machines. Now thanks to you don’t have to enroll with the military to try your hand at Boot Camp. Check out our Spring Boot Camp series where we will walk you through how to start your […]

Long Term Effects of Health Mistakes from Your Youth

No matter how many times we’ve seen or heard about the dangers of operating a motor vehicle without a seat belt, so many still seem to make the same health mistakes and believe it “won’t happen to us.” And while the statistic of roughly 20,500 auto-related fatalities a year may reinforce that kind of thinking, […]

Tis The Season To Stay Fit with These Workouts Tips

Tis the season to stay fit. We all know how easy it is to pack on the pounds from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. In addition to cold temperatures, daylight savings time, traveling to visit family and gatherings that include indulgent foods it can be hard to keep a consistent workout schedule. But if you want […]

My Running Euphoria For Exercise

My Running Euphoria

Whether you are running for your life like Charlie Brown, or jumping over hurdles like a cross country All-American, or a run on wet sand like the ever so inspirational Olympic hope-full’s in Chariots of Fire, you are enjoying a sense of euphoria that is often called “runner’s high”. How running can improve your life […]