Top Weight Loss foods for Natural Fat Burning

The Top 5 foods for Natural Weight Loss

Unless you happen to be naturally thin, then the chances are that at some point in your life, you will have, or you will, struggle with your weight. Losing weight, or rather, losing body fat, because let’s face it, that’s what we want to lose, is no easy feat. It can take days, weeks, or […]

6 Unexpected Benefits of Weight Loss

6 Unexpected Benefits of Weight Loss

Many start their weight loss journey in hopes of improving their self-esteem and physical health and appearance. And while weight loss can lead to benefits such as having a more positive body image and more room in your favorite jeans, there are also several unexpected benefits of weight loss. Every weight loss journey is unique, […]

Popular Weight Loss Diets in 2020

Popular Weight Loss Diets in 2020

Every year several new weight loss diets emerge by nutrition experts across the globe. These diets are evaluated on the basis of various factors. Some of the factors are safety and nutrition, protection against diseases, and most importantly promoting weight loss. Although some diets require a lot of intricacies while following them, there are others […]

The worst and best weight loss advice you ever received

best weight loss advice

What is the best weight loss advice you have ever received? And how close to the truth was it? Advice can be sometimes really helpful and sometimes they can be as far from the truth as one can imagine. Once in awhile, one might have to take it with a grain of salt. While at […]

Weight Loss Foods You Didn’t Know About

Weight Loss Foods You Didn't Know About

Your trainer may have informed you about greek yogurt, apples, eggs and other favorite weight loss foods prevalent on the market. But other than these nutritional superstars there are many food underdogs you may be ignorant to which can benefit you immensely. These include versatile fruits and vegetables you eat almost everyday but had no […]

Juicing for Weight Loss | Best Workout Juice Recipes

Juices That Are Healthy For Pre and Post Workout

No, juicing is not limited to juice bars and brunches with the ladies. ‘Juicing’, in fact, is having a big moment nowadays. It has been one of the most prominent buzzwords of the year, followed closely by the likes of ‘avocado’ and ‘kale’. Trendy juice bars and cold-pressed juices have been big over the few […]

Natural weight loss tips for a Healthier Life

Natural weight loss tips for a Healthier Life

If you thought losing weight was a crazy desire, you were wrong, you simply need natural weight loss tips to help you on your journey. These tips are best for men seeking to lose weight and are facing trouble in the process. The everyday lifestyle and the hectic schedule can act as hurdles slowing down […]

Top Chili Recipe For Your Weight Loss Program

hot chili recipe to manage weight

What can be better than a mouth-watering classic chili recipe for the love of hot and spice With so many spicy chili recipes to help you feel warm and comfy from the inside, they can be hard to resist. The combination of chili beans with meat and veggies can be a treat. In light of […]

Inspiring Before and After Weight Loss Stories

before and after

Every now and then, we come across some amazing before and after weight loss stories that leave us both baffled and inspired. These stories are not just a small dip on the scale but massive, jaw-dropping transformations. These before and after success stories help us push the boundaries and limitations of our bodies. Also, it […]

Yoga For Weight Loss 7 Ways To Burn maximum Fat

Yoga and Weight Loss

Undoubtedly yoga is one of the best ways to relax, release stress, offer flexibility and of course ward-off that stored fat. If you follow this ancient practice regularly for 15 minutes every day, you can notice miraculous results. Furthermore, to help you get most of the yoga we have come up with this guide featuring […]

Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work Great

effective weight loss tips

Some people are always in search of weight loss tips from any resource they can find, a fitness app, television programs or websites. With obesity at record rates, it’s no wonder that people are desperately seeking weight loss advice. The current obesity crisis is largely due to lifestyle changes and the impact of junk food, […]

Weight Loss Pills That Actually Work

weight loss pills for good shape

You will find many weight loss pills which claim to get you in shape without you having to do anything. To lose those extra pounds all you have to do is be regular in swallowing your tiny pill. While the wish to get an attractive body remains, the will and energy to exercise can be […]

Weight Loss Supplements For Men Weight Loss

Weight loss supplements for men to drop those pounds

Are you looking for weight loss supplements for men? From the crowd of many supplements, we take a deeper look to see which one might be the best option. Due to lifestyle changes, people are facing many weight problems these days. Obesity is undoubtedly among one of the top health diseases leading to an array […]

Weight Loss Apps that Help You With Your Diet

Top 10 Weight Loss Apps that Can Help You Shred Your Diet

Weight Loss Apps are extremely beneficial. Infact, it is your very own trainer on your mobile. Firstly, they offer workout suggestions and help keep track of your calorie intake. These apps aids also promote weight loss making one aware of their lifestyle and habits and much more. Infact, if you are looking for a self-motivator, […]

Weight Loss journey With DJ Khaled’s 26 Pounds

How DJ Khaled lost 26 kgs in Weight Watchers?

DJ Khaled has created quite a ripple in the music industry. Leading with his epic music, charming presence and recent inspiring weight loss journey! Even though an artist should not be judged for their weight issues, recently DJ Khaled has been in the news for more reasons than one. His recent weight loss journey has […]

Weight Chart to Help you set your Weight Loss Goals

Weight Chart to Help you set and Beat your Weight Loss Goals

In order to meet weight loss goals, we need comparative data like a weight chart tailored just for men. This comparative data helps to meet the goals we set and the ideally required stage we need to meet. What is a Weight Chart? A weight chart uses the body mass index to correctly determine your […]

Healthiest Seafood Recipes for Weight Loss

Healthy Seafood You Should be Eating More of!

Love seafood but not sure about the healthiest seafood options that will compliment your weight loss efforts and won’t sabotage your diet? Healthy seafood is all around us, you can find it in stew, chowder, pasta recipes, appetizers and countless dinner ideas. It is rich in essential nutrients and provides important health benefits. This is […]

Ayurvedic Diet for Long Term Weight Loss

The Do’s and Don’ts of the Ayurvedic Diet and How to use it for Long Term Weight Loss

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” – Ayurvedic Diet Ayurveda gives utmost importance to diet. It stresses that diet is what causes or cures diseases. Weight gain according to Ayurveda is when a human body has the excess of kapha dosha — one […]

Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss Program

Best Cardio Exercises to Maximize Weight Loss and Improve Heart Health

Cardio exercises can help in a myriad of ways in getting you closer to your dream body. Some of the best forms of cardio exercises not only do they  test your stamina, they are strangely satisfying. An intense cardio session can leave you feeling refreshed and with a sense of euphoria a feeling often slated […]

Potato Diet To Jump Start Your Weight Loss Program

How to Lose Weight with the Potato Diet

The Potato Diet has been turning a lot of heads. Seeing as though us men are crazy food lovers, keeping our hands off those tasty treats can be quite the task. However, many of us are immensely concerned about maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well. As they say, you must give up on something to gain something. Thus, diet […]

Alternate Day Fasting Diet Plan For Weight Loss

The Alternate Day Fasting Diet

The alternate day fasting diet is a great method for those who have tried it all and still are not making progress in the weight loss department. Now, if you’ve ever tried losing weight in your life before, and the chances are that you have. Then you know just how difficult it can be. As […]

Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Men’s Weight Loss

Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss for Men

Meal replacement shakes are generally better than protein shakes in that they are not different from a full meal. However, getting products with impressive results can be overwhelming. Are you looking to shed some pounds and build muscle? Welcome onboard! With the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss for men you can achieve your goals. […]

3 Foods that Cut Cravings to Help Your Weight Loss

3 Foods that Cut Cravings

When you get uncontrollably hungry and begin craving foods like never before your diet can take a real hit. If you’re looking to shape up and slim down, you’ll no doubt be all too aware that in order to do so you will need to get plenty of exercise, and consume fresh, healthy, nutritious, and […]

Best Spices for Weight Loss to Add Flavor to Your Diet

Spices for Weight Loss

Adding a some Spices to your favorite dish does more than just improve the flavor. Research has shown there are many weight loss benefits associated with spices in your diet. Instead of choking down that dry chicken breast, kick it up a notch with a little cayenne punch or ginger garlic rub . Check out […]

4 Quick and Easy Treadmill Workouts for Weight Loss

Treadmill workouts for weight loss

The treadmill for some may feel monotonous and boring. However the treadmill offers a routine filled with countless and sometimes seemingly endless hours of just staring at the wall. As we begin to be overcome with this ultimate boredom we begin to wonder to ourselves, there must be something more to this. The good news […]

How Time Restricted Eating Can Help Your Weight Loss

Time Restricted Eating

Are you a man, struggling with shedding off some body fat, well Time Restricted Eating can help your weight loss and might be just a game changer. You probably have tried several means but to no avail. There is some good news you never would believe at first sight. Yes, because it is that- incredible. […]

How Weight Loss can Reduce Aches and Pains

How Weight Loss can Reduce Aches and Pains

Right after the holiday season is over it generally means excessive amounts of fatty, greasy, processed food as well as alcohol and sugary soft drinks. While these foods and drinks can taste pretty good as a little treat, if you consume too many of them, you will soon pay the price around your waistline and […]

Weight Loss Plateau: Ways to Overcome It

Ways to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight before in your life, and we suspect that you may very well have, then you’ll know what a frustrating and testing experience it can be, both physically, and psychologically when you hit that weight loss plateau. There will be highs, and there will be lows, that’s just the […]

Digestive Enzymes for Faster Weight Loss

Boost your Digestive Enzymes for Faster Weight Loss

Boost your digestive enzymes for faster weight loss. As you may or may not be aware, the way our bodies digest our food, can help determine how many nutrients we’re able to absorb into our bloodstreams before the food is broken down into waste, with no nutritional value in the slightest. Read more on how […]

Pyramid Workout For Weight Loss Challenge

Keys to A Successful Pyramid Workout Challenge

The key to a successful pyramid workout challenge. Pyramid workout routine designed to allow the exerciser to perform an exercise for a specific number of repetitions then working their way in the number of reps to one. The key to a successful pyramid workout challenge A basic and effective workout used to challenge the user […]

Easting Clean Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Can your Diet be too Clean

With so many people these days constantly worrying about their weight, it’s no wonder that we see so-called “diet” products on the shelves of stores all over the world. So if you are looking to kick start your health with a clean diet plan there are a few things you want to consider before you […]

Lebron James Weight Loss And Diet Plan

Lebron James Weight Loss Plan

Off-season is when most athletes tend to slack a little before heading into pre-season training and diet. However pre-season photographs of Lebron James went viral on the internet after he Tweeted the pics of himself and his dramatic off-season weight loss. How Lebron James dropped weight in the off season The media and fans went […]

Treadmill Workout For Weight Loss HIIT

Treadmill Workout To Burn Fat

You are probably very aware of the good publicity that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has been getting lately. It has changed the way many people exercise on a regular basis now because of the undeniable proof that it works which has now been universally accepted. What you might not know is you can incorporate […]

Bodybuilding and Weight Loss Workout Program

Bodybuilding and Weight Loss

It might sound like a paradox to put bodybuilding and weight loss in the same sentence because bodybuilding is all about weight-gain and not weight-loss. So we need to be more specific when we say weight loss because what we actually mean is fat loss and there is a big difference. Top Tips for Bodybuilding […]

Burn Fat with Citrus Fruit For Your Weight Loss

Burn Fat with Citrus Fruit

Burn fat by eating citrus fruit. The old diet staple of a grapefruit a day for breakfast seems to have some truth to it. In fact there are many advantages of eating citrus fruits on a regular basis like speeding up your metabolism and burn fat just to name a few. Whether you choose to […]

Weight Loss Herbs and The Science Behind It

The Science Behind Popular Weight Loss Herbs

Recently statistics released to the general public revealed the shocking truth that worldwide obesity levels were at an all-time high and were still continuing to increase ever so slightly as the months went by. So can weight loss herbs help to get obesity under control. The human race getting fatter and it seems like there […]

Most Effective Weight Loss Breakfast Foods

Effective Weight Loss Breakfast Foods

Looking for effective weight loss breakfast foods? You know what people say about breakfast right? That it’s the most important meal of the day. Well, the people that say this are absolutely right. When starting a weight loss plan many people make the mistake of skipping breakfast, under the false illusion that skipping breakfast will […]

Protein Shakes For Muscle Gain and Weight Loss

Bodybuilding Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are an easy way and often tasty way to increase your good protein consumption which you will need if you are training every day. When you train three times a week you are giving your body 48 hours the required 48 hours it needs to repair from the damage you did to it. […]

Personal Trainer For Weight Loss Training

How to Talk to Your Personal Trainer

Your wallet says they work for you, but sometimes it really feels like you work for them… any relationship that starts with that kind of challenge is bound to have its ups and downs. However, the ability to work with your personal trainer is key to both of you achieving results. Guide to Communicating with […]

Mindful Eating for Weight Loss Program

Mindful Eating for Weight Loss

If you are weight conscious and would like to take better control of your weight then you more than likely already know that going from one type of diet to another is only making the problem worse. Research shows that when a fat cell gets enlarged and shrunk repeatedly it loses its elasticity completely. That’s […]

The Volumetrics Eating Plan For Weight Loss

The Volumetrics Eating Plan

Mention the word diet, and you’ll be met with moans, groans, complaints, and even nervous laughter… because, quite simply, diets are difficult to stick to. But thanks to a relatively new approach, the Volumetrics eating plan takes to food, meals, and snacks, the typical deprivation aspect of most diets may be a thing of the […]

Low-Intensity Workout For Weight Loss

Low Intensity Workouts for Higher Fat Burn

It seems that most people either fall into the trap of believing that the more intense your workout is the more fat you will burn or that the closer your heart-rate is to maximum the more calories you will burn. Interestingly enough their have been studies that show exactly the opposite so we are going […]

Water and Weight Loss how it can Help Shed those Pound

Water and Weight Loss - Does it Help

Water is the natural life giver of the entire universe. Without water, there can be no life, simple as that. Not surprisingly then, the same principles apply to our bodies. We can survive for weeks without eating food, yet after a couple of days without water, the human body stands a real chance of shutting […]

Best High Intensity Workout Plan For Weight Loss

Tips to Improve your Workout Intensity

Regardless of your respective training methods and desired goals set within your exercise program if there’s anything you should pay close attention to, it is to keep your workout intensity at a constant level. Top tips to pump up your workout intensity Optimum muscular build will never be realized unless your training workout reflects a […]

How to maintain your Weight Loss After Dieting

How to Help you Sustain your Weight Loss

Going shirtless can potentially be embarrassing for some people, especially if they’re not in the kind of shape which they were hoping they would be. It’s all well and good if you’ve got a set of broad shoulders, a six pack, and a lean muscular body, but if you’re flabby and overweight, you may feel […]

Blended Food Diet: is it Better For Weight Loss

Blended Food Diet - Liquid Lunch

Before you think we’re advocating a beer or cocktail instead of an actual meal, we’re not talking about alcohol. (In fact, if you’re really serious about your weight loss goals, you should consider avoiding alcohol altogether.) What we are recommending here is the idea of going on a blended food diet for a short period […]

Fasted Cardio and Weight Loss Does it Burn More Fat

Does Fasted Cardio Burn More Fat

One of the highly debated topics among fitness professionals and enthusiasts surrounds the topic of cardio training on an empty stomach. There are those who theorize that fasted cardio is a more effective means of burning calories while others are of the firm belief that cardio fasting limits the body’s ability to effectively burn calories […]

Weight Loss Tips That actually Help You

How the Way You Eat Affects Weight Loss

Unless you’re one of the more fortunate people blessed with metabolism like a blast furnace which allows them to eat as much of whatever they like, then chances are that in order to keep your weight loss under control, you need to watch what you eat. What we eat obviously has a huge effect on […]

Weight Loss Plateau: Sure Signs you need help

Tips to Break A Weight Loss Plateau or Pitfall

Dealing with weight loss plateau As I’m sure many of you can relate to, at times, losing weight can be a real struggle and extremely frustrating in some instances. The reason for this is because naturally, at some point, we’ll have to deal with plateaus times when no matter how hard we try, and how […]

Most Extreme Weight Loss Healthy Tips idea

Healthy Tips for extreme weight loss

If any of you happen to be struggling with extreme weight loss related issues, then rest assured that you’re most certainly not alone, and that there are a number of effective ways in which you can lose the weight and live a healthier, longer, and happier life as a result. Now, when it comes to […]

Meal Timing Strategy for Weight Loss

The importance of Meal Timing for Weight Loss

Meal timing is an effective strategy for weight loss. In fact, when you eat is just as important as what you eat. So how does meal timing affect weight loss. Meal timing is more effective when it is combined with other weight loss strategies such as: counting calories, eating good fats, getting enough sleep, and […]

Firm up Loose Skin Post Weight Loss with Exercises

Exercises to Firm Up Loose Skin Post Weight Loss

Loose skin resulting from weight loss is a common phenomenon generally occurring when the individual training drops a large amount of their weight at one time rather than over a prolonged period leaving the person with a bulky feeling as a result from the loose and sagging skin. As such the individual is now tasked […]

Lose Those Last Few Pounds in Your Weight Loss Plan

Lose Those Last Few Pounds in Your Weight Loss Plan

Weight loss is a journey filled with ups and downs and that last mile can be both exciting and excruciating. If you find yourself fighting and uphill battle to lose those last few pounds of fat in your weight loss plan don’t be despair. Simple tips to finish off your fat burn of those last […]

Weight Loss Calculator

How many pounds are you trying to shed? 30, 50, or more? Well the first step towards your exciting weight loss journey starts here at the weigh in. You will need to see where you are to get a good idea of where you will be going. Now keep in mind that there is no […]

Best ways to lose weight this summer

Ways to Lose Weight Health Plan

Looking for a jumpstart to lose weight this summer? Shedding off that fat is not an instant procedure, but we have come up with the best ways to speed up the process. Summer is that time of the year when great bodies and fad diets rule the internet. Losing weight is just as important to […]

Best Workout For Fat Guys Shed The Weight

Best Workout For Fat Guys Shed The Weight

Still looking up the best workout for fat guys on the internet? The uber fitness-centric world, along with the competitive social media ecosystem, makes it extremely hard for a fat guy to feel good about himself. Often times, someone on the heavier side feels uncomfortable with their body to even try and make a change. […]

Awesome Aerobic Exercises for Losing Weight

Awesome Aerobic Exercises for Losing Weight

Aerobic exercises are a fun way to lose weight and reduce that stubborn belly fat. Even regular gym-goers often get bored with the same old cardio workout routine. But by changing things up with some fun aerobic exercises that follow rhythmic beats and music that can pump your blood flow you are going to benefit […]

Top Fat Loss Workouts For Men Routine

Top Fat Loss Workouts For Men Routine

If you are searching for the best fat loss workouts for men, welcome aboard We have some exercises for fat loss solutions for you which are not as intimidating and are comparatively achievable compared to some of the crazy hard-core exercises out there. We believe that it is best when you start slow and build […]

Having Weight Gain Struggle How To Cope Mentally

how to gain weight quickly

While so many are trying to lose weight, some guys end up with a weight gain struggle no matter what they try. Losing weight is not always a concern for everybody sometimes gaining weight is. Instead, when you want the right shape or want to bulk up, weight gain and muscle gain is essential. And, […]

Fitness Apps to Lose Weight Or Bulk Up

Fitness Apps to Lose Weight Or Bulk Up

We are living in an era which requires an app for everything. Whether to order a cab or shop for groceries, and fitness apps are not far behind. There are a variety of apps available which can help you in this tedious love/hate that one has with fitness. They act as a personal trainer who […]

The Ketogenic Diet for Muscle Gain and Fat Loss

The Ketogenic Diet for Muscle Gain and Fat Loss

The Ketogenic diet has become a household name and for good reason. When it comes to building muscle and losing fat, most men seem to struggle. Building muscle is extremely difficult at the best of times. Yet building muscle while losing body fat, is darn near impossible. Most people go on a calorie deficit to lose […]

Gaining Weight Despite Eating Less

Diet Dilemma: Eating Less but Still Gaining Weight

Gaining weight is generally a big problem for many people trying to lose weight. And this can be really hard especially when you’re eating less to build the perfect body of your dreams. We understand your desire to keep your body in top shape. Hence, this article discusses this diet dilemma and how it affects […]

Fighter Workout For Fat Loss and Muscle Mass

MMA Ultimate - Fighter Workout For Men

If you have ever watched a MMA fight you know without a doubt that these guys are lean mean fighting machines. The fighters achieve those chiseled bodies and intense strength and power through discipline, mental toughness and grueling workouts. Most importantly, we have their secrets here to share with you. This MMA Ultimate Fighter Workout […]

Weight Training Workouts Principles Best Super Speed

Super Speed Weight Training Principles

Super speed weight training is high impact training routine designed to effectively utilize the technique of improving the cardiovascular body function through the weight training workout. The workout can be easily used by both beginners and advanced weight trainers to enable them to lose those excess pounds by increasing the rate of calorie burn, improve […]

Metabolism Reset – Tips to Improve Fat Loss

Metabolism Reset - Tips to Restart Your Metabolism to Improve Fat Loss

“Eat less; lose weight.” That’s how it started, this metabolism mess hundreds of thousands of Americans find themselves in. Calories in, calories out offered a simple mathematic formula for explaining why some people were heavy and some weren’t. But as we all know it’s not really that simple, is it? Replace calories from fat with […]

Losing Weight for The Over 40 Men

Losing Weight for The Over 40’

Although you’ve probably heard the saying that 40 is the new 30, one thing’s for sure, and that is the fact that once you do reach the big 4 – 0, you begin to notice subtle changes in your body and to your physique. You probably experience certain aches and pains that don’t seem to […]

Herbal Fat Burner Plan For Losing Weight Fast

Losing Fat with a Herbal Fat Burner

When it comes to weight loss sometimes all you need are mother nature’s gifts. The foundation of most medicine comes from herbs and the chemical compounds held within and it is for that reason herbal fat burner are so popular. Here are few effective and completely natural herbal fat burner that have proven themselves to […]

Weight Watchers for Men How Good Is It

Weight Watchers for Men

Let’s start with the truth. In all honesty, every weight loss program out there works, if you stick with it. And, while some recent reports have claimed that the average weight loss rate of participants as only 6 pounds over two years, Weight Watchers for men has garnered a loyal following, and enjoys mostly positive […]

Is Calorie Counting Good for Losing Weight?

Is Calorie Counting Good for Losing Weight

If you’re like millions of other people living in this world, then at some point in your lives, you either will have, or you will, experience problems with your weight. This is perfectly normal and it tends to affect far too many people unfortunately. When we’re younger, we can get away with eating and drinking […]

Sleep Deprivation Effects on Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Sleep Deprivation Effects on Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Bodybuilders have known for the last fifty years that part of avoiding the problems of over-training is done by sleeping correctly. sleep deprivation and effects fat loss muscle gain are an issue that many lifters simply overlook. It’s no wonder that on average man today in this fast paced world sleeps less than the average […]

Full Body Workout Without Weights

Ways to Workout Without Weights

In today’s world there are many individuals who do not have access to a local gym, for financial, work schedule or other reasons. Regardless of the situation, training at home without the assistance of gym equipment or workout without weights is very much a reality used by many individuals in the fitness industry. Bodybuilding and […]

How the Thermic Effect can Help you Lose Weight

How the Thermic Effect can Help you Lose Weight

Well, the summer may pretty much now be over for many of you, which means that longer nights and colder temperatures are not too far away. During the colder months of the year, many of us gain weight because we’re less active, and because we wear more clothing. During the summer we hit the gym […]

Upper Body Weight Plate Workout

Total Bodyweight Plate Workout

Interval Training today has become one of the most adopted forms of training as several trainers are slowly changing their routines from the occasionally boring cardio workout to a more intense and high impact training routine like Body weight Plate. Body weight Plate High Impact Training Most men who have preferred interval training as a […]

Dieting Mistake Why you Aren’t Loosing Weight

The Deadly Sins of Dieting

When it comes to dieting, it seems as if everybody’s an expert, despite the fact that they tend to not possess any qualifications or credentials in the slightest. Ask some people what you should do to lose weight, and they’ll be adamant that you need to avoid eating carbohydrates late in the evening before bed. […]

Circuit Training For Fat Loss And Muscle Gain

Extreme Fat Burning Weight Circuit

Several athletic trainers today have been known to routinely include weight circuit training exercises into a number of workouts as an effective and appreciable way for their recruits to embody all the features of a successful fat burning program in the shortest amount of time possible whole additionally providing a significant boost to the body’s […]

How To Lose Weight If You Hate Running

Weight Loss Workouts Without Cardio

Beginners when deciding of selecting a suitable workout to satisfy their weight loss goals are often confronted with two main training options, cardio and weight training. While there are those who will live and die by the cardio training method as the key to weight loss there are others who have in their experience and […]

The Nordic Diet the Best Way to Lose Weight

Lose Weight with the Nordic Diet

Have you heard about the nordic diet? With worldwide obesity levels recently peaking at an all-time high, it’s vital that people wake up to the damage that they’re causing their bodies. The damage that comes as a result of being overweight, and accept the fact that perhaps sometimes a little outside help is needed. Losing […]

Best Weight Training for Men’s Fitness

Importance of Weight Training for Men's Fitness

The topic of weight lifting exercises  and it’s many benefits to men has been a controversial topic within the fitness industry, social discourse and medical field. Scientific research over the years has discovered many indisputable facts concerning the health benefits associated with when you start weight training and lifting. Amazing Health Benefits of Weight Training […]

The Importance of Insurance for an Active Lifestyle

Active lifestyle

Leading an active lifestyle is important, no matter your age. Keeping fit and getting enough physical activity is actually a great way to stay healthy and reduce your risk of certain diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and even different types of cancer. But, just because you live an active lifestyle doesn’t mean you are […]

Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting Effects on Energy

Whenever we hear of the keto diet and intermittent fasting, thoughts of weight loss quickly creep into our minds. But there is more to it. These diet plans are steadily gaining popularity among the masses due to their influence on energy and sleep. All kinds of meal plans have an impact on your energy levels […]

5 Signs That You Need to See Your Doctor

5 Signs That You Need to See Your Doctor

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when it comes to your health is neglecting to see your doctor on an annual basis. Regular checkups are so important to get any potential issues resolved as soon as possible. As your body ages, it goes through several changes, and although it may be easy […]

Afterburn Effect: Post Workout Calorie Burn

Post Workout Calorie Burn Using the Afterburn Effect

The body’s natural ability to burn calories after successfully completing a workout is generally referred to as Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) or simply within the fitness industry as the popular afterburn effect. In basic terms, what EPOC means is that the metabolism rate of the human body will remain in an elevated state after […]

Men over 40 Workout Routine: 7 Best Exercises To get Fit

Balanced Weight Training for Men over 40

The saying, you are never too old to start an exercise routine, is true for weight training for men over 40. Many individuals have learned that weight training has benefited them in many ways such as boosting their metabolism rate, preventing muscle loss generally associated with inactivity, and increasing bone density and muscle mass.Men today […]

Joint Health Exercise to Help Strengthen Your Body

Joint Health and How to Strengthen your body

According to the Center for Disease Control, about 54 million Americans suffer joint health from arthritis. The condition causes inflammation in the joints which can lead to pain and stiffness. For some people, the pain from arthritis is constant. Others experience flare-ups on occasion, while others tend to get better or worse depending on external […]

How To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Simple Ways to Boost Your immune system

The immune system is one of the most sensitive and important systems in one’s body, and one that is often neglected. Many people don’t pay much attention to keeping their immunity up, but there’s no denying the fact that having a healthy immune system is a must for anyone who puts a premium on their […]

At Home Cardio Workouts You Can Do Anytime

Cardio Workouts You can Do At Home

Cardiovascular training contrary to the traditional belief does not focus entirely on running aimlessly like a hamster on a wheel. Neither does it require performing numerous reps of stair master exercises for hours on end. To debunk these myths we will show you some at home cardio workouts that are fun, effective and engaging. Top […]

Best Fitness Tips For Men To Get Results

The 11 Best Fitness Tips For Men To Get Results

11 Kick ass fitness tips for men for to take your exercise game to a new level. While you are dedicated to your routine exercise is that enough? Motivation is an important factor, but finding and using the right advice will get you started and keep you going for the long term. From beginners to […]

Healthy Eating Habits That Will Stick For a Lifetime

Healthy Eating Habits

Having a healthy lifestyle is something we all dream of but following the advice for healthy eating habits are somewhat tougher than we can imagine. In order to move from bad habits that were holding you back to good habits that turn into a lifestyle we need to have a plan with checkpoints to keep […]

Best Strength training Programs for men

The Best Strength training Programs for men

Strength training programs for men is a vital component to any fitness regimen. If you are just getting started or returning to exercise again after a long break it’s easy to get comfortable with your daily exercise routine. If you find your efforts are not leading to weight loss or muscle gain, it’s time to […]

Celebrity Personal Trainers To Inspire You

10 best-known celebrity personal trainers

Time and again we wonder how famous actors and entertainers have such flawless bodies. The secret for most is their celebrity personal trainers. These personal trainers, are not only there to offer encouragement but customize their workout plan and tailor their clients’ bodies to a specific goal. They analyze everything from food intake even down […]

tips for eating out healthy At Restaurants

Eating Out Healthy

Are you a social person yet value fitness, and are in need of tips for eating out healthy? Just because you eat healthy, that doesn’t mean you have to skip meeting up with friends or not attend personal events. Generally eating out is accompanied by food rich in high calorie. Restaurants and Delis served food […]

The Best Workouts For Men Over 50

Fit at 60 volume 2 Workouts for Men Over 50

If you have been searching for workouts for men over 50 year old you don’t have to look much further than Grant Donovan, founder of mensfitclub He reminds us that remaining fit is a choice no matter your age. At age 60 he is living proof that you can stay fit and have your best […]

Top 10 Herbs and Spices for Men’s Health

Top 10 Herbs and Spices for Men’s Health

The use of herbs and spices for men’s health and medicinal purposes has been around since our hunter/gatherer days. It’s no secret that they contain health benefits for both men and women. Modern science is just beginning to scratch the surface of the healing powers that lie waiting in some our favorite herbs and spices. […]

Are Skinny Teas just a marketing gimmick?

skinny tea

You may have come across those skinny tea ads on Instagram claiming to mellow your body fat. Did you not spot a thin girl posing with a cup of FIT Tea inspiring you to lose weight effortlessly? Many new fad diets come every year and eventually go with a lot of people not even noticing. […]

Caveman Diet: The pros and cons

basics of caveman diet

In recent years, you might have heard about the Caveman diet among your friends or family members. However, if you don’t have any idea, you are not alone. The Caveman diet is popularly known as the Paleo diet or Stone Age diet is a kind of diet in which you should not take any sugar-based […]

Posture And Technology – How Phones Are Hurting You

How technology is damaging your posture

Today’s technology-driven world has brought so many conveniences and life improvements. However, the impact of body posture and technology has been coming to light as a drawback of our new high tech world lives. Phones and laptops have opened up for what sometimes seem like limitless possibilities, from real-time communication to doing business anywhere in […]

Best Fittest Athletes Who Are The Top 7 On?

fittest athletes

Best fittest athletes, When you’re trying to get fit, world-class athletes can be a major source of inspiration. While it is highly unlikely that any of us will ever be on their level, we can all still be motivated by their dedication to their respective crafts. And this is particularly true where the best of […]

Intermittent Fasting: Risks And Benefits

Intermittent Fasting: Risks And Benefits

When talking about Intermittent fasting, it might sound too extreme for the average person. Surprisingly, Fasting has been practiced since the beginning of time itself. Moreover, our ancestors did it. If it was especially good enough for our ancestors, maybe it is good enough for us too. Intermittent fasting (IF), however, is not just fasting. […]

HIIT Workout: With The Right Supplement

HIIT Workout

Have you ever wondered why supplements so important, especially in a HIIT workout. Well supplements not only fill the clefts in your diet, or to maximize the outcomes you get from your practice, they also assist you to improve your performance in the gym significantly. If you are into performing high-intensity interval training (HIIT workouts), […]

Fitness Trackers: The Top Picks For Men To Choose From

Best Fitness Trackers for Men

Men have found another wearable for their wrist after smartwatches which is the fitness trackers. You can consider them as a reasonable alternative to the smartwatches. It is nothing but a device that provides you with various uses. You generally use it to track and monitor your sleep, heart rate and the steps you take […]

World’s Healthiest Foods To Add To Your Diet


The World’s healthiest foods comprise of the most delicious and nutrient-packed whole foods which we consume every day. We often succumb to unhealthy food options such as red meat, processed and canned foods. These do well to curb instant hunger, but when made part of everyday diet these do more harm than good. We have […]

kinesiology tape to support your injured muscles


If you have ever suffered an athletic injury or muscle fatigue, then you probably know kinesiology tape. Moreover, these kinds of injuries or pains will be a hindrance towards your mobility and performance. Even in everyday life, dealing with injuries can require a physical therapist to help you to return to your previous state. A […]

Tabata Workouts: The 9 Best Workout You Have To Try

Tabata Workouts for men

There are many high-intensity workout plans and styles and one of the most popular is the Tabata workout plan. Tabata workouts will leave you gasping and panting for oxygen, but, the benefits that come along with this intense method are endless. A great Tabata workout plan to start out has eight rounds with twenty seconds […]

Remote Working is the Career Change You May Need

Why Remote Working is the Career Change You May Need

Thinking of ditching your traditional nine to five job? Do you want more flexibility and control over your time? Then remote working may be the thing you’re looking for. As technology advances, we are being offered a host of options to work outside the confines of the office. If you’re looking to build a career […]

Celery Juice: Healthy Recipe Benefits

Celery Juice is the fad is worth your time

Celery juice has become a new hot Instagram fad with celebrities swearing by the health benefits. There are many claims wild from celebs like Kim Kardashian and Pharell Williams who rave about the weight loss, cancer-fighting, and digestive cleansing properties. You can’t resist the urge to believe that there is some legitimacy to it. So […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder How To Tell If You Have It

seasonal affective disorder

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a depression type that strikes you every year around a similar time. It generally follows a seasonal pattern. You can experience this beginning and ending with a change in seasons every year. However, just like normal depression it feeds on all of your energy and makes you sensitive to even […]

Probiotic Foods You Should Add to Your Diet

probiotic food craze

As men, we’re all looking at aging and the various illnesses that can come with it. Probiotic foods are recognized to fight against diabetes, cancer, and even heart disease. Any fermented food does the trick, as getting the results of a probiotic diet comes exclusively from the cultures of beneficial bacteria that are packed into […]

The Whole 30 Diet Plan All You Need To Know

The Whole 30 Diet Plan All You Need To Know

Are you also baffled about what the Whole 30 is? Don’t worry. As a matter of fact, we have all the info you might need regarding the same. Whole 30 is a diet plan to clean up your food habits by eliminating the food that is harmful to your health. This diet plan can offer […]

Snoring Tips Treatment To Stop It Natural

Couple tackling with snoring

One of the most common sleeping issues is snoring, which affects both men and women. However, a snoring sound is normal every now and then, but, for some people, it is a chronic condition that needs a cure. But, it can also be a body’s way of telling about an underlying health condition. When the […]

Benefits of Water: Why you Should Drink a Gallon a Day

benefits of water

The benefits of water are endless. In your quest for the answer, you will find more than 100 benefits of drinking water. It is not only vital for our survival but critically important for overall health and wellness. The first thing you are taught in school is that the human body is 60% water and […]

Hangover Remedies – Are they really beneficial?

guy recovering from hangover

Many people search for Hangover remedies and often wonder whether any of them are really effective or not? Hey let’s face it, we have all been there before, one tequila, two tequila, three tequila… floor! After a crazy night of partying you can often hear people complaining about waking up with a bad hangover the […]

Healthy Fats To Stuff In Your Gym Bag

seeds with healthy fats

You might be surprised to know that the seeds you threw away as kids are jam-packed with healthy fats? The best thing about these nutrition-rich seeds is that they make an excellent snack for your post-workout meal. They may not appeal as mouthwatering to your eyes, but these tiny seeds indeed offer many health benefits. […]

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7 Simple and Smart Healthy Habits for Men Over 40

Simple, But Smart Health Habits for 40 Year Old Men

Is 40 really the new 25? There are thousands of articles about women over 40, but what about men over 40? Men just get better, right? After all, there is scientific proof that intellectual production peaks in your 40s. If you are going to win a Nobel Prize, your major research work is done in your 40s. If […]

Military Diet: The Break Down On How It Works

effective military diet

The military diet demands people to follow a low-calorie diet for 3 days and then return to conventional eating for 4 days. Besides, across the first 3 days, the diet restrains daily calorie intake to 1,400, 1,200, and 1,100. In fact, if you have heard about a military diet, you would know that it is […]

Fitness Myths Debunked That You Probably Believe

myths and facts

The advice you take on your fitness journey matters the most. You can either benefit from accurate advice or with misguided information end up following the wrong path. Being wrongly aware can lead you to harm during workouts and intrude on the goals you set. Follow along to find out what are the popular fitness […]

Best Exercise Video to Suit your Goals

youtube exercise videos for fitness

With a single click on Instagram and Youtube, you certainly have access to each and every exercise video these days. All of these fitness channels and fitness influencers have a hold to the best tips for the perfect body. So, if you don’t feel like renewing your gym-membership and want to take your home workout […]

Are you losing muscle instead of fat?

muscle loss or fat

During weight loss workouts, most people face a common problem of losing muscle rather than losing fat. When you lose weight the breakdown of fat and muscle tissue in your body can lead to loss of muscle. This is a great drawback for you on your weight loss journey since you want to drop the […]

Drinking Habit Treatment For your Health

drinking habit of a young man

A moderate drinking habit may not harm your health but instead, provide you with notable health benefits. Your choice of beverage can be an excellent ice-breaker on social occasions and undoubtedly spike your mood. Over the years everybody must have told you how alcohol damages your body. In fact, if you come home wasted every night, […]

Lost your Fitness Motivation How To Overcome it


If you have recently started on a journey of fitness transformation and have lost your fitness motivation is a common problem. In fact, even the seasoned exercisers go through this phase. But if you want to remain fit throughout the year discipline is the key. However, when you have lost your fitness motivation is a […]

Anti Aging Tips For Men To Make You Look Younger

Anti Aging Tips For Men To Make You Look Younger

The years are flowing, and finally, you have reached a time when you are googling ‘ anti aging tips for men’ frantically! Or you are one of those few men who actually is planning to beat the time before the wrinkles creep in. In both situations, be assured, before we have your back! Although ageing […]

Inspiring Celebrity Fitness IG stories on Instagram

Top Inspirational Celebrity Fitness IG stories

Instagram has many inspiring celebrity fitness IG stories related to fitness and weight loss. In fact, there are stories of fitness and building physique spread all over the app. However, if you are looking for some motivation to hit the gym, you needn’t look far. Just log in into Instagram, feed hashtags like #fitnessinspiration, #healthyliving. […]

Macro Counting All You Need To Know


Macro counting is a way of dieting where you, also, keep a close count on the intake of micronutrients. Generally, it is the grams of nutrients (proteins, carbs, and fats, etc.) consumed and the ratio of each. Therefore, this helps you to be better aware of the food you eat and possibly make swaps for […]

Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Compliment Your Workout

Healthy breakfast to compliment your workout

Everyone should have a healthy breakfast whether you are hitting the gym early or later in the day. Breakfast foods provide your body with nutrients like iron, calcium and essential vitamins that when missed in the morning are unlikely to be consumed later in the day. Even if you are not doing your workout in […]

Fitness Resolution to Commit to this Year

Fitness resolutions to commit to this new year.

Every new year, millions of people take many resolutions and one among them is the fitness resolution. In reality a majority of people often forget these resolutions after few days or weeks. However, fitness resolution is one of the important changes that can transform your lifestyle and bring you back in shape. Therefore, we want […]

Health Benefits of Apples Why You Should Eat One a Day

The Amazing Health Benefits of Apples and Why You Should Eat One a Day

We often overlook the health benefits of apples while enjoying this delicious and nutritious wonder fruit. This favorite fruit comes packed with surprisingly healthy nourishing benefits. Eating a single apple every day can protect us against heart, stomach, liver disorders. Apples do not contain fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Instead, potassium, vitamin C, some Vitamin B, […]

The Top Workout Finishers to Increase Fat Burn

The Top Workout Finishers to Increase Fat Burn

Top workout finishers to increase fat burn. Workout finishers are the final hit on the nail. In fact, when done right, they bring out the maximum potential of growth for burning fats effectively. Dripping and sweating after running on the treadmill, these finishers use even the last ounce of energy left in you. Likewise, they […]

Best Appetite Suppressant To Control Hunger

Can You Use Coffee as an Appetite Suppressant?

An appetite suppressant can help a great deal in quickly losing weight. There are plenty of weight loss products you can find on the market. Coffee is one such natural product. Aside from being a morning pick me up many people find it to be a powerful appetite suppressant. Although caffeine may promote weight loss, […]

Top Low Carb Fruits and Vegetables For Your Keto Diet

Top 10 Low Carb Fruits and Vegetables to Eat on the Keto Diet

The Keto diet is a globally popular diet plan where people eat low carb fruits and vegetables along with high protein and fat content foods to manage weight. In the ketogenic diet, it is recommended to keep carbohydrate intake below 30g every day. Following a new diet like this is not a simple process, as […]

Is White Rice Healthy for You and Why

Is White Rice Healthy for You, and Why More Athletes Prefer it Over Brown Rice

Is white rice healthy or not is a question that many ask when putting together a healthy meal plan. It is no surprise that athletes go through a rigorous exercise and health regime to gain their physical proficiency. Even though physical exercise constitutes a significant part of it, dietary habits also contribute significantly towards this. […]

Top Must Have Men’s Colognes Of The Season

Top Must Have Men's Colognes Of The Season

Men’s Colognes can undoubtedly play a powerful role in a man’s day to day life. A powerful masculine cologne contains all the notes and tones and leaves a pleasant first impression when you get it right.  From tobacco to leather, let us take a look at some of the most classic and powerful Men’s Colognes. Colognes every […]

Energy Balance:How to Achieve And Maintain It

How to Maintain a Healthy Energy Balance

You hear the phrase energy balance and chances or you may not be aware of what it means. It is not a term you hear every day. So let us fill you in the secret. Energy balance is a balance that the body maintains between the energy consumed and the energy burned. This balance can […]

Sleepless Nights: How to Overcome Them

Top Causes of Sleepless Nights and How to Overcome Them

Sleepless nights can be one of the most frustrating things you can have as an adult. Imagine slogging through the day at work. Then you come home beat and tired, only to stare at the ceiling trying to manifest sleep. Even a day of disturbed or no sleep can leave you strained and grumpy for the entire […]

How Much Cardio Exercise Should You Do?

How Much Cardio Exercise Should You Do?

Many people value cardio exercise for its huge influence on heart and lung health. There is, no doubt, the big question of how much cardio is necessary. I often hear people ask, “How much cardio should I do per week?” “How long should I do cardio to burn fat?” “How much cardio should I do […]

Health And Еxеrсiѕе Tiрѕ Tо Enhance Your Fitness

10 Sесrеt Health and Еxеrсiѕе Tiрѕ Tо Еnhаnсе Уоur Fitnеѕѕ

Health and Еxеrсiѕе Tiрѕ may seem a dime a dozen these days. However, Sееn аgаinѕt thе bасkgrоund оf mоdеrniѕаtiоn аnd tесhnоlоgiсаl advancements which add to our sedentary lives and keep us indoors for longer amounts of time. Thе ѕignifiсаnсе of maintaining уоur bоdу аnd mind has gаinеd аn unрrесеdеntеd аmоunt of importance and attention today […]

Obliques Exercises to Build Core Strength

Best Exercises to Build Your Obliques and Firm Your Core

To develop a strong and stable core, you need to add some exercises to build obliques for a firm core to your routine. And though many people overlook them in their training, the obliques are just as important as any other muscle in the core. That’s because strong obliques make you more athletic and better […]

Beta-Ecdysterone What’s The Benefits

The Amazing Benefits of Beta-Ecdysterone

Beta-ecdysterone is a compound that we extract from certain plants, some animals that live in water, and insects. Its structure is similar to that of anabolic steroids such as the hormone testosterone. Alongside three other compounds, beta-ecdysterone is part of a category of compounds that have been studied extensively for their biological effects. Now, what’s […]

Healthy Sleep Tips To Improve Mental Clarity

Best Foods to Promote Healthy Sleep

When it comes to health, fitness, and general well-being, many people tend to overlook the sheer importance of healthy sleep patterns and just how beneficial a good night’s sleep can actually be on the body. Studies have found that people that sleep for less than seven hours a night, are up to 60% more likely […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Diet Plan for Bodybuilding

Arnold Schwarzenegger Diet Plan for Bodybuilding

Arnold Schwarzenegger is still in good physcial condition today and there is a very good reason why. When science was saying that we had to eat meat three times a day to lose fat and gain muscle Arnold and other bodybuilders were the first to realize that nature could make foods a lot more digestible […]

High Calorie Fat Burning Workouts interval training

High Calorie Fat Burning Workouts

Looking for new fat burning workouts to shed pounds while still building muscle? Some of the most effective means of fast calorie burning is with high impact cardiovascular workout. This method is similar to traditional cross-training routines which often burning an excess of five hundred calories in as short a time as thirty minutes. Many of […]

How Many Daily Calories Should You Eat – The Basics

How Many Daily Calories Should You Eat - The Basics

Trying to figure out how many daily calories you should consume along with the right amount of exercise can be exhausting. Thе basics are thаt if you wаnt tо lоѕе wеight, you hаvе to burn more calories than уоu consume. Thаt’ѕ it. It dоеѕn’t mаttеr how уоu dо it, аѕ long аѕ you do it. […]

Decreased Immune System And Reasons Why

Reasons You Might Have a Decreased Immune System

Are you one of those people who seems to get a cold every month or get the flu a couple of times a year? If you are, it might be a sign that your body’s immune system isn’t working as well as it should to help defend itself from viruses, germs and the like. During […]

6 Pack Abs Workout How to get a Six Pack abs Fast

Exercises tо Get 6 Pack Abs Fast

Rеаdу tо get 6 расk аbѕ vеrу quickly? Thеn rеаd оn fоr the bеѕt exercises tо gеt 6 pack abs fast. The grеаt thing about mоѕt аbѕ exercises is that they саn be dоnе at home in уоur ԛuеѕt tо mold the perfect 6 pack abs. Thе fоllоwing home аbѕ exercises will help you tо wоrk […]

Wеight Lоѕѕ Supplement for Mеn Ovеr 40

Wеight Lоѕѕ Supplement for Mеn Ovеr 40

If you are looking fоr thе bеѕt wеight lоѕѕ supplement fоr mеn оvеr 40, you аrе not аlоnе. In thе US, about 1 out оf еvеrу 3 реорlе are оbеѕе, аnd the number is highеr if you аlѕо соunt thе folks whо are оvеrwеight оr diѕѕаtiѕfiеd with thеir weight. Thе good news is thаt with […]

Prescription Drug Abuse: Symptoms and Treatment

Prescription Drug Abuse: The Symptoms and Treatment of Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is a serious threat that often is a silent problem until it becomes too late. It is estimated that close to 9 million Americans are currently abusing prescription drugs today and that an estimated 30,000 people will die from prescription drug overdose this year. Prescription drug abuse is intentional use of a prescription drug […]

How To Trim Nose Hair With A Trimmer

Nose Hair - The Nose Knows

Men nose hair, On a recent sitcom, one character quipped that another didn’t trim his nose hair because he was short and didn’t think people could see up there. While most of us got a good laugh out of that moment, a few of us should have taken it as a wake-up call. Long or […]

Manicure Reason Why Men Should Get It Least One

Man-i-cure - A Manicure for Men

“Nice hands,” isn’t a compliment most men hear very often. Manicure is one of the top five things women notice when they meet someone new. Ladies often say they can tell a lot about a man by his hands, and it’s true. Why You Should Try a Manicure for Men Dirty nails, ragged fingers, and […]

CrossFit Workouts You can do at Home

CrossFit Workouts You can do at Home

CrossFit workouts at home for strength building, high impact, and fast calorie burning training routine that have been quickly sweeping the health and fitness industry all over the world. In fact many people today have credited their weight loss and newly found discipline to this training workout. How to do CrossFit Workouts at Home Many […]

Bariatric Surgery Understanding The Risk

Understanding Bariatric Surgery

From Star Jonesto Al Roker, we’ve all seen first hand the wonders of bariatric surgery. A small surgical intervention and suddenly a life-long battle with weight literally vanishes. What started as a last-chance intervention for the morbidly obese is now working its way into a more mainstream audience with variations on the surgery that are making it more accessible […]

How Vitamin C can Help you Add Lean Muscle

How Vitamin C can Help you Add Lean Muscle

As the bodybuilding supplement market is so lucrative and competitive, it should come as little shock to learn, that supplements can play a crucial role in enhancing one’s physique, and adding lean muscle mass to your frame. When you think of bodybuilding and muscle building supplements, you probably think of all of the usual and […]

How to Pair Wine with Food Guide

How to Pair Wine with Food

Some things in life are just meant to be, and go together hand in hand with one another like when you pair wine with food (metaphorically speaking of course). Salt and pepper, eggs and bacon, garlic and ginger, and so on… Sometimes in life however, the pairings we come across aren’t quite as obvious and […]

Tension Relief: How Drinking Tea Can Help With Stress

Tea for Tension Relief

For many people who are exposed to a stressful environment either at the workplace or at home many a time have found comfort and relief in a variety of teas known for their tension relief attributes used for calming the nerves and promoting better health. How Tea Can Help with Tension Relief The mint tea […]

Progressive Overload Training to Stimulate Muscle Growth

Progressive Overload Training

Progressive overload training was developed for the rehabilitation of injured soldiers after World War II by a Dr. Thomas Delorme. The training is often viewed as the exposure of the body to a gradual stress increase over a period of time during the training exercise. Today this training principle has been widely adopted by fitness […]

How to Use Cheat Meals in Your Diet

How to Use Cheat Meals in Your Diet

Extreme diets are generally rooted in failure due to the body being deprived from fat and carbohydrates for too much of an extended period of time. Such deprivation will only result in the body developing natural and intense cravings for cheat meals for these foods. On occasion a person will feel an uncontrollable nudge which […]

Is My Workout Too Easy? 3 Tell All Signs

Is your Workout Too Easy

As far as overall health and fitness is concerned, you simply cannot overlook regular physical exercise in conjunction with a healthy and balanced diet in order to yield optimal results. Working out should be a fun and enjoyable activity and pastime that you actually look forward to, rather than dread. The great thing about exercising […]

The Keto Diet – What is it and Does it Work?

Ketogenic diet

Ketogenic diets are all the rage, and for good reason. You see, losing weight and building/preserving lean muscle mass is tough. In fact, calling it tough is like saying that running a marathon is a bit challenging. What we should say is that it’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. For […]

How Often Should You Cycle Your Training

How to Cycle Your Training

Have you ever been on a weight training routine but notice that after a while gains in strength or muscle mass seem to grind to a halt? This happens because your body somehow seems to adapt to that routine and you don’t quite get the type of improvement you are seeking. It’s time to learn […]

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How Meditation Techniques can Improve Your Fitness

How Meditation Techniques can Improve Your Level of Fitness

Taking a traditionally Eastern approach to health and fitness techniques is rapidly becoming a popular novelty within Western countries during the last few years. One of these specific practices includes the use of meditation techniques to cultivate and increase energy levels within the body. One of these techniques used is a Chinese meditation known as […]

Giant Sets To Build Muscle Mass Gains

Giant Sets Workout Hybrid Circuit Training for Max Gains and Fat Shred

The giant sets workout is perfect for both beginners and professionals looking to achieve an effective long-lasting weight loss and muscle gain results.  Many are increasingly aware that methods involving maintaining a strict diet coupled with the aerobic workout are highly ineffective without implementing the proper weight training program. Giant Sets to Help you Gain […]

Paleo Diet: Why Is It So Effective And Is It Healthy

Why the Paleo Diet is so Effective

Let’s face it, everywhere we look there’s some advertisement or another, celebrity endorsed faddy diet in our faces, promising that if we stick with it for at least a few days, we can drop around 20 or 30 lbs of bodyweight, while increasing our lean muscle mass and feeling great in the process. Needless to […]

Foods to Remove from your Refrigerator Today

Foods to Remove from your Refrigerator Today

Foods you should remove from your refrigerator. When it comes to eating, it’s safe to say that the majority of us men, enjoy this activity quite a lot. Unfortunately, when it comes to getting fitter and healthier, unless you make very smart choices, what you eat can actually slow down and hinder your weight loss […]

Best Cardio Workouts Plan to Melt Away Fat

Cardio Workouts to Melt Away Fat

One of the most essential factors to maintaining a healthy body and physique is some forms of cardo exercise maintaining a good cardio workouts to increase the body’s energy output, enhance the rate of metabolism, improve recovery and burn those excess calories to improve weight loss. Cardio workouts can melt away fat loss Top Cardio […]

Cybergenics Workout Program For Muscle Gain

The Cybergenics Workout

A typical cybergenic workout plan will include high intensity training consisting of a number of exercises complemented with several nutritional supplements. Providing you with a challenging and rewarding fitness experience. Most of these workouts are designed to severely train the muscle tissues while lowering the active recovery times by introducing a variety of dietary supplements. […]

Eating Strategies to Blast Away Unwanted Fat

Eating Strategies to Blast Away Unwanted Fat

If you’re like most guys out there, you’ll know full well just how difficult it can actually be to lose weight and achieve the body of your dreams, or even simply a healthy BMI for that matter. Beer and alcohol tends to taste good, as well as pizza, burger, and other fast foods and junk […]

Meal Timing to Better Fuel your Workout

Meal Timing to Better Fuel your Workout

Meal timing to better fuel your workout. Have you ever had days where no matter how much you want to, you simply cannot find the energy to really push yourself and power through your workouts? If so, you’re most certainly not alone as everyday it is a constant battle for many of us simply forcing […]

Abdominal Exercise Myths Debunked

Abdominal Exercise Myths

The fitness industry today with respect to achieving the perfect abs is so revolutionized that not only are there countless of television ads on local and international stations about the latest exercise machines available for purchase to magically reveal your six pack often with a minimal amount of effort but additionally has managed to conceive […]

5 Signs you Should Change your Workout Routine

Signs you Should Change your Workout

Most beginners when starting an exercise program to improve their overall physical health, and or weight loss will often do so with a high level of enthusiasm and great expectation occasionally seen getting out of bed early, arriving to the gym on time on a daily basis pumped with motivation and vigor. However over time […]

Muscle Building Workout Basic Principles

Basic Principles of Building Muscle

Individuals regardless of their race, nationality and size all share the same physiology and anatomy. However each person born of varying linages have been exposed to different conditions during their existence resulting in generational traits being handed down to descendants making each person develop a tolerance to some things and not the other. This existing […]

How Good Is Creatinol O-Phosphate (COP)

How Good Is Creatinol O-Phosphate

Creatinol O-Phosphate is a new supplement designed to aid in strength training, endurance and drastically decrease recovery times while helping you to push your body to its limits. Take your workout to the next level with Creatinol O-Phosphate! Good creatinol o-phosphate cop What is Creatinol O-Phosphate? Creatinol O-Phosphate’s chemical compound is N-methyl-N-(beta-hydroxyethyl) guanidine O-phosphate. It […]

Power Lifters vs. Bodybuilders – what’s the difference?

Power Lifters vs. Bodybuilders

Many people don’t understand the vast differences of power lifters vs. bodybuilders. For starters, bodybuilding is generally observed as a round the clock workout routine used by professional bodybuilders and trainers to effectively utilize strength and cardiovascular fitness training to achieve muscular mass and tone. Maintaining a strict diet is a critical component observed more […]

Bad Relationship Habits That Can Harm Your Health

Four Ways Your Relationship can Harm Your Health

They say that your relationship status can help to improve your health from helping to reduce your chances for becoming ill to living a longer life. However, what they don’t say is that just like a relationship can help your health a bad one (or rather parts of a relationship) can do just as much […]

Active Recovery Workout Routine – Ultimate Guide

Active Recovery Post Workout

The term active recovery post workout otherwise known as AR is used in the weight and fitness industry as the engaging in a series of low-frequency workout routines after each workout. These exercises are generally done during the cool-down phase immediately after a successful workout or can be used in itself as a workout program […]

Strength Training Workout Benefit why its important

Balancing your Fitness Training with Strength Training

When you are starting any total body training program it is important to balance your general fitness with strength training workout to ensure you are getting the most out of your exercise. Before we discuss some of the specific methods recommended to help you balance your weights and cardio there are a few main components […]

Essential Fatty Acids: Add More Into your Diet

Simple ways of Getting more Essential Fatty Acids Into your Diet

Let’s face it, most of our diets could use a little work, and that’s putting things politely. A good percentage of us are guilty of consuming too much processed junk, too much beer and alcohol, and not nearly enough healthy and beneficial nutrients that nourish the body and promote weight loss, health, and general well-being. […]

Interval Training Workouts Most Benefits

Effective Interval Training Workout

The interval training workout is seen as a cardiovascular physical training routine which involves an occasional alterations in the intensity usually beginning with a low frequency workout and ending with a high intensity exercise with specific rest periods in-between. Most fitness enthusiasts have found it to be quite effective by including a high intensity exercise […]

Flat Abs Exercises to Give you that flat Stomach

Moves to Give you Flat Abs

Moves to give you flat abs, The key to achieving a flat abs lies in strength training. This is primarily due to the fact that you needs to train your abs much more than the typical sit-ups and crunches to attain those solid six pack abs and flat stomach. One needs to emphasize their focus […]

Avoid Diet Temptation And Resist Eating Unhealthy Food

How to Resist Diet Temptation

Whether you are on a diet in order to lose fat and gain muscle or you are on a diet to get healthier and improve your cholesterol reading and lower your blood pressure it all comes down to diet temptation and will power. The experts say that when something has been repeated 42 times it […]

Lose your Gut With These Basic Guide

A Basic Guide to Help Lose your Gut

Sick and tired of having to constantly buy bigger sized clothing as your current items appear to be getting tighter and tighter on your body then lose your gut. Unfortunately, no matter how much you try to convince yourself, they aren’t shrinking in the wash and it is instead you that are getting bigger and […]

Ways Jumping Rope Can Suppress your Hunger

Suppress your Hunger by Jumping Rope

Ever have one of those days where you simply just want to eat everything in sight? You could very well be watching your weight, but hunger could creep up on you so fast, that before you know it, you’re up to your neck eating burgers and pizzas. Rather than simply throwing in the towel and […]

Muay Thai Workout The Ultimate Training

The Muay Thai Workout

The word “Muay-Thai” when translated to the English language effectively means the art of Eight Limbs, or Thai Boxing. The sport has often been referred to as one of the most brutal combative stand-up martial arts sports using a combination of powerful kicks, and punches using the feet, elbows, knees and even the forehead the […]

Best Hybrid Training Exercises for Muscle Growth

The Best Hybrid Training Exercises for Muscle Growth

The key to hybrid training is based on the workout to actively combine several movements into one single repetition during the workout. One fitting example of hybrid training exercises for muscle growth is known as the Olympic clean and jerk exercise which combines, the deadlift, the upright row, the reverse curl, the front squat, and […]

Are Hunger Genes Causing you to be Fat

Are "Hunger Genes" Causing you to be Fat

It was recently suggested in a health magazine, that hunger genes commonly referred to as DNA mutations were solely responsible for almost if not every instance of low metabolism rates, daily cravings, and overeating disorders resulting in a person’s severe overweight. What are hunger genes and do you have them? Are your hunger genes causing […]

Boost your Testosterone With These Naturally Tips

8 Ways you Can Boost your Testosterone Naturally

When a man begins to experience symptoms including loss of sex drive, depressed moods, lack of concentration, memory loss, and erectile dysfunction; low testosterone levels are generally to blame and it is suggested that you boost your testosterone levels and be tested as soon as possible to determine the direct causes of your symptoms. Top […]

Exercise Training Tips You Should Add to Your Routine

Training Tips of Champions

There is a vast amount of information one can find with respect to specific exercise training tips of champion to successfully build stamina, muscle mass, flexibility and even weight loss and workout motivation. However the truth is, there is no magic formula available to attain the set goals to improve a person health and strength. […]

Superset Workout Routine For Mass

The Superset Workout Routine

There are several ways to effectively structure exercise sets for a workout routine. One of those methods used by many fitness professionals today is the superset workout routine for men. How to use the superset workout method to amp up your workout This superset workout routine for men specifically involves doing one set of a […]

How Music Improves your Workout

How Workout Music Can Enhance your Workout

We have all at some point been exposed to music during our workout. Whether it’s listening to the iPod during our daily walk or jogging or at home doing the chores while playing the stereo to our favorite jam. Now scientific research has confirmed that music improves your workout and enhances the performance and endurance […]

Intermittent Fasting: What Are The Benefits?

Does Intermittent Fasting Work

Intermittent fasting as the name suggests involves fasting at intermittent periods of time and gradually incorporating those times into a daily routine and lifestyle. The specified times can either by two to three times each week to three to four hours on a daily basis. Men’s Guide to intermittent fasting Intermittent fasting has and is […]

Does Body Fat Scale Really Work?

Does your Body Fat Scale Really Work

The body fat scale although quite similar to the regular bathroom scale boasts an additional feature of not only weighing your overall body weight but also reported to provide an accurate reading of your body fat percentage. How well does your body fat scale work? This feature is extremely useful when determining your body’s composition […]

Circuit Training: The Perfect Workout Routine

The Benefits of Circuit Training

Circuit training is popularly seen as the average workout program combining fitness training with a cardiovascular workout. The circuit training exercises utilizes a method involving weight or resistance training to effectively achieve the maximum workout within the shortest time possible. How Circuit Training can take you to the next level Highly recommended for people who […]

How To Develop A V Taper With These Exercises

Exercises to Help Build a V Taper

Ever notice how guys, who train, always seem to have wider backs? Backs which seem to resemble a V shape. This is known as a V taper back, and helps to really make a physique extremely aesthetically pleasing. It’s referred to in this manner, because not surprisingly, it resembles a V shape, rather than just […]

Seafood in Your Diet Gives You Great Health Benefits

Four Benefits of Increasing Seafood in Your Diet

It’s probably safe to say that the average Joe’s diet leaves a lot to be desired. With fast food outlets popping up everywhere, as well as the convenience stores stocking more and more junk food, it’s no wonder that worldwide obesity levels are at an all-time high. For a heather lifestyle you my want to […]

Workout Recovery Plan Step by Step That Works

Post Workout Recovery Tools

Way to go man. You hit the gym today, and you hit it hard. Now what happens? We all know that the way muscle is built is by lifting weights (tearing down muscle fibers) and then giving said muscle adequate time to rest and rebuild (recovery). But what’s a guy to do when an otherwise […]

Get More Natural Creatine In Your Diet

Get More Natural Creatine In Your Diet

Whether you want more endurance, bulk, or speed, you’ve no doubt heard about the benefits of creatine. Supplements abound, and they can help boost your body’s natural supply (creatine is produced naturally in the body). Of course, it is important to stick to recommended doses so as not to tax your kidneys or start retaining […]

Vitamin Deficiencies That are Incredibly Good for you

Preventing and Treating Vitamin Deficiencies

Because of fortified breads, cereals, milk products, and the common use of vitamin supplements in the United States, major mineral and vitamin deficiencies are rare. However, they do happen. And even deficiencies that aren’t severe can cause health problems. How to Curb Vitamin Deficiencies for Better Health How Vitamin Deficiencies affect your health Anemia, a […]

Plyometrics Exercises to Increase Explosive Power

Personal Plyometrics

The extra “oomph” that comes from the explosive movements in plyometrics exercises can ramp up weight loss, build lean muscle, and increase strength and endurance. We’ll show you a few do-anywhere moves to incorporate plyo into your everyday routine.If you’ve read our previous articles on plyometrics and metabolic training, then you’re already aware of the […]

Anabolic Cooking: Great Plan or Scam?

Anabolic Cooking: Great Plan or Scam

Anabolic cooking, Let’s face it, when it comes to bodybuilding and health and fitness, you probably don’t need anybody to tell you that diet and nutrition is extremely important. What you may not have realized however, is exactly how important they really are. Obviously diet and nutrition are vitally important if you’re looking to build […]

Exercises for Back Pain Relieve That works

Best Exercises for Back Pain

One of the most common and nagging complaints among adults is the dreaded back pains. Often seen as the result from muscle injury, or strain and overuse. Available treatment remedies can allow the average person suffering with this condition to remain active for only a specific period of time as repeated instances and recurring back […]

Sleep Naked: Reason Why Everyone Should

Why You Should Sleep Naked

For thousands of years man slept in caves, under trees, and in prairies completely nude. Why? Mainly because they didn’t have clothes. Today although we have pjs, boxers, and maybe even a few tighty-whiteys in between our sheets and our skin most rarely sleep naked. Is there any scientific evidence to support the claims of […]

How to Get Ripped Physique With Your Workout Plan

Seeing the Changes In Your Physique

When most people see a bodybuilder with a ripped physique the one of the first questions that comes to mind is“So, what’s your body fat percentage?” Quite frankly most don’t know and really don’t care. Should you ask a bodybuilder about his physique. The same way the judges at a bodybuilding show don’t ask you, […]

The Beetroot Test for Better Digestive Health

Benefits of Beet Root Juice

The beetroot test for better digestive health is one example of how our culture has developed an obsession with health and nutrition over recent decades. From fitness and muscle training to buying only organic foods, many of us are determined to focus on our health and fitness rather than become part of an epidemic statistic. […]

What is Causing Your Belly Fat is it Bad Habits

Bad Habits that Are Causing Your Belly Fat

Pick up any magazine at the newsstand and “exercises for a flat belly” or some other catchy byline will jump out from the cover, it seems that still in this modern technology era we are still after the quick fix. It’s time to separate the myths from the facts and tell the details of the […]

Hybrid Workout Program To Build Muscle Strength

What is a Hybrid Workout

Research has now shown us that the only way to get solid gains in muscle and strength is by the correct combination of volume as well as strength training also known as a hybrid workout program. When we talk about volume training we are generally talking about the amount of repetitions that you are doing […]

Fun Fat Burning Cardio Workout Tips

Fun Fat Burning Cardio Ideas

There is a common problem amongst fitness fanatics; with the majority of us men tending to focus on resistance training and shying away from fun fat burning cardio workout but then wonder why our fat loss goals have halted or become non-existent. Many people see cardio as a chore and boring, with little stimulation but […]

The Spark Solution Diet – What it is and Does it Work?

The Spark Solution Diet – What it is and Does it Work

Unless you happen to be one of the more fortunate individuals living on this planet, the type of person blessed with fantastic genetics and a metabolism that allows you to eat as much of whatever you want without gaining a pound, then there’s a good chance that your weight is something that will cause you […]

Cardio Acceleration Workout To Burn Fat

The Basics of the Cardio Acceleration Workout

If you like the idea of changing your body in only six weeks then there are two basic things that need to be changed to get that affect. The new program has to include cardio acceleration combined with weights that creates an intensive HIIT (high intensity interval training) program. Cardio acceleration that can change your […]

HCG Diet An In-Depth Look at the Diet

An In-Depth Look at the HCG Diet

Let’s face it, in general, the human race are getting fatter and fatter, and unhealthier and unhealthier on seemingly daily basis, evident in the fact that worldwide obesity levels are at an all-time high, and life expectancies are actually becoming shorter, rather than longer what we need is for more people to start exercising and  […]

The 5:2 Diet: What is it, and Does it Work?

The 5:2 Diet: What is it, and Does it Work

Many of us unfortunately have a pretty unhealthy relationship with food. We tend to favor foods that are rich in fats, sugars, additives, flavorings, and preservatives, and shy away from fresh, natural, and healthy foods. Not surprisingly a great deal of people all over the world often struggle with their weight which is why worldwide […]

Whole Body Vibration Before And After Training

Does Vibration Training Actually Work

Products involving vibration training which have often claimed to increase our health, build strength and improve performance without requiring any real effort warrants us to have a long, close and hard look. What is Vibration Training and How can it work for you? Back Injuries Nonetheless there has been numerous studies supporting the use of […]

L-Citrulline Amazing Health Benefits

The Amazing Health Benefits of L-Citrulline

When it comes to our health and well-being, you obviously don’t need us to tell you just how beneficial health supplements can actually be when helping us to promote overall health and well-being. The supplement industry is one of the most competitive and lucrative industries on the entire planet, which means that finding the right […]

Eggs Benefits that Improve Your Heart Health

Eat Eggs to Improve Heart Health

Did you know Eating eggs can improve heart health. Over the last few decades, eggs have received a great deal of undeserved negative press, and for that reason it’s about time things were cleared up once and for all. Many years ago, there were reports that eggs raised cholesterol levels, which people thought was a […]

Strength Training vs. Body Building the Eternal Debate

Strength Training vs. Body Building – the Eternal Debate

The argument – and confusion — over what strength training vs. bodybuilding actually encompass, and which is better or how they’re different is complicated. This discussion dates back to the beginning of the sports themselves. Fact is, though they may have some superficial similarities, bodybuilding is completely different than weight training, with completely different techniques […]

Micro Workouts Exercises Routines

Effective Micro Workouts

Micro workouts today have become somewhat of a seemingly popular novelty as a vast number of fitness and health professionals today are constantly encouraging more and more people to get involved in this type of workout. The micro workouts exercises is frequently seen as an ideal and preferred option for the busy individual who is […]

High Fructose Corn Syrup: The Truth About the Benefit

The Truth About High Fructose Corn Syrup

A few years ago, nutrition experts unleashed more than a little rage on high fructose corn syrup – the sweetener found in everything from sodas and juices to baked goods and pasta sauce. Then, the Corn Refiners Association decided to fight back. They launched a beautiful campaign with vivid green and gold fields of corn, […]

Hardgainers Workout Routine Plan That Works

Proven Exercises for HardGainers

Getting buff for some men have always been much more difficult to achieve than others. Such men are generally referred to as “hardgainers.” Being a hardgainer however does not mean that you should stop chasing your goals of acquiring the perfect physique. Nor is it a life sentence filled with frustrating workouts that never seem […]

Vegetarian And you are Unhealthy

Vegetarian AND Unhealthy

File under who knew, but a surprising number of  vegetarian are unhealthy and actually overweight, suffer from high blood pressure, early heart disease, and even type 2 diabetes – ailments typically associated with those of us that eat meat. Can a vegetarian be unhealthy an over weight? Many people assume that going vegetarian is a […]

B12 Deficiency Causes and Treatment for Your Body

Causes and Treatment for a B12 Deficiency

Back in the 1970s and 1980s regular injections of B12 Deficiency were all the rage amongst health enthusiasts. Today, the practice has fallen out of popularity, but perhaps without good cause. As we, and our entire population, continues to age, the reality is that we all become less effective at absorbing and processing B12. It’s […]

High-intensity Interval Training Benefits (HIIT)

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

It all started with a study that was first done at Birmingham University in the UK but since then there have been many studies getting the same results. It all has to do with the correct use of high intensity interval training (HIIT) which shows conclusively that you get all the benefits with only 12 […]

Best Cardio Workouts For Beginners

Cardio – How Much is Too Much

There’s no disputing that cardio is an essential component of any total-body fitness regime. It boosts metabolism, strengthens the heart and lungs, improves endurance, promotes lean muscle,and burns excess fat like few other activities can. Guid to determine the right amount of cardio for your workout But (and yes, there’s always a but)… over-dedication to […]

Chelation Therapy – Is it the Answer?

Chelation Therapy – Is it the Answer

A few years ago, actor, Jeremy Piven put a voice to the idea that environmental toxins are making us sick… very sick. The stage and screen star underwent chelation therapy for what was believed to be mercury poisoning – which he accredited to overconsumption of tuna and other fish known to carry high levels of […]

Personalize Your Workout by Somatotyping

Personalize Your Workout by Somatotyping

Any good personal trainer when they meet a potential client for the first time needs to first explain what genetic predisposition the person has. This is called somatotyping which puts your body into a category that explains the lean muscle to fat distribution that you have genetically. Build your workout around Somatotyping The Endomorph Endomorphs […]

4 Best Pool Workouts Exercises for Men

Intense Pool Workouts for Men

Think pool workouts are just for swimmers or old ladies doing jazzercise think again. Professional athletes like NFL and NBA players have been known to hit the pool for cross training, low impact speed and strength training and injury rehab to name a few. So pool workouts for weight loss or to help relieve some […]

Tea And The Aging Process How It Can Slow it Down

Aging to a Tea

Many colors, many formulations, many ways to turn back the clock on aging Tea is one of nature’s true miracle foods for fighting both the internal and external signs of growing older. Each variety offers different benefits – and they’re available whether you’re drinking brewed tea or you’re taking advantage of extracts in body creams, […]

Increase Your Energy the Safe and Natural Ways

Safe and Natural Ways to Increase Your Energy

Safe and natural ways to increase your energy. With today’s busy, demanding schedules, periods of low energy are almost a given. There are dozens of products on the market that tout their ability to increase your energy. However, their safety and effectiveness is often unproven and unregulated. Fortunately, there are some natural, easy, and safe […]

How to Maintain Muscle Mass When Injured

How to Maintain Muscle Mass While Injured

For the professional athlete and gym goer suffering from a physical injury working out at anything less than their full potential is never fulfilling. Seriously guys, who really wants to sit around the house just waiting for their injuries to heal not being able to push your training efforts to reach new set goals. Not […]

Waistline Exercise Tips for Trim Obliques

Tips for Trimming your Waistline

Take a look at these tips for trimming your waistline. If you’re looking to get yourself in shape, so you can take off your shirt with a lean, tanned, ripped, muscular physique as opposed to a pasty flabby one, then starting with your body fat is a great place to begin. Unless you’re one of […]

Metabolic Damage While dieting how to avoid it

How to Avoid Metabolic Damage

When it comes to losing weight, burning fat, and providing our bodies with enough energy to get them through the day, you may or may not know that our metabolisms are responsible for all of these processes, and many more for that matter as well. Our metabolisms basically take calories and existing body fat stores, […]

Healthy Fast Food Lunches on the Go

Healthy Fast Food Lunches on the Go

The words ‘healthy’ and ‘fast food’ generally don’t appear in the same sentence as one another all that often, but even so, just because something is classed as being “fast food” this doesn’t automatically make it all unhealthy. It’s unfair to tar everything with the same brush, so to speak, meaning that just because something […]

Intermittent Fasting vs Alternate Day Fasting

Intermittent Fasting vs Alternate Day Fasting

When it comes to our bodies, many of us are probably not quite in the shape that we wish we were, and if we had the choice, we’d drop a few pounds of fat, maybe more, and would replace it with lean muscle instead. Now, as far as losing fat is concerned, generally speaking, a […]

Best Belly Fat Workout Men Exercise

Moves that Make Your Belly Fat Disappear

Most people wanting to lose a few pounds of belly fat are often willing to literally starve themselves or take a range of overpriced and sometimes useless supplements promising them the perfect physique in a three weeks. But a few exercise moves can make belly fat disappear. Top Belly Fat Shredding Tips and Exercises Luckily […]

Best Body Recomposition Workouts

The Total Body Re-Composition Workout

Most men who have a love for automobiles will often express their love and great admiration for cars built by German engineering. Fitness enthusiasts today have been found sharing a similar love for German ingenuity through the scientist Hala Ramble who introduced the world to probably the best Total Body Recomposition Workout experienced in the […]

Fiber in your Diet Is Great For Your Heart

The Importance of Fiber in your Diet

As far as our general health, fitness, and overall well-being is concerned, it can’t be denied that our diets play a crucial role in determining just how healthy, or unhealthy, we actually are. Most of us simply aren’t eating enough healthy and beneficial ingredients, and unfortunately our health is paying the price. One food source […]

Digestion Tips for a Heather Body Function

Get Things Moving with Great Digestion

Ask any new parent and they’ll tell you they spend a shocking amount of time focused on their baby’s bowel movements. They’ll laugh uncomfortably, but then they’ll admit, they do it because it’s an indicator digestion in the body is working as it is supposed to. As adults, we tend to monitor our bathroom habits […]

High Volume Training For Muscle Growth

Get Chiseled with Two a Day High Volume Workout

Professional gym trainers in their strength training have often stressed the vast benefits of consistently training twice daily to gain better results. Whilst this is a noble and most welcomed advice to the already initiated fitness enthusiast, the average beginner would not consider this as a feasible option to benefit from the rewards of this […]

The Health Benefits of L-Carnosine for Anti-Aging

L-Carnosine: Take 2 Pills and Be Younger in the Morning

Getting older… it means slightly different things to different people. But as a whole, most of us can agree that wrinkles, decreased energy, decreased visual acuity, poorer memory, slower reflexes and decreased muscle tone are all definite signs that we are aging. So the traditional anti-aging approach has been to address each symptom of aging […]

Side Effects of Creatine Benefit and Health Risks

Potential Side Effects of Creatine

Exercise and physical fitness are both two vital aspects of everyday health and well-being, and it’s certainly no secret that those that regularly exercise and workout, are often generally considered healthier than those that don’t. Sometimes when we workout however, we need a little extra help to enable us to really maximize our potential, and […]

Bodybuilding bulking Myths Debunked

Bodybuilding Bulking Myths

Many of you have in your quest for perfect health and physique have undoubtedly had to struggle with the numerous contradicting advice of your friends, so called fitness experts, and the dreaded self-proclaimed bodybuilding television ads offering you the total body physique of a lifetime. Never before has one industry been riddled with countless recommendations […]

Fitness Retreat Travel Destinations

Fitness Retreat Travel Destinations

Fitness retreat travel destinations are designed to get you in shape and healthy in mind, body and spirit in a variety of ways. Many of them are not for the faint of heart and require a unique mindset to make them beneficial as a fitness retreat. For most a fitness vacation wouldn’t be an ideal […]

Rowing Machine Workout Benefits Full Body Workout

Full Body Rowing Workout

The ergometer commonly referred to as the rowing machine is widely known for providing the body with a full body rowing workout exercise. But don’t be fooled by its’ common appearance or boring name. One session on this machine will have you sweating, burning and crying for your momma. Health Benefits of a rowing machine […]

What is Carb Cycling and Can it Improve Performance?

What is Carb Cycling and Can it Improve Performance

When it comes to matters regarding general sport or athletic performance, it appears as if there’s literally a specially designed sports supplement for anything and everything you could possibly think of. Rather than splashing out on expensive supplements however, it appears as if something as simple as carb cycling could actually offer you numerous advantages […]

Genetically Modified Wheat and the Problem With it

The Problem with American Wheat

Wheat is good for you, right? Not necessarily. But that’s what all the whole-grain, whole-wheat fuss is about, so why should you cut it out? Driven to determine the source of the obesity epidemic in the United States, many have looked at the current dietary patterns and how they compare to the way Americans used […]

How To Do V Sit Ups For Beginners Perfect Abs Exercise

The V Sit-up Workout

Men who are hard gainers will often find that although they exercise regularly they are still unable to reduce their excess stomach fat even though they practice the v sit up exercise workout. This difficulty in fat loss around these areas are primarily due to the fact that fat existing around the stomach areas is […]

spring workout plan The Ultimate Exercise Guide

Spring Workout Guide

The season of Spring has traditionally been observed to produce its very own and unique effect urging people into a fitness frenzy to get in shape. Maintaining a Spring Workout exercise is a fun and easy way to get outdoors and Spring Workout plan in the wonderfully warm weather to build muscle, improve performance and […]

What is The Most Common Fitness Goals

Bucket List Fitness Goals

Men when beginning a fitness program often do so with a list of possibilities they would like to accomplish in their lifetime generally referred to as the fitness bucket list. Creating a bucket list in many circumstances serves as a motivational guideline to the individual to maintain healthy lifestyle allowing them to follow through on […]

How to Get 8 Pack Abs Fast And Shred Belly Fat

How to Get 8 Pack Abs

Training to achieving the perfect 8 pack abs requires the individual to possess two main ingredients. An exceptionally low level of body-fat and an outstandingly developed abdominal muscle tissue. then they can embark on a 8 pack abs workout plan How to Get 8 Pack Abs Most professional trainers when training individuals towards this goal […]

Ways To Stay Motivated To Workout Step By Step

Tips to Stay Motivated During Your Workout

Most men in their quest to build muscular mass and tone will often begin their fitness regimes with a high level of enthusiasm but quickly lose focus eventually terminating the workout when their fitness results are not recognized as quickly as they would like or when the routine loses its flavor ineffectively becoming nothing more […]

Athletic Performance Training With Caffeine

Can Caffeine Improve Athletic Performance

When it comes to sport and improve athletic performance, it’s probably pretty safe to say that each and every single one of you wishes to do your absolute best in your respective and chosen sports and events, no matter what they may be. Therefore, getting your diet and training just right should be at the […]

Prowler Push Workout: Training Tips All You Nee To Know

The Prowler Push Workout

In the fitness world today, The Prowler push has been increasingly becoming a dominant attribute used in the training routine of a large majority of professional bodybuilders and athletes. How to perfect the prowler push The prowler often referred to as difficult, efficient and highly effective is one of the best known conditioning devices used […]

Resistance Training Exercises For Beginners

Ways to Combine Metabolic Training with Resistance Training

One of the great mysteries in the fitness industry is whether the person training should focus on cardiovascular training, resistance workout exercises, or weight training in their quest for weight loss and muscle build. Top tips on how to use Resistance Training in combination with other methods. Ways combine metabolic training and resistance training While […]

Faster Metabolism Secrets and Tips

Secrets and Tips for a Faster Metabolism

In order to lose weight and get ourselves in the best possible shape imaginable, we obviously need to watch what we eat, and indeed ensure that we’re getting enough physical exercise in order to keep our weight manageable and under control. When it comes to body fat, it’s safe to say that it’s significantly easier […]

Being Fat The True Cost of being Unhealthy

The True Cost of Being Fat

Let’s face it being fat is bad for your health as you’re probably all too aware by now, being overweight can have a number of very serious consequences and draw backs, both physically, but also, which many people often seem to overlook, financially as well. Why is being fat so expensive? Worldwide obesity rates Recently, […]

Cross Training Workouts Fitness Plan For Beginners

Cross Training Tips from The Pros

Most men in their quest for the perfect physique, enhanced strength and performance have routinely been found stockpiling massive exercise arsenal utilizing every known cross training method at their disposal to gain their goal to perfection. Importance of cross training in your Fitness Routine Some men however have unwillingly dug themselves into a type of […]

Best Flat Abs Workout Exercise Sit-Ups

Get Flat Abs Without Sit-Ups

Most men when feeling a little flabby around the tummy areas immediately go into a flat abs workout frenzy focusing mainly on exercises such as the conventional sit-up, or stomach crunch. Experienced fitness trainers however through their continued exposure have found a number of available methods to get flat abs without the use of the […]

living longer with exercise For a Better You

Link between Fitness and Living Longer

In a recent study conducted by the Harvard-affiliated Brigham Residency located within the United States, in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute and the Women’s Hospital a number of researchers attempted to scientifically gain an accurate answer to one of the great debates within the fitness industry is what’s the effects of physical exercise fitness […]

How To Transform Your Body Step By Step

Best Exercises to Transform Your Body

Getting in shape is never an easy task. While it is impossible to change the genetic structure of an individual it is probable to make the most of the person’s current physique by consistently training to transform your body and achieve the desired shape and muscular tone. Best exercises to transform your body The Bear […]

Best Obliques Workout Exercise Routine

Exercises to Blast Your Obliques

Often referred to as the cuddly muffin top, fatty mall hangovers or those outstanding love handles, these belly fat areas often seen bulging over the waistband are never a pleasant sight to the aspiring bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast. So what is the best obliques workout exercise to get rid of those love handles. take a […]

Cardio Acceleration Workout to add to your training

The Cardio Acceleration Workout

The Cardio Acceleration Workout today is a vital factor to shred unwanted fat and effectively stimulate muscle growth by utilizing a technique known for combining resistance training along with high frequency cardiovascular workout to form a single high intensity and fat burning routine. How to reap the benefits of a Cardio Acceleration Workout During a […]

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The Best Olympic Lifting Guide For Beginners

A Guide to Olympic Lifting

The sport of Olympic Lifting has for some time been simply referred to as weightlifting. However within the United States of America, weightlifting has been recognized as an ambiguous sporting activity, as such the term weightlifting was seldom adequate to characterize and differentiate the sport activity of Olympic-type weightlifting from bodybuilding, powerlifting or from the […]

Best Strength Training for Beginners Exercise Tips

Weight Training for Beginners

Today an increasing number of individuals are recognizing more and more the important role weight loss and fitness plays in their overall health and success. However a large number of people who would like to take up a strength training for beginners program, lack the knowledge on where and how they should start their strength […]

Amino Acids for Building Muscle Growth Explain

The Importance of Amino Acids for Building Muscle

When it comes to knowing the importance of amino acids for building muscle most men are clueless. Let’s face it, nearly all of us dream about sporting a lean six pack, bulging 20 inch biceps and a set of broad shoulders like cannon balls. We strive for perfection yet many of us are simply not […]

How Many Workout Per Week Should I Do to Build Muscle

How Many Days should You Workout Per Week

Beginners and even seasoned professional bodybuilders when structuring a training routine need to determine the frequency and days to workout per week that they will dedicate to their training. How many days should you workout per week? Additionally the professional bodybuilder and professional trainer will give careful consideration to the frequency of their weight training […]

Common Health Issues for Bodybuilders

Common Health Issues for Bodybuilders

When people think about bodybuilding, there is often one of two thoughts that come into their heads. The first thought is of a strong and healthy individual, who happens to enjoy weight training and improving his physique know as bodybuilders. The second image is of a huge, freakishly looking mass monster, covered in veins with […]

8 Ways to Increase Your Bench Press Like a Pro

How to Bench Press Like a Pro

The Bench Press is undoubtedly one of the most popular exercises in strength training and bodybuilding industry used today to enhance muscle growth and develop core strength. Sadly many beginners and even advanced training individuals have been found doing their training a great disservice by failing to recognize the proper technique for maximizing their strength […]

4 Full Body Exercise Workouts that Torch Fat

Workouts that Torch Fat

The typical health physician will often recommend that their patients involve themselves in some form of activity consisting of at least 30 to 45 minutes of moderate to intense exercise to torch fat and improve their cardiovascular function and health. Individuals who have been known to perform an exercise workout two to three times on […]

Maintain Muscle Gain With Minimal Workout

Rules to Sustain your Muscle Gain

Having achieved the desired muscle gain and obtaining the physique you’ve always wanted now leaves you with the added responsibility of maintaining this new body. Below are some of the successful techniques used by many fitness trainers and professional bodybuilders to maintain their physique. with a diet plan for gaining muscle eating the right foods […]

How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

5, 4, 3, 2, 1……….Happy New Year!! Now that all the celebrations are winding down it’s time to start the annual New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately most resolutions don’t make it past the end of January, but there are ways to improve your chances of sticking with your goals. How to stick to your new years […]

Big Eating for Optimal Muscle Gain

Big Eating for Optimal Muscle Gain

Looking to bulk up and add lean, quality muscle mass to your frame? Well then, like most men, you’re most definitely not alone. Every single week, men from all over the world, hand over their hard earned money to sports supplement companies, and purchase various supplements that can help them build muscle in a matter […]

6 Ways Exercise Make you Smarter Than You Think

Can Exercise Make you Smarter

For years scientific researchers have tried to determine a link between cardiovascular diseases and factors associated with physical and emotional values in human beings. Many health professionals however have been able to identify a distinctive relationship between the mental ability of a person and exercising so does exercise make you smarter. Here is a little […]

Garcinia Cambogia New Way To A Flat Belly

Garcinia Cambogia - America's Hottest New Way To A Flat Belly

Weight-loss is a billion dollar industry and just seems to be getting bigger and bigger every day as more and more magic supplements and weight-loss products come on the market every day. But weight-loss is not as simple problem to solve as it has a number of different causes let’s take a look at the […]

St-Pierre Wins UFC 167 On Controversial Split Decision

St-Pierre Wins UFC 167 On Controversial Split Decision

After a five-round slugfest, Georges St-Pierre defeated Johny Hendricks by split decision defending his UFC welterweight title for the ninth time Saturday night. Many, including UFC president Dana White, were surprised by the decision, believing that Hendricks had won the fight. White publicly stated that he believed Hendricks won the fight and even went as […]

Ultimate Clean Eating Diet to Help Define Muscles

Clean Eating Diet to Help Define Muscles

Normally whenever we consume foods by eating or drinking, our bodies will typically burn the calories contained in the food and use them for energy to complete our daily tasks. However in some cases the body will occasionally store these calories as fat to be used at a later date. By consuming too many calories […]

How to Know if a Woman is Taking Advantage of You

How to Know if a Woman is Taking Advantage of You

It’s one thing to be unsure about certain aspects of your relationship. A certain amount of uncertainty is healthy because it keeps you on your toes. It’s another to be unsure about everything in your relationship or even if you’re in a relationship. If you suspect that things aren’t right between you and her, here […]

Signs You Are Overdoing Your Cardio Workout

Are you Overdoing Your Cardio Workout

When it comes to getting results from your cardio workout it is all about intensity and consistency. This is something that has now been scientifically proven by studies which have shown that if you follow up an intense cardio exercise with another workout like lifting weights, the second workout suffers and the intended muscle gains […]

The Truth about Losing Belly Fat in Men

The Truth about Losing Belly Fat in Men

The University of Alabama at Birmingham decided to look specifically at the relationship between cardiovascular disease, diabetes and belly fat in men. They took 137 men from all ages as well as different sizes and used seven key different measurements in order to determine their risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes or pre-diabetes. Also what […]

Benefits of Citrus Fruits That are Amazing

The Amazing Benefits of Citrus Fruits

For a long time citrus fruits have been highly recommended as an effective ingredient in a nutritious, healthy and tasty diet. They have been widely recognized as a rich source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber are essential and fundamental in the natural growth and development process. Over the years a greater appreciation has been […]

Are Raw Eggs Good for You What’s the benefit of raw egg

Are Raw Eggs Good for You

Ever since those famous Rocky movies when we saw him eat raw eggs and win the fight it seemed that Hollywood was responsible for the myth that made people wonder are raw eggs good for you? Are raw eggs good for you or not? Salmonella Poisoning The truth is that raw eggs are NOT good […]

Get Fit Training Plan Registration Page

Get Fit Training Plan Registration Page [profilepress-registration id=”1″] is now offering a complete member training plan to help you reach your goals of muscle gain, weight loss and nutrition. Sign up now to receive your personal workout guide and meal planner in your inbox every week and Join our Get Fit community who are changing their lives today! […]

UFC 162: Anderson Silva Dethroned As Champ

UFC 162: Anderson Silva Dethroned As Champ

After continually taunting challenger Chris Weidman, longtime middleweight champion Anderson Silva taunted one time too many. Weidman caught Silva with a left hook that put the champ on the canvas and then Weidman jumped on the downed champion and finished him off in the second round of the UFC 162 main event. As Weidman pummeled […]

What are Infrared Sauna Treatments?

What are Infrared Sauna Treatments

Every year, more people make use of infrared sauna treatments in spas and wellness centers in order to get the relaxation and detoxification saunas have traditionally been known before. In fact, the sauna treatment can get you better results than traditional saunas. However, if you are interested in trying out the sauna treatment for yourself, […]

Flu Shot – An Ounce of Prevention

By now, you’re undoubtedly well aware that hand washing, limiting contact with sick people (especially children), and a healthy diet and exercise program are some of the best ways to keep yourself healthy year round. But during these lean months of winter, when we’re all crammed together indoors and when we’re stuck on the same […]

The 3 Top Upscale Gyms In your Local Area In The USA


If you are truly dedicated to achieving the perfect body you should consider investing in a membership at one of the upscale gyms in your local area. There are a variety of upscale gyms and fitness centers that cater to the needs of various clienteles not just the super-rich. Top 3 Upscale Gyms to get […]

Substitute Sweeteners What are the Dangers in it

It seems as though the world is hooked on artificial sweeteners. Even those who actively choose to avoid sugar substitutes may not have discovered that they are still being exposed through certain products on the market. It is not only those little packets to be wary of; these harmful substitute sweeteners are also found in […]

Fermented Foods Staying Young by Eating Old

Here in the United States, we have an obsession with freshness. We’ve been convinced that the sooner a food leaves the farm, the better it is. Sure, it’s a good policy, but it leaves out an incredibly healthful category of the healthiest fermented foods that can help keep you younger that are fermented foods. What […]

Heart Disease Why It’s Still a Concern

Still the number one cause of death in the United States, still responsible for the death of nearly 620,000 Americans every year, and still the cause of over 16.7 million doctors’ offices and hospitals annually, heart disease is not going away simply because we wish it would. Heart disease why its still a concern Obesity […]

Male Hormone Enhancement The High Price of Manhood

Right around age 30 or 40, a good number of men start to feel “off their games” in some way. They may notice themselves exhausted all the time, snapping at co-workers or loved ones over the littlest issues, or losing interest in things they previously loved like sports or sex. While it is a natural […]

Heart Health Tips to Start a Conversation

Heart to Heart

Planning, time management, organizing, de-cluttering. All things that are necessary tools for success. Whether it’s in reaching fitness, work, school, or personal goals, these skills are the KEY! Staying fit and having a healthy heart is important for a longer life. So follow these heart health tips to start a conversation that might change your […]


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