Got a Hangover?

Yes, it happens to the best of us. We go out, enjoy some quality time with friends, have a blast and then that blast gets us the following day….in the worst way! I had the good fortune of meeting CEO & Creator of Star Vodka, Charles Ferri and tried his amazing Ultra Premium American Vodka. With its signature gold star and crystal clear bottle not only was it appealing to the eye but also to the taste buds. Smooth and delish! Precisely the kind of great taste that could sneak up on you. Oh, and did I mention it was gluten free? Yes indeed. With all these pluses a few side effects could come into play, the not-so-fun hangover. Here are a few of my tips in order to enjoy and not regret a great night or day, out.
• First and foremost make sure you do not drink on an empty stomach and keep those smart snacks handy. I like nuts & crackers w/cheese.
• Make sure you switch up the cocktails with water. Alternate between that Martini and a glass of H2O. Dehydration will be your killer!
• Know when to stop! Moderation is key. However if you get carried away here are a few things that can help the next day.

What to do when you “did it again”
• SLEEP! Yes, rest & time is the key. Call in sick if you must, but do rest it off.
• Drink plenty of water and drinks with vitamin C. Sports drinks with electrolytes are great! You need your juice WITHOUT the spirits!
• Stay away from caffeine (aka coffee), as it will only dehydrate you more.
• Take a cold shower!
• AND DO NOT drink more! Go outside & get moving! SWEAT that good time out!

Enjoy the Journey & Make Today Count! xoxo…..B
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