How to Bench Press Twice your Bodyweight

How to Bench Press Twice your BodyweightThere is no question about it if you can bench press twice your bodyweight you are certainly very strong. You will probably be very aware of the fact that in many different ‘man-circles’ this is a gold standard that is equivalent to running a mile in 4 minutes.

If your specific objective is to press twice your bodyweight then you need to increase your natural strength which is done in a few simple steps and increasing the calories you eat every day is a good start. The point is that if you are busy trying to lose fat and you are living in a calorie deficit then forget about benching twice your bodyweight.

The second step is the general experience that you have in the gym which could play a significant role. The most important point is that you need to fully understand the correct form when bench-pressing. It can take many months to develop the perfect form and could even take you longer than that.

You simply have to be able to do perfect form in order to achieve the goal of body-weight X2. You need to increase your awareness of what is involved when doing a bench press and often it is the legs that are more often than not completely underrated when it comes to the contribution they can offer to the bench press.

If you watch any power-lifter muster out his one-rep max and you’ll notice that he puts a lot of leg into the lift. Doing a one rep max takes a synergistic effort from all the muscles in your body working together. The first step is practicing with low-reps.

You need to know that you are not going to hit any lofty bench press goals by doing 10 to 12 reps in all your sets. Your workouts need to be tailored by going heavy and reducing reps. You need to get into the habit of testing your max lift with each chest workout.

Obviously when doing this you are going to need a spotter so that you don’t hurt yourself. You should after your warm-up always try to push your max and get to 6 reps max. Then after that set you need to start getting serious and shoot for 3-4 reps using about 90% of your max effort and finish the third set with a 100% effort to lift your max one time.

It is highly recommended by the experts that you alternate barbell and dumbbell work on your different chest days. You will also help yourself if you include some incline bench, decline bench and flys. You need to always try to hit your chest muscles from every possible angle when training for maximum strength.

The best advice that anyone can give you when your specific objective is to bench twice your bodyweight that you leave those machines alone. Machines are great if you’re trying to improve fitness. If you’re focused on strength, only hard, raw iron will do.

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