Best Advanced Lifting Techniques Workout

Advanced Lifting Techniques to Enhance Your WorkoutAway from the beginners circle in weightlifting comes a much bigger challenge; it can get much harder to progress as the years go on and we must find new ways to shock our muscles into making new gains. The good news is that there are many tried and tested advanced lifting techniques methods that really work for intermediate to advanced lifters. Like the  advanced lifting techniques to enhance workout.

Top advanced lifting techniques and methods to enhance your workout

1. German volume training

Germans are renowned for their efficiency and ‘work hard’ ethics and this training method is a true representation of this. German volume training should only be done in short cycles as it can be very taxing on your system, but this also makes it a great muscle shocker meaning new growth. The method is simply ten sets of ten repetitions, usually for a compound exercise. Over time, you will need to up your weight and decrease rest period between sets. May have found this method can effectively to improve lifts like your bench press and squats.

2. Fat grips

This technique is not so advanced but very effective, fat grips are a very simple piece of equipment that clips onto barbells and dumbbells making them thicker. They are especially worthwhile if your arms are a lagging body part! The US Special Forces incorporate fat grips into their training regimens, simply because the wider grip means you incorporate more muscle fibers in the arms and upper body, placing less strain on your bones and joints.

3. Partial reps

We have previously spoken about the failure zone and partial reps belong in this area; partial reps are when you simply complete a smaller part of a rep and don’t utilize a full range of motion. You can practice breaking through a sticking point with partial reps, or use them to extend a set at the end of full range of motion working set. They are a great way to fatigue your muscles into true exhaustion but you may need a spotter to help you push the last few reps out.

Most of these advanced lifting techniques will require the skills of seasoned lifters and may be to difficult for those who are new to the gym. If you are a beginner reading this; always secure the foundations THEN move onto more advanced ground like the weight lifting techniques mentioned in this article.

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