How to Bench Press With The Right Technique

The correct bench press technique is essential for upper-body muscle development. You can c all it one of the critical basic lifts when you are strength training. In any gym, you will find a majority of lifters doing bench press in their own variation. This favorite lift is spotted in almost every men’s workout routine. But most guys remain unaware of the correct bench press techniques to execute a bench press perfectly

Powerlifters and bodybuilders rely on this exercose to develop overall strength. Bench press targets almost every muscle in your upper body not only the chest. Your shoulders, triceps, forearms, pecs, lats, traps are also involved along with lower back, hips, and legs. As it focuses on the mobility of your entire body improving your bench press technique can save you from serious injuries.

The Right Bench Press Technique to Keep in Mind!

Bench Press- The right way to perform it Explained -Bench Press
Bench press, Wide Grip
  1. Don’t be lazy with your feet placement and put them anywhere you want. When you practice with heavy weight, your feet will create a strong base and give you power. Place your feet firmly flat on the ground, the first step towards building your chest.
  2. Make sure the barbell is set at an appropriate rack height on the bench press rack.
  3. Depending on your build and mechanics your back position is going to vary. Place yourself at a distance such that the bar is easy to unrack. In order to protect your shoulder, squeeze the shoulder blades to maintain tightness while the upper back lies on bench.
  4. When you bench press arch your lower back slightly so that it’s tight and safe. Also, this keeps the spine in a neutral position. However, many bodybuilders think otherwise and consider it just as a powerlifting move.
  5. Hold the bar with a firm grip such that the wrist does not bend and remains straight. If you have longer arms or you want to push maximum weight keep a wide grip. While people with shorter arms should keep a narrow hold. The trick is that the bar should be completely wrapped with your thumb.
  6. Before you unrack the bar take a deep breath and breathe out after unracking. If the bar load is a heavyweight, don’t lift it unless you have your trainer or lifting partner to assist.
  7. Tuck your elbows at 45 degrees such that the lats engage and shoulder is unharmed when lowering the bar. Remember to take a deep breath when lowering it and before you push again breathe out strongly.

Important point to keep in mind

Bench Press- The right way to perform it Explained - Dumbbell Bench
Dumbbell Bench press, Normal Grip

Your arm’s length and your grip are the deciding factors of where the bar touches your body. Keep the forearms at 90 degrees from the ground when you lower the bar. This will make sure that the grip is tight and you don’t lose force.

Make sure the bar touches your chest below your nipple and attempt to reach the same spot in every repetition. After the bar has touched your chest reverse the movement upwards. Contract your glutes and use your leg to maintain a firmness. This will improve your bench press technique and also allow you to bench press more weight.

The bench press might look easy, but it is a complex exercise which can go wrong. Follow the above steps the next time you hit the gym and concentrate on your form. You might need to adjust to a lower weight at first to avoid mistakes or reverting back to bad or improper form. However, in order to train smarter and achieve the best results it is important to go back to the basics.

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