Lower Abs Workout For Beginners 4 Easy Exercise

Best Exercises to Work Your Lower AbsMost men have been found training for countless hours on end to achieve that coveted washboard stomach specifically for the purpose of being the main attraction at the local beach or gym. This is often viewed as a misdirection within the fitness industry by professional trainers and athletes as although creating the perfect six-pack lower abs can sooth a man's anxiety and boost his ego, scientific research and experience has shown that having strong lower abdominal muscles, are key factor in maintaining a stable back effectively increasing the weight lifting ability of the person during training. Trainers as a result have often made it a priority to focus on developing this muscle group when training competitive weight and power lifters by including a number of exercises aimed at targeting the lower abs in their workout routine.

Best Exercises to work your lower abs

Beginners and even more seasoned enthusiasts before performing any form of an exercise to target the lower abdominal muscles will as a compulsive method construct a warm up exercise or abdominal prep prior to the lower ab workout.

Ab muscle warm up

The warmup will traditionally been with the person laying flat on their back both feet bent and ensuring the feet are positioned flat on the floor. During the exercise the individual will begin by taking a deep breath tucking the chin firmly to the chest then while exhaling slowly curl to elevate the head, neck and shoulders off the floor lifting both arms in a reaching motion towards both feet. This position is held for a single count before inhaling and gradually returning to the initial position. Most professional trainers will often recommend that the exercise be performed in eight to ten reps before beginning the workout for the lower ab exercises.

- Ab Roll Up

One of the simplest and effective exercises in training the lower abdominal muscles is known as the Roll-Up. The exercise begins with the person laying flat on the back with both arms and legs fully extended downward forming a straight line. While inhaling, the arms are brought to an overhead position curling the body and torso upward and off the floor. Halfway through the exercise motion the individual is required to exhale, continuing the rolling movement stretching both arms forward towards the toes. The person will then reverse the direction of the exercise returning to the start position inhaling on the way down completing a single rep of the exercise. Effectively the Roll-Up should be performed in ten to fifteen reps to achieve the maximum benefit during the workout.

Leg Drop

The Leg Drop similarly is also recognized as one of the more popular exercises used in a number of training programs to provide a successful workout for the lower abdominal muscles. In this exercise the individual will likewise in the Roll-Up begin by laying flat on the floor. Instead of attempting to elevate the body both legs are lifted towards the ceiling as the person inhales to tighten the abdominal muscles. The legs are gradually lowered while exhaling until thy are almost touching the floor holding the position for a single count and inhaling. The legs are gradually lifted back to the starting position as the person exhales completing a single rep. Most athletes recommend the Leg Drop be performed in reps of ten to fifteen times during the workout routine to achieve the maximum benefit of the exercise.

Ab Scissors

The Scissors exercise is easily performed by once again laying on the back with both legs positioned in the air towards the ceiling as in the Leg Drop. However rather than simultaneously lowering both legs towards the floor, the legs are lowered alternatively slowly beginning with the right leg first until it is positioned four to six inches off the floor. The head and shoulders should be slightly elevated holding the back of the left leg pulling it towards to the body. The exercise motion is repeated using the left leg completing the motion in a quick succession. Many of the exercise programs used today in the fitness industry instruct individuals to perform the Scissors exercise in ten to fifteen reps for the best experience.

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