How to do Body Part Splits Training

Body Part Split Training

Body part splits training methods are something that most people either never think about or think about too much.What it is In a nutshell is how to split training of body parts over the course of a week. It might seem like such a daunting and elaborate task to pre-plan your workout based on corresponding lifts but with the right guide it can be easy.

Usually this is a very individual thing depending on a person’s time (how many days a week you can devote to hitting the gym), their possible weak areas to concentrate on, etc. Some funny truths we often find in gyms…most guys start the week with Chest and a fair amount never hit Legs day with any kind of consistency. As you know it is very important in having consistency to a achieving your fitness goals.

Tips for starting body part splits training

1) Start your week by training “weak” areas.

There’s no point in starting your week by training chest if your chest is already well developed and your Back is lagging. Start the week with Back and put Chest towards the end of the week.

2) Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Just because putting two body parts in the same workout isn’t “the norm,” doesn’t mean you can’t try it to see how it works for you. Most people put things together like Chest and Triceps or Back and Biceps. Don’t pigeon-hole yourself into that thinking. Individualize your split.

3) Recovery is Key.

Every balanced lifting routine has rest periods to allow the muscle to repair and grow larger. A weekly recovery day is essential to achieve your maximum potential. If you are cycling your training it’s also a great idea to incorporate a deload week every 4, 6 or 8 weeks depending on your cycle.

Body Part Splits Training Routine Upper/ Lower:

Day 1 Lower Body

Lying Leg Curls, Romanian Deadlift (Hamstrings) Squats, Lunges (Quads) Standing Calf Raise, Calf Press on Leg Press Machine (Calves)

Day 2  Upper Body

Dumbbell Pullovers, Bench Press (Chest) Hammer Curl, EZ bar curls (Biceps) Dumbbell Row, Long Bar Row (Back)

Day 3 – Rest

Day 4 -7 – Repeat days 1-3,

Change the exercises within these muscle groups to keep things interesting.

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