Box Squats: How To Do Box Squats The Right Way

Proper squatting technique
Proper squatting technique

Box Squats is the exercise you need when you want to build explosive power. Squats are generally the favorite exercise of many people, and the box squat is a popular variation. Many people also carry out box squats proper execution with dumbbells. It is in fact for people who are looking forward to a powerful workout and developing tremendous strength.

There are plenty of good reasons why you should be doing this exercise and it is very important to concentrate on correct form. One reason that even your fitness trainer is likely to stress upon is the usefulness of box squats for glutes. The proper execution of this squats has a lot of science behind it which even most experienced lifters remain oblivious to. Find out why you should add it to your strength-training routine and how to do it correctly!

Box Squats Proper Execution

Now it is time to know what all things you need for correct execution of Box Squats. Also, find out how you can quickly do it under 10 minutes.

Equipment Needed

Young man before beginning workout

Though bands and chains are per your preference but you do need a power rack and an adjustable box.

Positioning of Hands

Correct hand positioning for box squats

While squatting most people can be seen keeping a close hand positioning on the bar. Beware because even if it keeps your upper back stiff and aids you against rounding but it can give rise to shoulder pain. Thus this is one common mistake everybody generally makes. To perform it correctly you should maintain a wide grip on the bar.

Bar Height Settings

Setting the bar height before workout

There are two types of important setting for a Box Squat. You can either set the bar high or set a low bar position. However, a high bar setting has its advantages as you don’t need to lean forward much. Also, it induces less stress on your lower back. In order to grab the maximum benefit position your bar on the upper end by pulling back the scapula.

Right Breathing Technique

Man at gym maintaining right breathing pace

You need to maintain the right breathing pace for all squatting exercises including Box Squats. Initially, during weight training people struggle with regular breathing during every set. Thus to maximize the effect you should take a deep breath from your diaphragm. Further, try to hold your breath during the set. Once you reach the top of the lockout exhale all the air from your lungs. Repeat this process until all the set complete.

Foot Placement

Another critical parameter to be checked for proper Box Squat execution is your foot stance. It is best if you place your feet wider than the width of your shoulder. Begin with keeping your arms on your sides and feet parallel to each other. After that widen the distance between your feet and make sure they point at a 30 to 45-degree angle. This is what sets box squat different from other regular squats.

Knee Stance

When you reach the bottom during this exercise ensure to flare out the knees to the side. This is another vital step to carry out the exercise rightly.

Box Height Placement

To be honest with the correct box placement you won’t get much from this workout.

High Box height – Placing it above parallel develops lockout strength. If you are a beginner to squatting, then this is for you.

  • Medium Box height– When you place it parallel; it works wonders in developing strength in the mid part of your movement range.
  • Low Box Height– When you place it below parallel, it enhances your bottom end strength.

Are Box Squats Safe? And, What Are Some Of Its Top Benefits?

This workout has become the favorite of powerlifters, but people not in powerlifting often raise questions about its safety. However one has to understand that box squats has its benefits and it is entirely safe until you perform it correctly. Also, for somebody doing pistol box squats can come across as an effective workout while box squat jumps work for someone else. Different people can find different variations to be helpful, but that does not rule out the advantages box squats have.  Let us dive together and learn more about the benefits of this powerful exercise.

Instill Right Squatting Technique

man doing back squats

The eccentric phase of the workout needs the athlete to break parallel such that he reaches the box. Generally, in free squatting people tend to sit higher with increasing weight. But this is not the case for box squatting. Here with regular and continuous practice, the athlete breaks parallel for each squat. Thus it teaches you the right technique making sure you squat the entire way down while lowering. With practice, you will learn not just to drop down and bounce back.

Develop Power and Endurance

Box squats build endurance

Box squatting if properly executed adds immense load on the posterior chain muscles. Here an athlete has to squat backward instead of squatting straight down unlike regular squats. Thus the athlete here gains power and intensity to break the eccentric-concentric cycle. If you regularly practice this exercise, you will develop and build tremendous force. Moreover, this force is likely to be three to four times enhanced than other squatting types.

Reduces stress on Knees

Box squatting does not put much stress on knees

In free squatting, you need to maintain a wider stance for which the knees have to move forward. This is because you won’t be able to reach the entire depth with a neutral spine otherwise. If you have a knee injury, it is best practice to restrict the knee movement as much as possible. Box squatting lets you do just that. It does not put much stress on your knees, and yet you come out strong with his powerful workout.

For Full body Tightness

Man with a tight body

It teaches your body to be able to achieve tightness in order to lift great loads. Box Squat teaches your body the skill to reach full body tightness, unlike other squatting variations.

Thus as soon as you improve your form, you can master the workout. Put these above steps into practice the next time you are in the mood of doing Box Squats. We are confident that you will surely notice promising results.

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