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Burpee Workout Health Benefits | How to do a Burpee

burpee workout burpees exercise routine

Are you struggling to achieve your fitness goals? Do you want to regain your slim and smart body? If yes, strength training must be a part of your daily exercise routine, and burpees are the best among all strength training. Undoubtedly, burpee workouts are among the most effective ways of transforming your body from head to toe. Let’s discuss some of the best burpee workouts and a few benefits of adding these workouts to your daily exercise routine.

What are Burpees?

Burpee exercises are ideal for losing fat and building muscle simultaneously. Burpees are a type of strength training that involve full-body exercises consisting of a plank, push-up, then followed by a jump squat. The best thing about burpees is that they are bodyweight strength exercises incorporating cardio.

How to Do Burpees

Burpee workout how to do a burpee. Burpee Health Benefits

Here is the complete method of doing burpees.

  1. Stand straight and squat down so your thighs are parallel to the floor and your palms are placed on the floor.
  2. From this position, kick your feet back as far as possible. Make sure your arms are extended.
  3. Do a full push
  4. Then, jump back towards your hands and immediately into the air.
  5. Squat down to perform the next repetition.

Benefits of a Burpee Workout

burpee workout for beginners

A burpee isn’t just a cardio exercise, nor is it the one that only builds muscles. Instead, it is a combo that builds muscles and improves your heart health. These exercises are popular amongst military trainers, sports teams, and crossfit classes. Let’s now discuss some of the other benefits of performing burpees.

·       Increases Strength

If you want to improve your fitness and gain strength, you must include burpees in your daily routine because burpees are a perfect combination of these two. Burpees are a full-body workout involving various upper and lower body muscles. You can start with slow burpees and gradually increase your reps.

·       Helps You Burn Fat

Burpees are intense workouts, so you are more likely to burn fat while performing these exercises. The best thing about burpees is that your cardio will improve too.

·       Portable

Another advantage of burpees workout is that they are free and portable. You can comfortably perform this exercise at your home and that too without buying any fancy gym equipment. You do not need to visit the gym daily, and there is no need to buy any fitness equipment.

Best Burpee Workout for Beginners

Having read the benefits of doing burpees, you might be interested in exploring some of the best burpee workouts for beginners. Search no more. Listed below are a few easy-to-perform workouts which you can easily add to your daily burpee workout routine.

·       Classic Burpee workout

Classic burpees are the best burpee workout for those new to the burpee workout routine. Here is the procedure to perform classic burpee for beginners.

  • To start this exercise, stand with your feet hip-width apart.
  • Jump in the air and lower your hands to the ground. Take your legs back to the plank position.
  • Simultaneously, move your legs forward so that you reach a crouching position.
  • From this position, jump straight into the air.
  • Repeat this exercise and perform as many repetitions as possible within 50-60 seconds.

Burpees are a great way of strengthening your muscles and improving the health of your heart. By incorporating burpee workouts into your daily routine, you can significantly improve your lean mass by ensuring perfect nutrition.

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