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Rules Of The Gym Workout The Cardinal Rules

Cardinal Rules of the Gym

If you go to a gym or fitness center you are part of a community of people who gather to workout at the same location and the rules of the gym are important. Therefore you sometimes must deal with difficult or demanding people however there are cardinal rules of the gym you should always follow to keep your experience and the experience of others around you pleasurable.

1. Do not hog machines or weight stations

there is nothing worse than that guy that decides he needs to run for 2 hours when all of the treadmills are filled up. Or the person who sets up camp on the weight bench. If you know you are going to be awhile allow others to work in. Practice good gym etiquette and it will make your workout go smoother and other gym goers will be more likely to return the kindness.

2. Do not hit on every woman who walks by.

The ladies are there to work out too and they do not want to be harassed by every meat head in the gym.

3. Rack your weights

All of those signs asking you to rack your weights aren’t just there for aesthetic purposes. Having weights lying around can be a huge risk for injury and a real pain when you’re the one looking to add another 45 to your weight bar and some jerk decided to lay it on the ground across the room.

4. Wear deodorant

c’mon man if you don’t do this already then there may not be any hope for you. Gyms are confined spaces and when people sweat they often produce body odor. Be courteous to others around you and apply deodorant.

5. Wipe down machines after use

Unless you like to sit in other people’s sweat assume they feel the same way. Each gym has bottles of antiseptic spray located throughout just pick one up and wipe down your mess.

Follow these rules and you will be sure to have a positive experience for you and everyone around you at the gym.

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