Best At Home Workout To Achieve The Best Results

5 Best At Home Workout To Achieve The Best ResultsWe have always been a firm believers that the best place to build muscle is in the gym; but there are many people who choose an at home workout and still achieve fantastic results. The joys of working out at home mean you can take full charge with no waiting, no interruptions or lousy music.

As long as you can keep yourself motivated in your workout at home all is good.

1. Use your backyard

5 Best At Home Workout To Achieve The Best Results

If you are lucky enough to have a large backyard, you could use this space to do some circuit training with a couple of friends. Fresh air is much more invigorating than staring at the same 4 walls every workout and your friends can introduce a touch of camaraderie. Set up 4 or 5 different stations for different exercises, allow a certain amount of time to rest between sets and try and make the circuit harder each week so you keep progressing. Having your friends involved also means you will be able to come up with more exercise variations!

2. Kettlebells

5 Best At Home Workout To Achieve The Best Results

Kettle bells are a great change from using dumbbells; when you learn the effectiveness of kettlebell exercises you will wonder why you have been missing out for so long. For example- the basic kettlebell swing involves every major muscle group and gives a cardiovascular workout at the same time. Kettlebell exercises do not have to dominate your routine but are a great addition to any regimen, variety keeps your body guessing and keeps you improving.

3. The chin up bar

The greatest home exercise equipment known to man. It is simple, un-intrusive and easy to use. You can perform many bodyweight exercises with a chin up bar that will build some great muscle gains. Wide grip pull ups are the best way to build your lats, chin ups are the best way to build your traps and biceps. You will be amazed at what a difference grip variations can do for you with a chin up bar, so get one as soon as possible.

4. Jumping rope

When you were in school, skipping was for girls. Now you are a man and real men know how to use a jump rope. Professional boxers use them as a staple part of cardio, coordination and conditioning and we are pretty sure nobody calls them a big sissy for using one. Give it a try and see how quickly you can work up a sweat, it may surprise you.

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