CrossFit Training Effective or Overkill?

CrossFit Training Effective or Overkill

You may have heard of Crossfit the latest fitness trend taking the nation by storm. Crossfit is a workout club that offers workout sessions based on strength and conditioning principles used by police academies, tactical operations teams, military, martial artists, Olympic weight lifting and hundreds of other elite training exercises. Sounds intense huh? Well they have designed their sessions to allow all experience levels to scale up or down based on their fitness and skill level.

The Pros and Cons of CrossFit Training

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Each session consists of a circuit with weights and cardio exercises to give you a hard core workout. Based on hundreds of user reviews we have worked out a list of the pro’s and con’s.

Crossfit Pro’s

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• Intense cardio and weight circuit workout
• Live instructors
• Highly motivating
• Group Setting
• Scalable to adjust for different fitness levels
• Routines are prescheduled so you don’t have to make your own

Crossfit Con’s

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• Many of the workouts are very difficult and intense
• Increased risk of injury due to improper lifting techniques
• Competitive atmosphere
• Demanding Instructors

So if you are looking for a high charged workout with military style drill instructors CrossFit may be right for you. However if you prefer something a little less high pace you can enroll in classes at your local gym or hire a personal trainer to specifically tailor your workout to your own personal fitness needs.

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