The Ultimate Stronger shoulders Workout Exercises

For many men the true expression of being physically fit is wide, stronger shoulders that are packed with muscles upon muscles. It’s the ultimate in manliness and if you’re one of those men who want to start defining your shoulders and arms.  The right exercises that build bigger stronger shoulders.

7 exercises to help you build bigger, stronger shoulders

1. Bent Over Rear Deltoid Exercises

These babies pack on muscle and girth onto your shoulders like nothing else and work the rear deltoids to perfection. This exercise should be completed every other workout session to bulk up on your shoulders.

2. Behind the Neck Press

This is a fairly strenuous and involved exercise so it really should only be done by experienced lifters. However, those who do it will get unbelievable overall deltoid definition that shows results quickly. For this exercise it should be included in every third workout.

3. Lalanne Push Up

Inspired by the great weightlifter Jack Lalanne, the Lalanne push up builds strength in the shoulders and in the core muscles, helping to build up the bulk of a weightlifter quickly. These pushups aren’t for the faint of heart, but if you can do them include them in every other workout session.

4. Crucifix Rollout

Similar to the chest rollout, the crucifix rollout requires you to keep your arms straight at all times as you bring in the rolling dumbbells. This exercise uses extreme strength and is difficult to execute, so be forewarned. The exercise should be included every other workout session.

5. Overhead Press (A.K.A. the Military Press)

Using dumbbells, barbells or resistance bands, this workout can add definition all over the shoulder area from the deltoids to the triceps to the rotator cuff to the serratus anterior. The exercise should be done every other workout session.

6. Reverse Flys

Also known as the rear lateral raise, this exercise works the rear deltoids to help bring even definition to the back of the shoulders which are often forgotten. Performed with dumbbells, cables or a peck deck, this exercise should be done every other workout session.

7. Handstand Push Up

The ultimate in shoulder bulk training and in testing upper body strength, the handstand push up is probably the hardest exercise on this list. Most won’t be able to do it, but if you can this exercise will help to quickly and effectively build up big, strong shoulders that look like they’ve been cut from marble. The exercise should be included in the workout session about every third time.

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