Fitness Myths You Probably Believe Debunked

Fitness Myths You Probably Believe Debunked

The advice you take on your fitness journey matters the most. You can either benefit from accurate advice or with misguided information end up following the wrong path. Being wrongly aware can lead you to harm during workouts and intrude the goals you set. Follow along to find out what are the popular fitness misconceptions you should not believe. Also, learn more about following what advice can make your efforts go into the dumpster instead of contributing to good.

Exposing the Widely Popular Fitness Myths!

Myth 1: You are likely to bulk up with strength training

Fitness Myths You Probably Believe Debunked

There is no truth behind this. A lot depends on your anatomy and body type. Short of you being a Mesomorph you don't have to worry about being overwhelmed with muscle and even at that you won’t be bulky if you don’t follow a specific nutritional push. If you are intentionally taking up strength training to bulk up, then it is entirely different. When you want to build a good body, you need other recovery strategies with adequate sleep. This is often lacking in most of our lifestyle. Training with weight can help you gain some muscle apart from improving structural balance, posture and enhancing fat loss. But it is highly unlikely to swell you with muscle mass.

Myth 2: For chiseled abs focus on Crunches!

Fitness Myths You Probably Believe Debunked

Crunches are a powerful exercise to get you great looking abs. However, if you don't watch your weight no one will ever see all that hard work. In fact to sport real six pack abs the experts often suggest a mix of interval training, cardio, fat loss, and proper sleep. Your body fat percentage must be very low which requires you to streamline your diet and have cardio regime as well as lifting and crunching. Don't just depend on "ab exercises" include squats, deadlifts, chin-ups and other training moves that require you to activate your abdominal muscles. The right training, diet, genes and dedication will give you those brick like abs.

Myth 3: To replenish the body after workout count on Sports Drinks!

Fitness Myths You Probably Believe Debunked

Firstly you should know your sports drinks is just water along with carbohydrates and mostly a lot of sugar. Generally, these drinks can instantly recover the lost glycogen and give other benefits post a strict workout session. But an ideal substitute is a protein based drink not your standard sports drink abundant in carbs. You should consume a protein based drink about 20 minutes after your routine. This will help you quickly recharge the damaged muscle. Also, these are low on sugar thus the fat burning process is not obstructed.

Myth 4: Opt for Cardio Only for Quick Weight Loss!


Again wrong information. Balance cardio with strength training to melt away more calories instead of only cardio exercises. The resting metabolic rate (RBR) is responsible for burning most of the calories. When you exercise with weights, you preserve your RMR by storing the lean body mass (LBM). This LBM is crucial as it contributes to calories you burn everyday despite any physical activity. In simpler words, your body keeps burning calories even after the workout.

Myth 5: For optimal Fitness don’t skip a Workout!

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To be on the top of your fitness regime and in order to achieve your goals consistency is essential. But so is rest and recovery, which people often fail to acknowledge in their training session. Even if you are not a regular gym guy, your muscles need rest to adjust to the routine. When you have just started working out, it is a better idea to train hard one day and take the other day off. While more professional athletes should have a rest day at least one day a week.

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