TRX Full Body Burn Workout Anyone Can Do

TRX Full Body Burn Workout Anyone Can Do It

If you are looking for a variety in your exercise regime, while craving a trx full body burn, TRX Suspension Trainers might be your answer! In fact, TRX training or total-body resistance exercise has been used by many in their fitness journey; and eventually, the results have been amazing, to say the least. TRX primary uses only your resources: the pull of gravity and one’s own body weight! Also, you need another very important addition-the TRX straps! Besides, these straps can help you do all sorts of a very effective exercises; the options are seemingly endless. Therefore, let us go through some very acclaimed TRX moves which are known for giving you that full body burn

TRX Full body burn with Are you ready?

TRX Jump Squats

TRX Full Body Burn Workout Anyone Can Do It

First, take the TRX straps in each of your hands and face away while you push your glutes back and your knees out and squat down till your butt goes past your knees, while your arms are still raised above your head, holding the straps. Jump and land on your feet and repeat. This workout will set your heart racing and works well on your legs and glutes.

TRX Single Leg Lunge

TRX Full Body Burn Workout Anyone Can Do It

Take the TRX straps in each of your hands and face away while you slightly bend your elbow. Putting your right leg behind you, lunge down so that your hip is over your right knee. Stand back up and exchange sides. This works the quads and will give you a nice burn.

TRX Chest Press

TRX Full Body Burn Workout Anyone Can Do It

Firstly, take the TRX straps in each of your hands and face away while you extend your hand forward and walk backward till you are in a plank position. Your body should be in a line from head to toe. Bend your elbows so that you come to a push-up. Straighten your elbows so that your chest is pushed up while your arms are extended. Keep your core tight. This works your chest marvelously!

TRX Plank

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While facing the midpoint sit on the ground. Next, place both your feet in the bottom loop of your TRX band. Flip so that you do not face the midpoint anymore. However, make sure that your hands are at a shoulder-width distance touching the ground. Bring your arms and legs to use and push the body away from the ground such that you perform an elevated plank. If you want to add more difficulty lower down to your forearms. Now, keeping your hips still, try coming back up to your hands.

TRX Single Arm Row

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This is a remarkably tricky exercise which targets your back, abs, shoulders, and biceps. If doing the regular TRX low-row is not a challenge for you then this will be. In fact, this exercise is similar to the low-row one where you just play around with the intensity. To do this movement grab the handles tightly and lean all the way back. Your weight should be on your heels and arms fully extended in front. You have to keep your core tight while you squeeze your shoulder blades, bend your elbows to pull up upper-body. The only challenge? You have to row with a single arm here.

Hence, these moves you can easily do by strapping your TRX Suspension trainer anywhere you like. So if you are ready to hang on some tough full body workouts, you now know how to start

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