Giant Sets To Build Muscle Mass Gains

Giant Sets Workout Hybrid Circuit Training for Max Gains and Fat ShredThe giant sets workout is perfect for both beginners and professionals looking to achieve an effective long-lasting weight loss and muscle gain results.  Many are increasingly aware that methods involving maintaining a strict diet coupled with the aerobic workout are highly ineffective without implementing the proper weight training program.

Giant Sets to Help you Gain Lean Muscle Mass

Quick weight loss schemes once based on the ever-popular crash diets and low-calorie consumption programs were specifically designed with one factor in mind; to reduce excess weight. It comes as no surprise that these programs are highly ineffective and don’t produce long-term results. Although they may give a temporary boost to the metabolism process and burn more calories they also have been known to decrease muscle mass and tissue which are vital ingredients to any successful fat loss program.

Weight loss benefits

Weight loss candidates over the years of training have found one particular training method that has been able to provide them with the required positive results. This weight training method is the Giant Sets workout routine. The typical giant set workout includes effectively combining four to five weight training exercises into one single set which when performed correctly will target one particular muscle group during each workout such as abdominal, back or chest muscles. This workout has been used by professionals as a more precise and effective method in weight training and weight loss as opposed to straight training sets.

How to get started

The typical weight training routine will often include two to three sets of body part workouts normally followed by supersets or back to back routine exercises and then drop sets. The routine would then be completed by a specific rest period. Giant Sets Workouts, however, have been known to involve performing a greater volume of work of intense frequency within a shorter time frame.

Giant Sets Workout

Using the giant set workouts provides the lifter with a high-frequency workout to raise the body’s metabolic rate and cardiovascular function to in effect burn more calories to result in greater weight loss while promoting muscle mass and core strength.

These Giant sets are typically performed within a specific rotation with as little rest period as possible between exercises. The required exercises contained within each set can consist of no less than four routines to be carried out in as high a frequency as possible.

The aim of the giant sets workout is to allow the person performing the workout to effectively train the body to the point of exhaustion by completing reps in of no less than eight times thus building muscle mass and increase loss of fatty tissue before moving on to the next exercise set.

The resting period between each exercise set should be kept at no more than ten seconds allowing a maximum of thirty seconds between each set. This is done to ensure the coordinative efforts between each set of exercises is maximized to the fullest. The Giant sets workout has been effectively structured to target specific body parts by using sets of three exercises.

Giant Sets Sample Workout:

  • Military Overhead Press x 10
  • Standard Curls x10
  • Lateral Raises x10
  • Bench Dips x10
  • Rest for two minutes then repeat for a total of 3-4 sets

One of the prime benefits of the giant sets workout is their ability to combine a series of exercises into one short and compact set. This allows the typical workout depending on the section of the body trained to last generally between 30 to 45 minutes.

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