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Jump Power Lifts Workout To Build Muscle

Explosive Lifts to Power up your WorkoutWhen it comes to physical exercise and training, it’s probably pretty safe to assume that many of you tend to head to the gym several nights a week, and engage in a number of different activities and exercises like jump power lifts. Obviously, some of the most common exercises are going to be those involving cardiovascular exercise, such as sprinting on a treadmill, or cycling on an exercise bike, as well as some pretty common weight lifting exercises such as barbell curls or bench presses. As far as functionality is concerned however, Olympic lifts can be so, so beneficial for a number of reasons.

Jump Power Lifts Workout Routine to Build Explosive Strength

They help to strengthen your core and improve functional strength. They help to build muscle and endurance, and they’re also great for building strength. Going one step further however, we can look at Jump power lifts  and jumping power Olympic lifts to really see a difference. Jumping power lifts require athletes to perform a typical Olympic lift, only whereas on the positive part of the lift, they’d stay firmly planted to the floor, they instead generate explosive power from their legs, and jump upwards to perform the lift. These exercises are beneficial for a number of reasons, and there’s also a pretty decent variety to choose from.

Jump shrugs

To really build great traps and generate great explosive strength and power, jump shrugs can be extremely beneficial indeed. To perform this exercise, begin by standing over a barbell, making sure that the balls of your feet are positioned under the bar, slightly wider than hip width apart. You should then gently squat down and grip onto the bar with an overhand grip which should be slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Your arms should be straight and your wrists ever so slightly flexed. Next, you need to lift the bar up from the floor by extending your hips and your knees. You should aim to jump as high as you possibly can, shrugging your shoulders as you do so.

Jumping power cleans

These exercises are great for again, generating power and for targeting the deltoids. You should begin by standing over a barbell with your feet positioned underneath the bar. You should squat down and grip the bar with an overhand grip which is just wider than shoulder width apart. You should then lift the bar from the ground, generating power from your hips and your legs.

Once the barbell has just gone higher than your mid-thigh, you should allow it to graze your thighs and jump upwards into the air. You should shrug your shoulders and pull the barbell upwards with your arms, keeping the bar close to your body. For the final part of this lift, you’ll need to pull your body underneath the bar, catching it on your shoulders before your knees can bend any lower than 90 degrees. You should then stand up immediately.

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