Kettlebell Flow Workout All You Need To know

Kettlebell- tool for powerful exercise

A kettlebell is an essential tool for working out. In fact, be it a regular for strength training, or extensive yoga; kettlebell can be a popular tool used in most workouts. Even though kettlebells tend to look a little intimidating, it is a powerhouse of incredible potential and can give your exercise that extra pump. A ‘flow’ is a term extensively used nowadays, while it is nothing but a series or a sequence of a particular kind. However, having a proper kettlebell flow means you follow up one exercise after the other, creating a sequence of a sort. In fact, having a set flow of a particular time limit increases the chances of the workout getting executed. Thus, let us go through this 10 minutes kettlebell flow which might make you make the most of this powerful tool.

10-minute kettlebell flow

Kettlebell Push-Up

kettlebell pushup

Place the kettlebells down in the ground with your hands’ shoulder width apart and hold on to the handles. Drop down to a push up, then bring your feet forward in a launch position and spring upward to your feet ahead to change to a standing row, the next form.

Standing Kettlebell Row

Bend your knees very slightly and connect at the waist. Now, and with a low, neutral spine, row the kettlebells starting from just over your ankles up to your armpits and then back down to your ankles, straightening up in preparation of the double kettlebell clean.

Double Kettlebell Clean

Lift the kettlebells and enable them to rock between your straigtend legs legs, while keeping your upper arm upon your side and use a pulling up motion, followed closely by an uppercut motion and grab the kettlebells between your forearm and biceps at shoulder length.

Double Kettlebell Strict Press

Hold on to the kettlebells, while sustaining strict technique with no leg drive or bending backwards. Stretch through the elbow to advance the weights together immediately above your head. Pause for a while, and return the weight between your forearm and biceps at shoulder height. Extend it back to the floor by joining slightly at the waist
Thus, it is suggested that you repeat the flow seven times, making one set. First, do five sets, and you are good to go! Even though there are various exercises with kettlebells, it is still a tool which is most likely to collect dust in the corner. In fact, make the most of the kettlebells in your gym, and you will be surprised at how it delivers. However, some of the ways the humble kettlebell helps your body are:

  • Improves power and strength
  • Builds grip strength
  • Enables you to fight lower back pain
  • Improves posture and spinal stability
  • It works as a cardio
  • It helps in burning fat
  • Improves muscle stability and range of motion
  • The perks are undeniably endless. So let’s get that kettlebell rolling!

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