Most Laughable Exercise Inventions

Most Laughable Exercise InventionsWe have all, at some point or another, seen some ridiculously dopey laughable exercise inventions pop up in an infomercial on TV. A lot of fun has been poked at infomercials for their tired sales tactics, how ridiculous the products being advertised are, and the poor, poor saps who are swayed to pick up the phone and order the products immediately.

Here are a couple of the most laughable exercise inventions that we have seen.

There are very few industries purchase-over-the-phone products that will work, but they are especially not shy about preying on the weak masses of the get-fit-quick demographic.

Shake Weight

Most of us probably remember where we were the first time we saw a shake weight commercial. The pulsating handle suggestively thrusting back and forth in the demonstrator’s grip, inches from their face. All the while they smiled a grin of quiet satisfaction from that awesome... pump. It was one of those things that when it came on the TV you were excited to tap the guy beside you and point so that you would be forever associated with the joy of him experiencing the ridiculousness that is one’s first experience of processing what was happening on the screen and then laugh to each other knowing that somewhere someone is getting rich off of thousands of suckers who picked up the phone to “call now!”

Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power

What. Is. This. Seeing this video on YouTube for the first time may appear like some bad, twisted, joke poking fun in satire at some of the ridiculous exercise inventions birthed by the fitness industry and the willingness of the money-hungry and corrupt to reach into  every man’s pocket any chance they get with false promises of a better physique via some new technique or invention that utilizes some uncovered secret that has remained a total mystery from all of us until just now! Nope. It is not poking fun. This is actually one of those inventions. Whether its creators’ intentions were malicious or not, we like to imagine that the inventor had the best of intentions for all of us and either way the product’s marketing is just funny as hell.

The Face Trainer

We’re not really sure if this is really much of an exercise invention but it definitely deserves an honorable mention for its nature. The face trainer claims to use the same resistance training technique that we use on our muscles to make them larger and tighter to work the muscles of our face to eliminate wrinkles and laugh lines. If you YouTube it you will see women in masks demonstrating how to properly use the face trainer, which is literally a ski mask with the face cut out. The material provides resistance and the user fights against it to “flex” their face muscles to tighten the muscles and eliminate the effects of aging. The users stretch their jaws in different directions, open their mouths, make funny faces and roll their eyes backwards in their heads. A hilarious watch.

The Hawaii Chair

Another great invention to observe on YouTube and then never purchase. This is simply a stationary chair with an oscillating bottom. It claims that you can get abs by going about your daily routine while “the chair does all the work,” twerking your hips in circles like a dancing Hawaiian hula girl. The quickest way to abs with this machine is to buy one for your friend and take turns laughing at each other for looking ridiculous while using it.

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