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Best Muay Thai Training Moves For Beginner’s

Muay Thai Cardio Workout

Did you know Muay Thai fighting comes with multiple benefits for your heart? The Muay Thai fitness training can beat all your cardio workouts, CrossFit workouts, or HIIT personal workouts. The Muay Thai history dates back centuries ago, and it is also the national sport of Thailand. People of Thailand have been practicing this super intense workout for hundreds of years now. This combat style workout is also the absolute favorites of celebrities like Ryan Gosling and Gina Rodriguez. It demands full hands and legs to body contact that is you have to attack using your fists, elbows, knees, and feet. This should be your fitness regimen boys when you want to have a more grueling workout. It not only helps you outdo the challenges faced by your mind but also by your body!

If you are bored of going back to your regular fitness routine try out Muay Thai. This will assist you in adding the extra ‘punch’ to your cardio workout. By regularly including this training in your workout schedule you can tap into its excellent aspects. While most sports activities you do make your body healthier, give more agility and strength. Muay Thai comes across as a leading martial art to help you lose weight quickly. When you want a lean, muscular and fit physique, you have to include this workout to your routine. It is certainly good for when you are focusing on improving your core or lower body strength. So what are the most benefits you can get from including Muay Thai in your workout sessions? Lets find out!

Is muay thai training a good cardio workout?

Muay Thai training provides excellent cardiovascular conditioning. This is one aspect that is unbeatable by other sports activities, and you get impressive results. This workout is both aerobic and anaerobic in nature and induces a great fold of stress on your cardiopulmonary systems. With regular practice, the Muay Thai trainers gain incredible cardiovascular endurance which helps them sustain 3 to 5 rounds with great ease.

This muay thai cardio workout puts your body under constant stress, and it has to deal and adapt to it. This is the reason the Muay Thai athletes don’t tire easily as their body has adjusted to the sport with regular training. So to build incredible stamina, we recommend you include it in your routine ASAP! You will be surprised that how you can jump rope 100 times without complaining or losing your strength.  

For Better Core Strength Overall

When we talk about core, we are referring to your abdominal muscles. Your core drives all your strength and conditioning which is why it needs to be tough and robust. The core strength exercises give your abdominal muscles more power and also make back muscles and muscles around pelvis strong. However, the repetitive and rotational movement in Muay Thai add more strength to your core muscles and make you more physically active. Many people including bodybuilders, beginners, professional athletes think core strength only means strong abdominal muscles which is not true. During Muay Thai training a lot of muscles are targeted when you make defensive movements, perform strikes, or clinch. ALL of these movements contribute towards developing a strong core.

For Enhanced Leg Strength

Your leg muscles are the most utilized when you train for Muay Thai fighting. Almost every muscle present in your lower body is targeted when you do the training. Thus when you execute a typical training session, you perform a lot of footwork drills and kicks which improve your leg strength. Apart from enhanced leg strength you also enjoy other benefits which include improved muscle endurance. Your body will gradually be able to build up a lot of force, you will be more active, and your legs will become firm. Every Muay Thai fighter has calves to die for. Trust us; they did not develop these calves over a few practices. In fact, it took them years of training to reach the level they are at.

For Better Hip Mobility

With this training, your hip mobility increases by great folds and will benefit you in the years to come. This is one of the most overlooked advantages of Muay Thai. There have been many studies that say people who don’t exercise or train regularly are in for serious health problems as they age. They have higher chances of going through severe pain or medical conditions in the future. But with all the kicking and knee movements in this training, your body muscles undergo a range of motion. In years to come, it will benefit you in having good mobility and save you from the pain and limited mobility as you age.

Muay Thai Training an Excellent Stress Buster

Muay Thai stress for stress relief

Not a good day at work? Can’t find a way to vent? Can we interest you in some Muay Thai? Don’t worry we are not fooling around. This workout can actually help you relieve your stress. After an hour of kicking and punching your body will be too tired to stay stressed about your troubles during the day. Trust us with that!

To Kick Your Boredom Away

Your cardio workout doesn’t have to be coupled with boredom and repetitive movements anymore. In case you don’t feel like doing the usual treadmill exercise Let Muay Thai training spice it up.

For beginners, you should focus on getting the Muay Thai techniques and form right. This will ensure you get the most out of your workout and stay injury free. This exciting and always-changing training keeps you on your toes and doesn’t allow for workout laziness.

We promote leading a healthy life which is why we encourage Muay Thai fitness cardio training so that your workout is majorly rewarding. Still not interested? We suggest you watch Muay Thai videos and get a demo class to find out how interesting it can get. With regular exercise, you will be able to spot dramatic improvements. So if it feels hard now, with a little work it will become your new favorite workout.

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