How To Do The Perfect Burpee For A Full Body workout

How To Do The Perfect Burpee For A Full Body workout

If you are into fitness, you must surely know the importance of a perfect burpee! Fitness enthusiasts generally do various kinds of exercise to maintain their level of fitness. And a perfect Burpee exercise is a must on everyone's list for good reason. The Burpee is challenging but not too difficult and also one of the best exercises to burn fat, improve cardio and muscle tone in the body as it works group of muscle together.

Get your perfect burpee right!

How To Do The Perfect Burpee For A Full Body workout

A Burpee is an effective method that includes three kinds of movements from

  • A pushup
  • Squat jump to a squat
  • Back to pushup

As Burpee is a full body movement it requires a higher amount of oxygen within a short period of time. But a perfect Burpee is very important to exercise for cardiovascular fitness.

Burpee exercise perfectly executed

The Burpee training varies in accordance with the coach or gym as they alter some movements during their workout session. But there are some common movements in the Burpee, they are

  • You have to start with the squat position and keep your hands on the ground in front of you by placing your feet outwards.
  • Then you have to reach the plank position by jumping with feet back
  • The next movement is dropping to a push up in such a manner your chest touching the floor. Also, you can place your knee like before which allows you to do the push-up with ease.
  • The next push up is done to return back to the plan position and jump with the feet back towards the hands.
  • Jumping into the air by reaching the arms in a straight way overhead

Box Burpee

The box Burpee is a perfect Burpee exercise that enables you to lower the range of motion by keeping your hands on a stable box, or a bench. Therefore you can do the Burpee exercise movement by placing your hands on the floor . Ensure you have a good range of motion. In this case, you can gradually reduce the height of the box. It is better to use the aerobics step which has the adjustable risers to perform the Burpee exercise in an effective way.

Half Burpee

Half Burpee can be carried out by everyone who wants to lose the fat and maintain the fitness. This is considered as the perfect Burpee for both beginners and experienced ones. Further, you can start a half Burpee with the deep squat by keeping the legs wider. Then move forward to keep your hands on the floor and now kick your legs straight towards the outside by lowering your body to the ground.

Beginner Burpee

Generally for a Burpee, you jump with feet by keeping them forwards from pushup to squat and in a reverse manner. But in these beginner level Burpee movements, you will use the one leg at a time. Even if you have not much experience in the Burpee exercise, you can follow this beginner level Burpee. This method unloads the spine and so you can keep it in a neutral position in order to prevent pain. This also helps you to have great mobility in the hip. At last, push your body back quickly with the help of arms and take back your legs to the original position.

Thus, these are the best ways to do a perfect Burpee exercise to maintain your body fitness.  

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