Pillar Strength Exercises for a Firm Core

Pillar Strength ExercisesPillar strength is known as the foundation for all movement consisting of hip, core and stability of the shoulders. These are the three specific areas which provide the center axis for the overall movement. To understand how this works; one has to form a mental picture of the human body as a wheel with your pillar as the hub and your limbs are the spokes.

Pillar Strength Exercise to Build an Amazing Core

It’s impossible for someone to efficiently and forceful move a limb when not attached to something strong and solid. That is why pillar exercise are so effective, as your muscles connect your hips, torso and your shoulders using gravity. Once these areas are properly aligned the transfer of energy throughout your body can be done more effectively as you will be able to move more strength without feeling tired as easily. By adding pillar strength exercise to your fitness routine, your potential for injury will decrease as your overall body strength improves.

Contrary to the traditional body movements associated with body-building; with movements originating from the arms and legs. Pillar movement refers to the upper body as the pillar as the structural center of all body movement and life.

Popular Pillar Strength Exercises:

The Lateral Pillar Bridge- Feet Staggered.

This exercise is done by the person laying on their side and placing the forearm on the mat beneath the shoulder keeping both feet in a split type stance and your leg on top in a foreword position Push the forearm in the direction away from the body while tilting your hips in the air and supporting your bodyweight on your forearm as well as your feet. Maintain this exact position for the required time You then switch over to your other side and repeat the process.

The Diagonal Chop

By holding a 6 to 8 pound weight plate directly in front of your chest, stand with both feet apart. Start this exercise by pivoting on your right foot rotating at 90 degrees towards the right raising the ball up and in the same direction of rotation. Ensure your left knee is in line with your toes preventing the knee from twisting. Pivot using your left foot bringing the ball downwards towards the foot. Complete this exercise in ten repetitions on each foot.

The Weighted Cross Crunch

By laying flat on your back holding a dumbbell using both hands close to the right shoulder. Start by curling your torso upward and towards the left shifting the weight to your left hip. Repeat this exercise on the left side for at least ten times before moving to the right.

The Staggered-Stance Dumbbell Row

Using a set of dumbbells, stand placing your right foot within a few feet in away from your left foot bending in a forward direction from your hips maintaining this forward movement until your back is almost at an angle of 45 degrees towards the floor. Maintaining this position and keeping your back perfectly straight pull the weights towards your chest holding for 2 to 4 seconds and bringing them back down. Repeat this exercise ten times before switching to your left foot.

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