Weight lifting Power Moves to Build Strength

weight lifting power movesWhether you are new to the world of fitness, bodybuilding and power lifting or have been lifting for years. We are always looking for ways to take training to the next level and become bigger and stronger. Some people think building world class strength is all about genetics; while this may be true to an extent, there is nothing stopping you from reaching your full genetic potential and constantly improving your strength. Power lifters, bodybuilders and recreational lifters all have different goals but have the same foundations behind their methods: strength and size. In order to build world class strength you need to implement the golden five weight lifting power moves exercises into your regime.

Top 5 Weight lifting Power Moves to Add to Your Workout

THE GOLDEN FIVE exercises consist of the squat, deadlift, bench press, pull/chin up and military press.

If one of these weight lifting power moves are not in your workout, then you are not giving your body the full chance to grow. Each of these exercises is a compound movement that utilizes the most muscle tissue in large muscle groups, compared to isolation exercises that do not put the body under as much stress; therefore tearing less muscle fibers and building less muscle when you recover.


There is no better leg builder for size and strength, 60% of your muscle mass is in the lower half of your body so you should be doing all you can to utilize it. Want more good news? Regular squatting means your body will produce more growth hormone!


This move works the whole of your posterior chain and is a true test of strength, leave the barbell curls alone and try this if you want to see some real progress.

Bench press

Most lifters favorite on the list is the bench press. A big chest, shoulders and triceps is very noticeable and impressive. This move will greatly improve your upper body strength by working all three, the added bonus here is you will impress the ladies.

Pull up/ Chin up

The wide grip pull-up is the best lateral muscle builder known to man and will add great width to your back. The chin up variation is a good move to thicken your traps and bulk up your biceps!

Military press

Pressing matters call for the over-head military press. No kind of dumbbell raise can match this strength building exercise that incorporates every deltoid head and muscle fiber. Now you know of these exercises, you can be well on your way to becoming a power house! Good luck.

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