Risks and Benefits of Anabolic Steroid use to Build Muscle

Risks and Benefits of Anabolic Steroid use to Build MuscleIn today’s world, it is not just elite athletes who do anabolic steroid use. In fact, an extremely wide range of individuals from many different occupations and backgrounds use steroids recreationally for cosmetic purposes.

The Dangers of Anabolic Steroid Use

For many young men (and many older men as well) the prevalence of attractive, muscular and fit men within the media leads to a desire to look as chiseled as the men of the silver screen and magazines. For men who rank their attractiveness based on how much muscle they have, anabolic steroid use may seem like a good idea.

Regarding Legality

If you are considering anabolic steroid use and you live in the United States, you should know that it is illegal in the US. The 2004 Anabolic Steroid Control Act upheld an earlier law that placed Anabolic Steroids on the list of controlled substances back in 1990. Since then, steroid use has still continued despite the illegality of use.

All hormonal substances, supplements or drugs that are both pharmacological and chemically related to testosterone that additionally promote the growth of muscles are classified as Anabolic Steroids. But enough of the legal stuff, it is now time to turn to the questions of why people keep using steroids recreationally despite the fact that they are illegal and why recreational use of it is never a good idea.

Why Are Men Still Using Steroids for Recreational use?

We live in a culture that is extremely focused on physical attractiveness. Whatever trend dominates the media is what we wish to create for ourselves. Plastic surgery is extremely popular for men these days, with some men getting implants in their chests, buttocks, legs and even abs in order to look more chiseled and muscular.

Some men take steroids because they believe it will improve their libido in some way, or in order to maintain a body weight they achieved through bulking up and working out. For men who wish to create a strong physique quickly and for those who have been working out for a long time without significant results, steroids may seem like a convenient way to get the physique they crave in a shorter period of time and to maximize their possible results.

Why is Anabolic Steroid Use Such a Bad Idea?

First of all, there are many documented cases where steroids have caused men to act more aggressively than they typically would or have caused other changes to men’s personalities. Some studies have suggested that if young men use anabolic steroids before they have reached their adult height they may have stunted growth as a result.

Most men who are taking it on a recreational basis do not have medical supervision and thus are not consulting a doctor before deciding which steroids to take, how much to take or how frequently to take doses. There is also the question of quality control, as anabolic steroids that are taken recreationally are likely ‘black market’ drugs and thus the contents and reliability are questionable at best.

On top of that, messing around with hormones on your own is never a good idea. The bottom line is, if you are for cosmetic reasons, you should probably stop.

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