Sleep Deprivation Effects on Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Sleep Deprivation Effects on Fat Loss and Muscle GainBodybuilders have known for the last fifty years that part of avoiding the problems of over-training is done by sleeping correctly. sleep deprivation and effects fat loss muscle gain are an issue that many lifters simply overlook. It’s no wonder that on average man today in this fast paced world sleeps less than the average male did 100 years ago.

How sleep deprivation affects your weight loss and muscle gain goals

If you want to lose fat or gain muscle you need to first make sure that you are sleeping correctly and that means the quality of the sleep you are getting. The main reason why sleep is so vitally important is because it regulates your hormones that in turn regulate your fat metabolism which controls your ability to process food more quickly and burn more fat.

Increases leptin levels

Science has now proven sleep deprivation decreases your leptin levels and increases levels of ghrelin that are known to slow down your metabolism. If you are in the process of eating more often to increase the speed of your metabolism then you will be working against yourself by not sleeping.

Affects your eating patterns and metabolism

When you are sleep deprived it works against you in more than one way. The first is you eat more and secondly you burn fewer calories. Probably the most troubling part of all is you burn your muscle instead of burning fat.

How important is sleep for muscle growth

Sleep deprivation makes the body burn muscle instead of fat. If you are trying to diet while in a sleep deprived state your total burn will be twice the amount of muscle and only half the amount of fat. You need to be a lot more protective of your sleeping hours if your goal is to gain lean muscle and lose fat. If you don’t get the sleep your body needs your workout and diet efforts will be in vain because you are burning that muscle you work hard for at the gym.

Research that has recently been done on the subject of sleep deprivation now shows that your running speed drops by an average of 5% if you don’t get enough sleep to allow muscle recovery. You will also lose have a decrease of roughly 9% in your athletic abilities. Depending on what you do this can mean a 9% drop in your basketball shooting percentage or 9% decrease in you lifting efforts.

Increases cortisol levels

Another correlation between sleep deprivation and muscle gain has to do with your cortisol level. The bodies level of cortisol increases greatly when you are sleep deprived. Which in turn makes muscle gain harder and your risk for burn out and overtraining increases. Studies have also found links with growth hormones being affected by sleep deprivation however it is not very clear and has not been specifically reported in a study yet.

Get more sleep with time management

So if you are still wondering how important is sleep for muscle growth the answer is it is vital. It is all about time management and the experts say that if you wake up with the help of an alarm every morning chances are you suffer from sleep deprivation. You need to plan your sleeping time correctly and allow your body to get the correct amount of sleep that it needs so that you can wake up on your own without an alarm. sleep deprivation and effects fat loss muscle gain

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