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Slide Board Cardio Exercises Fat Burning Workout

Fat Burning Slide Board WorkoutA lot of guys have probably seen the fat burning slide board workout on the floor of their gym and passed it up for something more traditional like free weights. A lot of people actually don’t know how to utilize this device but no worries, here are some solid exercises anyone can perform.

Fat Burning Slide Board Workout for The Ultimate Cardio Exercise

You can use high intensity interval training with these exercises to get your body fired up in fat burn mode. Simply perform the exercises listed below for 30 seconds, 45 seconds, or 1 minute with a brief 10-15 second rest in between and then switch. Perform these exercises for more than 20 minutes in this fashion and you can torch some excess fat quickly.With the slide board.

Mountain Climbers

Facing the long way of the slide board place hands on the ground in front of the end of the board and alternate pulling your knees to your chest.

Double Climber (Jack knife)

same stance and position as the mountain climber except for this exercise you pull both knees to your chest at the same time.


For this maneuver you keep both of your feet together, pushup position, with your legs straightened out. Instead of bending your legs and drawing your knees to your chest, pull both feet up towards your hands and allow your butt to raise into the air to form a peak. Slowly let your feet slide back out from under you to return to a pushup position.

Reverse lunges

standing in front of the board, place one foot on the board and leave the other as an anchor. Slide the foot on the board into a reverse lunge, keeping your front leg’s knee behind your toes and getting your thighs parallel for a full form lunge.

Lateral lunge

Stand perpendicular to the slide board straddling the end with one foot on the floor and one foot on the slide board. Slide the food on the board out from underneath you while lunging with the foot on just the floor remaining stationary. Bend knees to 90 degrees and return to starting position.


Start with both hands on the board, arms fully extended, with your thumbs and pointer fingers forming a diamond. From this position slide your arms out to about shoulder width apart and perform a regular pushup. Return to the starting position by sliding your hands back together and extending your arms back out.

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