Boxing Workouts for Beginners The Best Guide

The Boxing WorkoutThere’s no doubt that boxing workout is a rough and tough exercise that requires physical strength, endurance and extreme stamina. It’s no wonder why so many men including celebrities have taken interest into learning the moves of a prize fighter. They have bulging biceps, washboard abs and legs of steel and when it comes to strength, well, they can really pack a punch. If you want to have the chiseled body of a boxer without taking blows to the face try this workout on for size.

Boxing Workout for Beginners:

Warm Up

As with all workouts the warm up for boxing workout is very important. We go back to the workout fundamentals with skip exercises.
• Jumping Jacks (5 x 50 reps)
• Jump Rope – 5 minutes, alternate forward and backward rope swings.
Bag Work – Skills and proper technique go a long way in boxing workout once fatigue starts to set in round after round.
Overhead Swinging Bag – 50 reps on left 50 reps on right x 3 sets

Standing Bag

Keep your punches just below full speed (85 -90% total strength)
• Jab, cross (20 reps x 5 sets)
• Jab, cross, hook (20 reps x 5 sets)
• Jab, cross, hook, uppercut (20 reps x 5 sets)
• Jab, cross, hook, uppercut, body shot (20 reps x 5 sets)

Cardio – No boxer will ever make it through 12 rounds without proper conditioning. Even if cardio isn't your thing you should really familiarize yourself with the treadmill, elliptical or other cardio equipment if you want to be fit like a boxer.
• 4-5 mile jog with 2 lbs. weights in each hand. Keep a steady pace at 8-9 minutes per mile.

Abdominal Work

You have to have a solid core to get you through a boxing match. Your abs support your body and absorb body punches.
50 reps of each exercise x 3 sets
• Crunches
• Right side crunch
• Left side crunch
• Sit up with medicine ball hits
• V-up’s
• Bicycle

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