Ways To Prevent Workout Soreness of The Muscle

Tips to Prevent Workout SorenessWe have all heard somebody say NO PAIN, NO GAIN. The question is how relevant is this quote? It goes without saying that working muscles to full exertion is going to lead to some pain; but there are things we can do to prevent workout soreness and speed up recovery.

Top Tips to Prevent Workout Soreness

Workout soreness is known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and many people use this as their judgement as a gauge of progress. This soreness has not actually been proven as a valid way to judge progression in your training; therefore one should look at ways to prevent workout soreness.

Read on to find out how o prevent workout soreness:

1. Glutamine

amino acid is the most abundant in the human body and also one of the best supplements available. It speeds up recovery of muscles; therefore reducing pain and has even been known to boost your immune system. Taking 5 to 10g a day is the recommended daily intake but this will vary upon each individual.

2. Deep tissue massage

Professional athletes and sports stars across the globe rely on deep tissue massage, it can increase flexibility and release tension and stiffness in joints, muscles, bones and ligaments AND it is proven to reduce pain and recovery time from strenuous exercise.

3. Caffeine

Caffeine as a wakeup call but it has many other benefits too. One of the best is, being ability to improve strength and performance. Scientists also suggest that caffeine blocks central nervous receptors that are linked to pain.

4. Hydration

Muscles need water to function properly and at the time of exercise they become dehydrated. Drink plenty of water at regular intervals throughout the day for optimal recovery and function.

5. Nutrition

As always, food is the most important factor in all of your fitness goals. Your post workout meal is arguably the second most important meal of the day. If you don’t replace the nutrients you have used in the workout- your recovery will suffer a great deal. we would advise you to miss a workout than a meal any day of the week.

Don’t worry if your workouts don’t hurt like they used to, as time goes on it gets harder to achieve the same levels of pain as when you first started training. This is a good thing, it shows your condition is improving so carry on as you are. You have no need to worry, As long as you are giving 100% every workout.

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