Using and Abusing Testosterone to Get Fit

Using and Abusing Testosterone to Get FitIt was recently announced that Australian researchers started the world’s first study that aims to help men lose weight and prevent diabetes by giving them testosterone. So the question is ‘what are the advantages of taking testosterone and can we get fit and lose fat without taking abusing Testosterone?

Testosterone does a lot of different things to the body in quite a lot of different ways. One of the main functions is it enlarges the muscle cells that in turn allow you to build bigger muscles. It does this by allowing the cells to pull harder for longer resulting in increased size and strength.

Another function of testosterone is it stimulates muscle cells to multiply, again adding to muscle grow. However aside from growing muscle additional testosterone in the body can give you more energy, increases your sexual desire, enhances mental focus and competitive edge, and can lower your level of body fat.

On the other hand low levels of testosterone continue to contribute too many different medical problems that science is trying to solve. When testosterone levels are low it has been conclusively shown to play a role in erectile dysfunctin, reduce your sexual desire, lower energy levels, increase chance of depression, lower bone density, reduce levels of muscle mass and increase your overall body fat so how do you know if you are abusing Testosterone.

It is with this motivation that a study that has recently been done in Australia was started. Obviously the reason to take testosterone would be to enhance your quality of life and your health generally but we will not go into the complexities of taking testosterone as a sport enhancer here.

If you use testosterone to help combat low T or any other health aliment the line between use and abuse can get complicated. Since you are not using it to gain a competitive advantage in a competition many men have a high tendency to overuse and abuse it to enhance their health, lose fat, increase muscle gain and energy.

Whatever the benefits of taking testosterone are you simply should not take it in excess because the risks are enormous. No matter if you use an injection, cream or patch anytime you introduce a significant amount of testosterone that not only replaces low levels but moves you to a higher level than you would naturally produce it can trigger your body to stop its own production.

Additionally this extra testosterone in your system triggers what is known as a loop of negative feedback meaning the high supply makes your bodies receptors less sensitive and will need to maintain a high level in order to function at the same level. So the body will demand a higher level of testosterone to function in conjunction with lower natural production puts you at a deficit.

To make matter worse once you do stop taking the testosterone it triggers withdrawal response that can linger for months after use or even years. In fact there are a few cases that it has never returned to previous production. It is simply not worth the risk.

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