How To Do V Sit Ups For Beginners Perfect Abs Exercise

The V Sit-up WorkoutMen who are hard gainers will often find that although they exercise regularly they are still unable to reduce their excess stomach fat even though they practice the v sit up exercise workout. This difficulty in fat loss around these areas are primarily due to the fact that fat existing around the stomach areas is much harder to shed than the normal layers of fatty tissue generally found underneath the skin. This has resulted in a number of professional trainers utilizing a combination of a healthy diet and exercise in their training efforts to effectively get rid of that unwanted belly fat.

The V-Sit Up Workout to shred those abs

One of the recognizable workout routines performed by most men in their efforts to reduce their belly fat and tone those abdominal muscles involves the traditional training workout recognizing the proper amount of sit-up reps to create an anaerobic response within the body. Typically a low frequency exercise routine designed to elevate the heart rate is often enough to increase the cardiovascular function of the individual to promote an increase in calorie burn and fat loss. The key to exercise programs such as these is the knowledge of which sit-ups to perform during the workout.

How to do a V Sit-Up

The traditional version of the V Sit-up widely used by many professional trainers is an exercise easily performed by the average fitness enthusiast of an intermediate level to develop their core strength and stimulate fat loss.

  1. The exercise generally begins with the person sitting on an exercise mat has placed on the floor elevating both knees facing the ceiling
  2. . The elbows should be bent while reclining the upper back until both elbows are flat on the floor with the total upper body weight supported by the forearms.
  3. During this position the individual should experience some contraction of the abdominal muscles.
  4. While maintaining both legs perfectly straight the individual will elevate the legs towards the ceiling holding the position for a few seconds before lowering them to the floor.

During this position the upper body should be at an angle of about forty-five degrees from the floor, arms fully extended towards both feet in the V form. This exercise should be completed in exercise sets consisting of ten to fifteen reps. Men who have found the exercise no longer physically challenging will often elevate their upper body into a full V position for a more formidable exercise.

Seated V Sit-Up

Another variation of the V Sit-up exercise can be performed by the average individual during office hours at work.

  1. Typically the exercise is performed from a seated position by sliding towards the front of the chair resting backwards allowing your back to touch the back of the seat.
  2. The right knee is then elevated upwards by contracting the abdominal muscles and then returned to the ground simulating the motion with the left knee.
  3. Most have found that completing ten to fifteen reps on each leg has provided them with an adequate easy and effective workout.
  4. The second part to this variation of the V-Sit-up exercise is completed by sitting in an upright position on the front edge of the chair similarly positioning your upper body against the back of the chair as before engaging the abdominal muscles.
  5. However instead of lifting the knees the individual should lift the upper body into an upright seated position using the abdominal muscles.
  6. Advanced fitness exercisers will often include the pulling up of both the legs simultaneously during the sit-up movement forming a V shape for completing the exercise.
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