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Diet vs. Exercise: Which Is Most Effect For Weight Loss

Losing Fat with Diet vs. ExerciseThe question of diet vs. exercise is certainly not a new question and is something that people and sports scientists as well as exercise physiologists and dietitians have been asking for a long time. Recent studies that have been specifically asking this question did not report good news.

Diet vs. Exercise what is the most effective for weight loss

In fact all of these studies have all shown quite conclusively that it is easier to lose weight or fat by diet than by exercise. There was even a study done on the Hazda people who are still hunter gatherers in Tanzania. The study showed that the people burn about the same amount of calories as the average active westerner.

The reason that the question of diet vs. exercise has become such an issue is because many people all over the world show little weight-loss from doing exercise on a regular basis. The obvious answer is all about what, when and how we eat on a daily basis.

Can you lose weight with exercise alone?

If the objective when exercising is to lose weight then you should know that you will get better and faster results from dieting correctly and changing your eating habits that put on the weight in the first place. The central theme for achieving any long term results are all based on diet and nutrition rather than exercise.

But that certainly does not mean that the benefits of longevity and general health have not been well documented over the years by doing exercise on a regular basis. There have been numerous studies over the years showing the long term health benefits of doing exercise.

However, these benefits exclude weight-loss unless they are combined with the addition of correct eating habits or calorie counting. It seems that counting the calories as well as the quality of these calories is the most effective and certainly the easiest way to lose weight permanently.

Your metabolism and weight loss

Unfortunately, the direct effect on metabolism that exercise has is also not such good news either. Studies show that many people who exercise on a daily basis do not necessarily have a faster BMR (basic metabolic rate) than their non-exercising counterparts.

These same studies show that speeding up your metabolic rate is not going to be effectively achieved by just doing exercise. We have to eat correctly in order to change the speed of our metabolic rate and that simply means that when it comes to the diet vs. exercise, diet wins hands down every time but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook from working out. Diet might have a bigger impact on ditching the pounds but for maintaining your weight loss feats and a better quality of life you need to strike a good balance of both diet and exercise.

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