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Weight Loss Workouts Without CardioBeginners when deciding of selecting a suitable workout to satisfy their weight loss goals are often confronted with two main training options, cardio and weight training. While there are those who will live and die by the cardio training method as the key to weight loss there are others who have in their experience and observation proven the benefits of weight-training in their weight loss efforts.

Weight training without cardio for weight loss

EPOC and the afterburn effect

One of the primary factors attributing to this fact is excess post-exercise oxygen consumption commonly referred to as the afterburn effect or, the calories burnt after completing the exercise workout. In a scientific study it was observed that individuals after performing a typical weight training workout experienced a significant boost in their metabolism levels thirty-six hours post the workout resulting in an increase of seventy to eighty calories burnt. With an average cardio workout individuals were found to gain an extra of forty to sixty calories burned after performing a light to moderate cardio routine at high intervals and for an extended duration of time than during weight-lifting.

Weight Loss Weight Training

Weight loss programs utilizing weight-training as their primary focus have been traditionally able to effect the weight loss goals in men based on the ability of weight-lifting and resistance training to produce a long term increase in the metabolic rate of the body.

Increase your BMR with regular training

A consistent weight-training routine will allow an increase in the build up of lean muscle mass of the individual serving as the calorie torching facility of most professional bodybuilders and weight-lifters. In fitness principle it is a widely known and documented fact that the more muscles an individual possesses within their body the higher the Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR (the rate at which the body burns energy at rest) of the individual resulting in better calorie burning results on a constant basis.

In considering the long-term lifespan of muscle-tissue when exposed to stimulus and stress through training, a proper protein diet and adequate recovery time weight trainers have been able to develop a number of successful weight-lifting programs as a strategy for losing body fat and burning calories to promote additional weight loss.

Men who have for generations been able to eat more than women without the curse of gaining weight have generally benefited from this scientific discipline due to the fact that most men have more lean muscle mass within their bodies to effect a higher calorie burn both while the body is active and also in a state of rest.

Resistance Training

Professional bodybuilders for centuries have used weight lifting and resistance training as an effective method to reshape their physical structure. While cardio training serves as an effective method of losing weight, the activity when performed by itself will undoubtedly stimulate a loss in not only body fat but additionally muscular density and mass reducing the individual to a smaller version of their current self.

Thus when training with the assistance of resistance training the typical bodybuilder instead of recognizing a hypocaloric diet (consuming fewer calories than usual) will stand an increased chance of primarily losing body fat without muscle loss, whine increasing muscular build, density and physique

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