What’s Your Workout Excuse for Not Working Out

 workout excuse for not working out better to workoutExcuses are like asses, we all have them, so what’s your workout excuse for not working out. While I certainly won’t deny that I like looking good and that I care about my appearance, it’s not the only reason I hit the gym. Yeah, I have to be super critical about the way my body looks when I’m competing. I have to try and see what the judges see otherwise I’m limiting my own success.

How your workout Excuse can be holding back performance

Find your motivation

But in all honesty, if all you’re going to do is care about what’s on the surface, you’ll never get all you can out of a fitness activity. You just have to find that one thing that keeps you going or you’ll never push past the challenges and roadblocks that come up (and believe me – they’ll totally come up). For me – that’s my kids. They’re simultaneously my biggest motivator and my biggest excuse when it comes to bodybuilding.

Reflect on what keeps you going

I want my girls to see what can be accomplished through all-natural hard work. I want them to see that strength is about more than size; it’s about mental focus and determination. And most of all, I want them to see that pursuing a healthy body is a reflection of personal commitment, hence why all-natural has been so important to me.

Plan your schedule for life’s interuptions

Making time for family and getting in a full workout schedule can be tough. Your kids have homework and dance classes, and they need to eat dinner and spend quality time with me, and go to birthday parties. Most people I know tell me that’s enough reason to not train so hard or so often. But here’s the interesting thing – to me, it’s actually all the more reason to keep at it and not make workout excuse. The stronger I get, the more equipped I am to handle anything my girls throw at me.

Be honest with yourself about your workout excuse

If you’re having trouble making room in your life for your fitness goals… ask yourself just how legitimate no excuses workout for not working out is, really. Or, do what I do, ask yourself what your excuse is holding you back from. I could easily blame my kids when I blow off the gym. Or I could ask myself what I’m teaching them by taking the easy way out. Me, I choose to man up and hit the gym.

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