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Best Yoga Poses for Men Flexibility

Yoga Moves for MenWhen men hear someone say yoga poses for men the first thing that usually pops in their head is silly breathing and trying to do these crazy moves… gracefully! Well many can admit that they used to think like that as well but after trying yoga on a regular basis you can see great improvements in their life both physical and mental.

If you are a person that has never been flexible, after doing Yoga enough times you will be able to visually see the improvements like stretching further, better posture and most importantly better range of motion in your weight lifting workouts (hello gains!). Here is a list of our top 5 favorite yoga poses for men and also how often you should consider doing these.

Top yoga poses for men

1. Tree

A simple pose as a concept but once you start to it’s apparent how hard it is to maintain. This forces you to learn balance and calm. You stand straight and place your foot on the inside of your opposite thigh. Your toes on the thigh should be snug and pulled in as close as possible with the toes pointing down. Lift your hands to the sky with palms together and picture yourself as a tree!

2. Warrior 1/2/3

This is technically 3 different exercises but we consider it one solid unit of movement. Warrior one is a stationary lunge with the back heel on the ground and toes pointed outward. The front leg needs to be deep in the lunge and strong as you’ll look up and bring your palms together in the air. While holding this you can switch to warrior 2 which maintains the same pose but one arm goes in front and one arm behind. Imagine yourself on a surf board if you will. After this you switch into warrior 3 which is the back arm resting on your back leg, front arm reaching over behind you and head looking back. Talk about intense!

3. Downward Dog

Start in plank position and then leave the feet and hands while rocking back and reaching your butt straight into the air. Your head should be pointed down and looking between the legs. This move is quite hard to get both heels on the floor but don’t worry about that as just keeping good form.

4. Crane yoga poses for men

Quite a challenging move and we wouldn’t recommend this unless you are advanced or have been doing yoga for a long time. Go down into a squat position with your feet 2 or 3 inches apart. Pull your knees apart past your hips begin to tilt forward with the torso. Stretch the arms and out straight then bend them back as you place your palms on the ground followed by your upper arms on the shins. Try to hold for 30 seconds to a minute.

5. Bridge yoga poses for men

A great back bend that helps the spine. Lie on the back with arms by your side you’ll bend your knees and plant the feet firmly. As you exhale push your arms and feet into the floor while driving your hips to the ceiling.

This is just a few of our favorite Yoga poses you guys can try. If you plan on following this exactly we recommend doing each movement for about 1-2 minutes and repeating 3-4 times. This will give you a great 30-45 minute workout of yoga!

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