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Antioxidant Moisturizer – Hope in a Jar

Antioxidant MoisturizerIf you’re one of the forward-thinking men out there that uses an antioxidant moisturizer or, even better, a retinol cream, we commend you. You are absolutely doing the right thing to help diminish fine lines and pre-wrinkles while also lessening the appearance and depth of existing wrinkles. And while most retinol-based formulas are essentially the same in the composition of the amount of retinol (vitamin A), effectiveness can be compromised by the type of container it comes in.

The Antioxidant moisturizer that all men should add to their grooming routine

Retinol creams for men

As an antioxidant moisturizer, retinol works to neutralize the free-radical properties of oxygen in the air and our bodies. It’s also great for smoothing out rough skin, reduces acne scarring, can lighten dark spots and reverse skin damage. It was originally developed by scientists to combat severe acne. However, it is commonly used as a powerful tool for reversing wrinkles.

Since Retinol is so powerful it’s not recommended for regular use. If overused it can result in dry skin and sensitivity to sun exposure. To still use the benefits of this powerful cream dermatologists recommend to retinol based products containing no more than 1% retinol to prevent skin sensitivity issues.

The best way to store it

Retinol creams that are kept in a jar are exposed to oxygen even when the jar is closed, meaning that the retinol is being spent up prior to application. Tubes are better, as they limit the oxygen exposure, but unless the tube is of a more rigid type of rubberized plastic or aluminum, it will draw oxygen back into the tube whenever pressure is released. Granted, this is better than just open exposure in a jar, but it’s not the only other alternative. Best of all are closed, sealed bottles with a pump mechanism. This will draw up the retinol product using only enough air to activate the pumping action, thereby preserving the antioxidant properties of retinol just long as possible.

So next time you think retinol is just for the ladies think again. Many men are jumping on the antioxidant moisturizer bandwagon to help reverse skin damage and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

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