Blade vs. Electric Razors – the Eternal Debate

Razors: Blade vs. Electric – The Eternal DebateTo shave or not to shave is, unfortunately, not the question. Unless you’re keen on sporting a new mountain-man look, shaving is pretty much a given. Even if you wear a beard, there is some substantial trimming and tidying that must go on if you want it to look presentable, and some of it requires the use of razors.

So the big question is – traditional blades vs. electric razors?

Well, truthfully, it depends in a few things, such as your lifestyle, your preference and the amount of time you have in the morning. In case you’re on the fence, we’ve compiled handy list of pros and cons for each razor type.

Traditional Blade Razors


• Can be used in any shower without fear of electrocution
• Offers a baby-smooth, close shave
• Lightweight and portable
• Inexpensive disposable options available
• Gels and aftershaves moisturize and soothe skin
• Less chance for razor burn
• Fewer ingrown hairs
• Can be therapeutic and soothing, if you have the time


• Must be used with water (if you still want to have surface skin on your face)
• Higher chances of accidental cuts, nicks, and tiny shreds of stuck-on toilet paper
• Requires at least three grooming products; possibly more if your beard is especially stubborn
• Takes a long time
• Can be costly over time

Electric Razors:


• One-time investment that pays for itself over time
• Can be used in the car, in your easy chair, in your hotel, or pretty much anywhere, provided you have batteries or a power cord
• Easy to clean
• Any number of attachments and options for beards, mustaches and sideburns available
• Very quick and pretty much painless
• No water or grooming products necessary


• Doesn’t provide a close shave – you may have to go over the same areas more than once
• More ingrown hairs
• More razor burn
• Higher up-front cost than a traditional razor
• Can be bulky and noisy
• Many electric models can’t be used in the shower
• Improperly charged batteries can lead to a half-shaved face
• Requires maintenance and cleaning
• Blades need to be replaced regularly, and can be rather pricey
• Has mechanical parts that can break

The long and short of it?

If you have a beard that’s sparse and doesn’t require frequent shaving, if you have extra time in the morning, or if you find wet shaving relaxing, a traditional razor is the way to go. However, if you have to shave frequently, don’t enjoy shaving, are pressed for time, or travel often, an electric razor may be best for you. Of course, you can have the best of both worlds. You can use a classic razor when you have the time, and keep an electric razor for when you need to shave and go.

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