Skin Care Easy Guide For Men To Follow

Body Skin Care - The Skin You’re InAs you have probably heard before your skin is the body’s largest organ. So why do so many men neglect skin care? Some don’t want to take the time or may think that skin care is for the ladies. The only problem with that line of thinking is when skin is not properly taken care of it can lead to a variety of undesirable attributes like accelerated aging, redness, itchiness, fine lines and rough dry skin. If you find yourself one of those guys with rough, dry skin here are a few basic tips to help bring back your skin.

• Use Sunscreen/ Avoid over exposure to elements

Sun exposure is the number one offender for skin issues. However cold weather and tough elements can be just as dangerous since they strip the lipids in your skin from valuable moisture. Always use SPF when going out in the sun and make sure to use moisturizer if you plan to be out in the cold for an extended period of time.

• Drink water

Staying hydrated will restore or maintain your fluid balance. When your skin is properly hydrated it is smooth and bouncy to the touch.

• Use lotion

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. The best way to combat dry skin is the easiest way which is use lotion. Find a body lotion like Vaseline intensive care for your body and a facial moisturizer like Aveeno for Men for your face.

• Don’t smoke

Not only is smoking bad for your entire body but it takes quite the toll on your skin. Long time smokers show signs of damaged dry skin and discoloration. It can also block your pores from breathing and the pollutants from the smoke will settle of your face (not a good picture). Kicking your habit will not only help your skin issues but your insides will thank you too.

• Clean your skin regularly

Wash your skin daily however if you are prone to dry skin try to use a milder soap. Heavy duty and strong antibacterial soap will strip your body of natural oils and can further dry you out.

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