Does Drinkable Sunscreen Actually Work?

Does Drinkable Sunscreen Actually WorkFor many of us, the summer is now finally here after a wait of what seemed like decades. There is now drinkable sunscreen and for most of us that is indeed great news. But does drinkable sunscreen actually work? Many of us tend to love the summer months due to one thing in particular, and that one thing is known as the sun. The sun is responsible for all life here on earth, which is kind of ironic really because too much of it can actually kill things, including human beings. Would you drink your sunscreen instead of spraying it on.

Does drinkable sunscreen actually work

The sun emits UV ultra violet rays that can lead to skin cancer when they come into contact with us, yet despite this, many of us still insist on spending hours upon hours basking in the hot sunshine, burning ourselves to a crisp in the process and literally killing ourselves in some instances. What makes things worse is that many of us refuse to wear sun screen and sun protection lotions as we don’t like the way they feel, the way they smell, or having to rub it all over our bodies every few hours. If any of the above sounds familiar to you, then you may be in luck because recently scientists and experts are especially thrilled because they believe they’ve developed the world’s first, drinkable sunscreen. But is all actually as it seems?

So what exactly is drinkable sunscreen?

Well, at risk of sounding repetitive and annoying, it’s basically exactly what it says on the label, a drinkable sunscreen. It’s basically just a water that contains certain enzymes and other properties which we’ll be looking at in a minute, that provides you with the equivalent of factor 30 sun screen, all over your body. That means that your skin doesn’t feel greasy and oily, you won’t get tan or burn marks on your body where you missed a spot, and you won’t need to find somebody, often a complete stranger, to rub the lotion all over your back for you because you don’t happen to be a double jointed contortionist.

How does it work?

Described a UV neutralizing harmonizing water, this product claims to block up to 97 percent of UBV and UVA rays emitted from strong sunshine, mostly during the hotter summer months. If you’re expecting it to be just like a bottle of water then you’ll be disappointed as you simply have to drink a few milliliters, which can be measured out using the dropper that comes with it, and then basically repeat this process every few hours to keep yourself topped up. The main reason this product is supposed to work is that it contains sclar waves, also known as standing waves.

Hang on, what are they?

Exactly, here’s where things get confusing and controversial because these “Scalar waves” are only found via alternative treatments and medicines and there is actually no scientific proof that these waves exist at all, and if they do, how they block UV rays is still a complete mystery. The bottom line is that not enough is known about this product for it to be deemed safe so by all means feel free to try for yourself, but don’t go throwing out all of your tried and tested sunscreens, creams, and moisturizers just yet.

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