Grooming and Appearance Tips from Women

Grooming and Appearance Tips from WomenGrooming and appearance tips from women. When it comes to pleasing the woman in our lives we men do a great deal from spending more time with them to going to see that romantic movie they’ve been talking about for weeks. But, there is one aspect of our lives that we give less leeway to the women in our lives that they would love to completely overhaul… the way we dress. If you have ever wondered what your lady love would say about the way you dress take a look at these topics of grooming and appearance that women would change.

Grooming and appearance tips from women

1. Spend a Little Time on Your Skin

All too often men pay more attention to shaving the faces, giving minimal effort to their hair and putting on close that they think look good, but pay no attention to grooming and appearance that could use a little TLC. Spending a little time and money on your skin with a good facial cleanser, exfoliant and moisturizer can improve your overall look and give you a boost in effectively picking up ladies.

2. Don’t Overdo Hair Removal

Many women like to have a guy they are with have a manscaped body, free of overly bushy pubic areas and furry chest, but don’t overdo it by waxing or shaving it all away. Being bare may be a turn on for you when it comes to women, but for women seeing a hairless man is tantamount to looking at a weird man-boy… which is never an appealing thing.

3. Jewelry in Moderation

If you have a nice watch, a family ring or a favorite necklace it is okay, but if you are putting them all together and adding more it is a big turn off for women. She doesn’t want to see her reflection in the shinny surface of your 5 gold chains, so apply jewelry in moderation.

4. Only Wear Useful Accessories

From sunglasses to scarves and everything in between, make sure the accessories fit both what you are wearing already and where you are going. Make them useful or get rid of them such as wearing sunglasses indoors… instead of looking cool, you’re going to look like an idiot who trying too hard to look effortlessly cool.

5. Show a Little Booty

Just like when you check out a woman’s backside when she walks away, women do the same thing to men and if you’re wearing a pair of baggy, saggy pants she’s not going to like it very much. You don’t have to wear skintight pants, but show a little booty by wearing form fitting clothes that show off your best assets.

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