Manscaping Tips – A Beginner’s Guide

Manscaping – A Beginner’s GuideWhen it comes to body hair, especially there are vastly differing opinions on how much is appropriate and what the best ways are to keep it in check. Intimate areas of the body, in particular, get a lot of curious attention when it comes to hair. So before you pick up your razor or trimmers check out these manscaping tips to get you going in the right direction.

Men's Guide to Beginners Manscaping Tips

Even as a man there are many good reasons to keep hair in your nether regions under control. Excess hair can be itchy, hot, and can get caught or pull during various sexual activities. At the same time, many men (and women) prefer the aesthetics of a well-trimmed genital area. But manscaping, as it’s humorously called, can be a tricky business. How much is too much? What tools do you need?

Get the right equipment

If you have a beard trimmer or hair clippers, you really have all you need. Standing in the shower for easy cleanup, or over a towel on the floor if there’s not a lot of light in your shower, set the clipper guide to a 2 or 3, and work in an upward motion from the base of the penis towards just about an inch or two below your belly button.

If you have a small line of hair between the belly button and groin area (also known as a happy trail), you can leave it alone. Unless you’ve got more of a highway than a trail, where this hair begins to taper off is a good guideline for how high to trim.

The Four Finger Rule

One of the top manscaping tips uses the 4-finger rule. Place your closed hand horizontally across your lower abdomen below the bellybutton and trim no higher than your pinky finger. For sides, trim to where the abdomen and leg meet. Most men have a diagonal line that stretches from hip to groin where two muscle groups meet. This is an excellent outer boundary. As for the undercarriage and scrotum, it’s a matter of personal preference. Some men prefer to set the trimmer guide to a 4 and very gingerly move around the area moving the trimmer so that you start close to the body and move away with each pass.

Straight Razor or Clippers?

What about people that say a close shave with a razor is better? Like most things, it’s a matter of preference... but razors come with a lot of downsides. With razors you increase the risk of cuts and nicks, as well as the incidence of ingrown hairs (in a very sensitive area we might add). That’s not to mention that a hairless man looks more like a pre-pubescent boy, and, let’s face it, there’s no need for that.

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