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Top Electric Razor Brands for men

Top Electric Razor Brands for men in 2012There are a lot of benefits of using an electric razor over the traditional manual razors. Still, choosing the right brand and model of razor or beard trimmer can be quite the challenge. Just because an electric razor is expensive does not always mean it is better. There are many that get the job done at a much lower in price.

There are actually some more cost efficient brands that give a close cut and nice smooth skin without the high price tag. Some of the more expensive ones are worth what is paid for them. To make the choice easier check these out.

Top Three Electric Razor Brands

Braun 790cc

The absolute best rated brand of electric shaver has to be Braun. Many men are familiar with this brand and are devoted to it because the products have proved to be reliable. The Braun 790cc is an electric razor and a mustache trimmer all in one. While this is not one of the type of razors that can be used for wet shaving it is excellent for dry shaving and is waterproof enough to withstand the running water used for cleaning. The Braun 790cc is great on sensitive skin and leaves no redness on areas such as the neck and jaw line that are prone to irritation.

Keeping this razor in good condition is a breeze thanks to its auto cleaning feature. It not only cleans the razor but also charges and lubricates it. Users of the Braun 79cc get to customize the comfort of their razor by picking for three different settings of normal, intensive, and extra sensitive.

Panasonic ES8243A

Panasonic is another great brand of electric shavers. There are several models of Panasonic razors and beard trimmers that work like wonders. Not only is this a great brand, but the razors bearing this name are all of the very best quality. The affordability of the price makes models of electric razors from Panasonic even more attractive. One of the models in particular, while actually having been released back in July of 2008, is one of the most popular. The Panasonic ES8243A has been noted by many for the great results it gives. Users of this model do not have to worry about irritation and the 4-blade cutting system provides a very close shave. This electric razor is also easy to clean. It does not come with an auto cleaning station but it can be used in both wet and dry shaving.

Norelco 1280x/42 by Philips

Philips, with their Senso Touch 3d shavers has also made it to the top three list. This particular model of razor is the newest one Philips released. With this razor it only takes about three minutes to get that smooth, close shave.

What many users like about this model is that it produces much less noise than other models and brands of electric razors. Being on the top three list of the best brands you can rightly expect that Phillips has more than one really good model of razor. The Norelco line is very popular all unto itself and the Norelco 1280x/42 by Philips is the model that offers the closest shave of all. However with this model users are more prone to see some redness. This is a foil shaver and so gives its best performance on flat areas of the face. Those who are more concerned about the curvy areas should stick to the Senso Touch 3d.

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