Best Summer Grooming Tips For Men

Men’s Summer Grooming Tipsmen’s summer grooming tips. With summer here the long days spent in the sun are just around the corner and it time for some summer grooming tips. Of course, with more time spent outdoors under the sun’s powerful rays, there are some additional grooming tips that you can use to keep your skin healthy and strong. We have set aside five of the most important summer grooming habits to get into this year.

Men’s summer grooming tips

1. Use sunscreen.

Sunscreen helps block the sun’s  rays that have been shown to skin damage and cause cancer. Avoid any future problems for skin by putting on an SPF of 15 or greater in the morning after you’ve shaved and washed your face. The last thing you want is to wrinkle prematurely. Make it a habit to put your sunscreen on every day before you leave the house and you can reduce your risk of skin damage.

2. Don’t let your skin burn.

Although this goes hand in hand with the first tip you also want to remember that in the process of getting a tan you can actually hurt your skin. If you are determined to get a godlike bronze tan, do it gradually and don’t spend hours upon hours of constant time in the sun. Take care of your skin by reapplying block every couple of hours or more frequently if you are swimming.

3. Get rid of excess hair.

That beard you grew out all winter long, yeah that one, it’s time for it to go. There is nothing more ridiculous looking than a grown man in a bathing suit with a full beard. It makes no sense. Take the plunge and shave it all off and you will happy you did. Summer is hot and beards make it hotter. It’s just a fact. The same goes for chest, neck, and back hair. You didn’t want it anyways. You can either get it waxed professionally or do it yourself at home.

4. Keep moisturized.

Summer’s can be dry and hot, and if this is the climate you live in you should invest in some serious moisturizer to keep your skin moist and healthy. Don’t be afraid to buy the good products as they will be more beneficial and will usually last longer.

5. Change your scent.

With a new season you should be wearing a new smell. Opt for something musky with a slight hint of sweetness. Remember that you will have to contend with sweat due to the heat, so get cologne that won’t melt off your skin. Summer grooming includes scent so expect to change your smell once again when fall comes.

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