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Rope Exercise Workout Cardio Benefit

Rope Exercise Workout

The basic training routine like every other aspect of lifestyle requires some degree of change to breath new life and interest to stimulate the workout for the individual, advanced and even professional fitness enthusiast. As such it is often suggested to incorporate various and unconventional techniques into the training routine like rope exercise to restoring a level of excitement and spontaneity to the workout to awaken the muscles thrusting them into an active state.

Rope Exercise Workout to take cardio and strength to the next level

One of the effective ways to spruce up the training routine is by heavy rope exercise training. Originally designed for training of contact sports athletes including martial arts and football, heavy rope training has proven to be a highly effective training exercise offering back to back conditioning of the muscles bringing with it a new form of variety and excitement to the fitness routine.

Battle ropes exercise

The typical heavy rope exercise training through its consistent rope battling motion provides the individual with an high cardiovascular muscle-toning, and metabolic training workout increasing endurance, core strength and explosive power unlike any form of traditional training.

One of the core benefits of this particular workout is observed in the basic requirements necessary to perform it. Rope Training does not require the standard workout machines, or infomercial contraptions associated with many of the more popular training workouts. 50 feet of Manilla rope usually between 1.5 to 2 inches thick, found at the nearest local hardware store is all that is required to begin your rope exercise training. Most of the heavy rope training exercises will require the anchoring of the rope. This can easily be achieved by simply looping the rope around a pole or tree at even lengths.

Top heavy rope training exercises used today include:

Alternating waves, Double throws, High whips, Side spirals. All of these exercises require movement of the arms in a swinging, vertical or lateral motion during timed intervals. By maintaining a focus on the intensity of the performed motions and technique used for each rope exercise maximizes the amount of fat burning and muscle growth.

Reps and sets of battle rope training

Performing one of the more renown heavy rope training exercises such as the wave begins by completing 3 sets of exercises generally at 30 second intervals scheduling a 45 second rest period between each set. Noticeable improvement in core strength and muscle growth suggests an increase in the duration of the rope exercise observing shorter rest periods.

Double Wave

The wave sometimes called the Double Wave is performed by maintaining an upright position feet at shoulder-width creating a low center of gravity. While gripping both ends of the rope the arms are swung in a vertical motion up and down creating a wavelike pattern with the rope. The momentum and flow of the wave should be maintained for the duration of the exercise.

Alternating Wave rope exercise

Variations of the wave exercise includes the Alternating wave where the waves are created individually as each arm moves alternately up and down to produce individual waves.

Power Rope Slams

The Power Rope Slams are performed by firmly grasping each end of the rope in each hand positioning the arms holding the rope over the head and slamming it violently towards the ground. Similar to the Double Wave rope exercise, the Power Rope Slams can be performed by raising and slamming the rope alternatively using the left and then right arm.

Although these heavy rope training exercises may prove quite difficult, they are a quite fun and will certainly prove to be a new challenge to the body as a form of high intensity and cardiovascular training. It is highly recommended that beginners to this training perform the exercises for a duration not exceeding 20 seconds observing a 60 second break between exercises during which they can maintain a constant momentum by doing some squats, light jumping roping or sit-ups.

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