Nutrients that will Give You Healthy, Lustrous Hair

Nutrients that will Give You Healthy, Lustrous HairWhen it comes to looking young and healthy you need a lot of nutrients that will give you healthy hair that can do wonders to create that image. As you grow older your hair begins to lose that healthy sheen, get thinner, become brittle and lie lifeless or flat, which can help to age you long before your time. Luckily, there are many ways to help promote healthy, lustrous hair and these 4 nutrients will help make sure that your hair is thick and gorgeous for years to come.

Nutrients that will give you healthy hair


Hair is mostly made up of protein nutrients and if you aren’t getting enough of it or a higher quality of protein your hair will suffer for it. A lack of proper protein or a lower quality of it can lead to brittle, weak hair that is easily broken in your normal routine. Eating foods such as turkey, chicken, lean beef, eggs, beans and low-fat dairy can help to provide you body with the right amount of protein it needs to form healthy hair strands that are strong and vibrant even as you grow older in age.


In a recent study by a Cleveland research institute links were found between baldness and iron deficiencies that suggest that iron can play a significant part in the health of the hair. The study reviewed several other studies about baldness and iron deficiencies and found that treating the iron deficiencies could help to regrow hair. Foods such as lean meats, egg yolks, leafy greens and whole grains are an excellent source of iron and can help you to keep your hair strong, full and healthy.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

This nutrient has been linked to scalp health and a deficiency can have a direct effect on the how vibrant the hair is or how moistened the scalp is. Consuming too few omega-3’s can cause a dry, flaky scalp and dull, lifeless hair so it is important to eat this nutrient on a regular basis. Foods such as salmon, flax seeds, sardines, herring and walnuts can supply you with a good amount of omega-3’s and make your hair full of life and perfectly balanced with moisture.


Besides protein, hair is made up of ¼ water and it is important that you get the recommended amount of water each day. If your body is dehydrated or lacks the necessary amount of water your hair can become dry and brittle with straw-like texture, leading to breakage and an overall unhealthy look. You should consume at least eight 8oz glasses of water each day or more to help your body keep hydrated and your hair healthy

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