Over Groomed Signs And How To Avoid Them

Signs You’re Too Over GroomedWhether you prefer the clean shaven look or a full on beard, an adequate amount of grooming is necessary for work professionalism, special events, and even casual days off. People look and feel great when they have some kind of consistent men's grooming routine in place. It benefits your health as well as your self-esteem, but can be over groomed?

While there certainly isn’t anything wrong with looking nice, grooming should aim to appear natural and effortless. If it looks like you spend too much time on yourself, chances are people will pick up on that too.

Not sure if you’re over groomed? See where you stand with these grooming red flags!

Knee High In Grooming Products

One of the key signs that you’re probably over groomed is the sheer volume of your grooming product supply. Understandably there’s a lot of products out there and necessary ones at that, like shampoos, shaving cream, razor blades, nail clippers, and other necessities.

However things start to get a little tricky when you’re overstocked on colognes, after shave toners, several different brands of pomade, spray tanners, and even age defying moisturizing lotions. This just adds up in cost overtime, plus the last thing you want to do is overpower people with several types of aromas and a fake tan to boot.

It’s okay to take the time to find products that you’re comfortable with and match you’re overall style and vibe. For example, find one or two designer brand colognes that you genuinely like and stick with those; one of the best ways to score the right after shaves and colognes is to seek advice from your partner or friends. They’ll give you an honest opinion of what works and what smells like desperation.

Apply the same rule to the rest of your products. Just select a brand or two that really works for you, and keep your grooming product collection to a functional minimum.

Are You Done Yet?

This is major red flag. If you feel like you’ve wasted a good chunk of your morning getting ready, it’s time to change. You really shouldn’t spend more than 30 minutes to an hour getting ready, and that includes getting dressed and taking a shower.

It’s okay to want to look your best. But rather than letting your grooming significantly cut into your day, try to use a minimal amount of effort to achieve the look you want. By cutting down on the products and the time, you might surprise yourself!

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