Flawless Neck Shave Tips For Every Men

Tips to Help You Achieve a Flawless Neck ShaveTips to help you achieve a flawless neck shave. Flawless neck shave can oftentimes be a difficult thing to do when considering such things as sharp angles and odd hair growth patterns. Getting a close neck shave sometimes requires that you forgo comfort or nick-free skin to remove as much hair as possible, but if you know what you’re doing you can achieve a flawless neck shave without worrying about redness, nicks, cuts or ingrown hairs. You can achieve a flawless neck shave without nicks, cut or ingrown read more below.

Tips to help you achieve a flawless neck shave

Tip #1: Create a “Grain Map”

One of the biggest problems with getting a close neck shave is hair growth patterns on the neck. The hair on one side of your neck might grow up and to the left while the hair just two inches to the left might grown down and to the right. By creating a “grain map” you can better understand how your hair grows on your neck and know how to cut is while shaving. Print out a basic face on a piece of paper or draw your own and using soft, circular motions of your index finger, feel every inch of your neck hair to mark down how it grows. Use arrows in the areas on the paper to show a clear and visible indicator of how the hair grows so that when you attempt to shave it you can go against the grain as much as possible.

Tip #2: Prepare the Neck Properly

Too many times men pay more attention to the chin and cheeks while preparing the skin, leaving the neck fairly unprepared for the shave. By applying copious amounts of hot water and shaving cream your skin and hair will allow for a closer, easier neck shave. You might also consider pre-shave oil to help reduce redness and irritation on the skin; not every man likes it, but it may be just what you need to help reduce discomfort or skin problems after the shave.

Tip #3: Use a DE “Gentle” Razor

You might ask what that is? Well, it is a razor that has less of the blade exposed, creating a gentler shave of the uneven neck surface. This may reduce the closeness of the shave, but can reduce irritation, cuts and nicks so some men find the result worth it.

Tip #4: Remember to Flatten the Skin

The neck is made up of odd angles that can oftentimes make it difficult to get your razor to travels evenly over the skin. While many men tend to lean the head upwards until it rests nearly on the shoulders and pull the skin taunt, this may not always provide a flat surface for you to shave on. Instead, try to tilt the head back minutely as you lean forward to get a more even surface from the bottom of the neck to just under the chin.

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