How To Get the Perfect Dimple In Your Tie

How To Get the Perfect Dimple In Your TieHow to get the perfect dimple in your tie. Dimples are pretty cute on toddlers when they smile, but a nice looking dimple in your tie is pretty awesome as well. It gives a tie a little added depth and texture, right around where you’ve tied that great knot, and will give you the attention you want at the place you want it. The idea behind the perfect tie dimple is that it should look unintentionally created, yet you’ve done it with a the precision of a tailor.

How to get the perfect dimple in your tie

To make one, simply pinch the edge of the tie so that you’re creating a “W” shape at the base of the tie knot right before you finish the knot at your neck. Any knot can create a one, but the best dimples seem to come from the Pratt knot and the Four in Hand knot. Simply create the shape with one hand, tie the knot tight with the other hand, and you’re done. One final pinch can help the dimples stay in place all day.

Why You’re Not Getting a Tie Dimple

So you’ve practiced and practiced and just can’t get that perfected. The problem might not be with your technique… the problem might be with the tie itself. Here are some common issues that can prevent the perfect tie dimple from forming:

The wrong size of tie.

If a tie is skinny, there just isn’t enough fabric to create a good it. Let’s face it a thin tie would look a bit strange anyway.

It’s the wrong material.

The best ties for this are silk or cashmere. Some cotton ties are heavy enough to have a decent dimple as well. Lightweight ties, often the department store cotton specials, often just aren’t heavy enough to let a dimple stay in place.

It’s the wrong knot.

It’s true that you can get it from any knot. It’s pretty difficult to get a good one with a Windsor knot, however, so stick to the recommendations above.

It’s too perfect.

Tie dimples are not the place to let your OCD kick in and demand perfection. Perfectly symmetrical just look out of place. Remember – the perfect tie dimples are all about imperfection!

It’s a bad looking tie.

Even the best knot in the world with the most perfectly imperfect tie dimples can’t save a tie that looks like someone vomited on your chest. Look at your tie as an investment. Pay for a good tie, then perfect the perfect knot. Finish it off with a good.

Don’t use a dimple maker.

Believe it or not, there is a tool to help you make it. Don’t use it. Use your fingers instead. Your dimples will thank you.

Any guy can add that extra touch of class with a quick tie dimple. Just a quick flick of the fingers, a quick tightening of the knot, and a good tie is really all it takes.

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