Metrosexual How Much Can A Man Love Himself

Metrosexual – How far is too farAlmost all guys like to look good and keep up their personal appearance but how much is too much? Now we’ve all heard of the term Metrosexual and the basic coconscious on the definition is a man who spends a lot of money and time on his appearance. Spending money and time on your appearance now what’s wrong with that you may ask. Well nothing however we have a few tips to help you look good without going overboard.

Metrosexual how far is too far

1. Body hair

there is absolutely nothing wrong with a little metrosexual manscaping. By a little we mean it’s ok to trim and shave body hair. Underarms, chest, back, legs the whole 9 yards. For facial hair you can keep a goatee or tight beard and even trim your eyebrows (no need to look like the late Andy Rooney.) Where we draw the line is waxing. Unless you are Brazilian or European there is no need for your body to be smoother than your woman’s. A little hair is what makes a man a man so trim it back just not off all the way.

2. Clothing and Accessories

Many men’s fashion magazines feature the latest styles on the fashion runway. Do not listen to this advice, the clothes featured are worn by very slim built fashion models and most of the styles look ridiculous on average build or larger men. If the piece of clothing has the name skinny anywhere in it do not wear. So that means no skinny suits or skinny jeans just don’t go there. Keep your pant lengths to the block of your shoe. If your socks show when you walk they are too short. It’s good to keep your clothes fitted but if they press too tightly on any part of your body go up a size. When it comes to accessories less is more. This means no matching sets if your wallet, belt and shoes match you have overdone it.

3. Hands & Feet

Between exercise, work and every day wear and tear your hands and feet can start to look pretty rugged. We actually encourage men to try out manicures and pedicures. Who wouldn’t want to soak their feet and get a hand and foot massage after a long day. Just don’t go for nail polish of any color and don’t even think about trying out that natural looking French tip.

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