Fashion Tips Style And Guide For Men

The Keys to Fashion SenseAll men have their own fashion or definition of what they consider to be fashionable. This can range from the best suited and booted man to the guy wearing cargo shorts and flip flops. No matter what your style there are a few keys to fashion sense that you will want to employ to keep you looking good even if it’s just by your own standards.

Be Original with your fashion style

No one likes a copycat or someone who resembles a certain celeb or public figure. If your style is a dead stamp of another person you need to change it up. If you like a certain style figure try taking bits and pieces of their look like a pattern or a cut of shirt don’t copy the whole outfit piece by piece.

Stay Updated

With fashion trends changing all the time it can be hard to keep up. We’re not advocating that you go out and buy a whole new wardrobe every few months but try to stay within the same year or at least decade. If you have had an article of clothing for more than 5 years chances are it’s time to part with it.

Don't Try Too Hard

While it's important to have your own style and keep up to date with fashion trends don't be the guy who has to wear everything right off the runway. Just because the celebs are wearing crazy denim suits don't think you can pull that off too.

Exercise and Keep Good Hygiene

The best part of any outfit is you and how you look in it. You can be wearing the most fashionable clothes on the market however if you have bad hygiene or a little extra pudge that is what people will notice not your nice stylish outfit. Because after all you wear the fashion and not the other way around.

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